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Battling the Generation Gap! (563)


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Pokémon Contest! The Celestic Convention!

Finally in Celestic Town, Dawn & co. arrive just in time for the Pokémon Contest. When they go to enter, Dawn finds out that a rival of her mother's is entering in the contest. With a seasoned co-ordinator as one of her opponents, Dawn could be facing the hardest contest of her career so far. Will she win?

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I can't wait and I hope Dawn wins her third ribbon! I think Johanna's rival is called Yuri?

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Well here is the proof of Dawn winning the contest (for those won didn't know),

Since i have not seen the episode till now i can't correctly say how Dawn won but from what i get from the pics it seems she wins by points (though i am not sure about it).
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Yuri looks like the first really good coordinator of Sinnoh. I'm really happy they went back to the 1-shot rivals finally, they're the best characters.


burning it down
Awesome! Dawn really seems to be getting more confidence and getting a lot better!


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Ash and Brock are apparently hipsters in this episode. That has to be better than anything meaningful that actually occured.


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Even if this was a 1 episode contest, I enjoyed it.

-The battle portion was probably Hikari's strongest thus far, at least imo. While I do admit that it's partially because Pochama wasn't involved, it's solely for the reason that I find Ambipom's fights to be more entertaining, since it's attacks are largely based on physical and evasive moves.
Well...there’s both that, and the fact that I don't think any other pokémon could have pulled off the effects of Cute Charm better than the Shonen Hero's former Primate Pal. Oh Ambipom. Only you, with your large udders and Galactic Bowl-Cut, could wiggle your gangly body as you lust over a feline. Rare is the occasion where the adjectives 'Adorable' and 'Freaky' can make the perfect combination.

-Yuri wasn't exactly the most groundbreaking character ever, but regardless, she boasts some of those ever-important personality quirks which were enough to make her entertaining. Sneaking up on Hikari and fixing her hair in a heartbeat, those often sinister facial expressions and of course, those culturally ambiguous poses she pulled off during battle.
Perhaps it’s not my place to say so, but I can't help but feel if Zoey had adopted some of these quirks, she'd have been a little more interesting to have hanging around. Sometimes subtle additions like that are enough to make a world of difference.

- 'Rim Chi'

-It's nice to see that they're willing to elaborate on Ayako's past a little, considering her status as ‘Top Co-ordinator’, and the fact that she was one of the deciding factors for Hikari's contest quest.

-'Rim Chi'

Aside from that; I am tickled pink that this thing replaced Dustox.

-Yuri trumps Ayako in the looks department by miles, although with the latter's abysmal combination of awful haircut and large forehead, I suppose that isn't exactly an impressive accomplishment.

- Did I mention Yuri in the looks department? Top floor, the highest the escalator can reach.

-Ahh, nice to see Swinub has master the awesome power of static electricity. Or failing that, found a practical use for super glue or a rusty nail.

-Ash and Brock should seriously consider becoming pokémon stylists. Can you imagine the possibilities if their fashion sense caught on? Truly, the pokémon world would be a better place. A place where pink shirts with orange flowers printed all over would be commonplace. A place where men could confidently walk through the seedy underbelly of Sinnoh whilst wearing a pale pink beret and a purple scarf. A place where baby faced mice flaunt their cheap looking bling.
It’s the kind of thing that makes you wonder why we waste our time playing the RPGs.

- 'Rim Chi'.
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Not really, no.
I love how the Movie 10 music near the end of the battle was basically Dawn's cue to kick butt :p

Hmm...looks like Jessie took a few fashion tips from MANtina...

That one shot of Ambipom using Swift against that Nosepass looked pretty cool.
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It was an enjoyable battle but some things bothered me. When Amipom knocks Delcatty to the ground, Delcatty almost lost half its points, (brings back memories of Skitty depleting half of Dusclops points in the same manner), and then toward the end Dawn had way less points than Yuri, but that last Swift attack managed to take out all the rest of Yuri's points?

I realize complaining about the point meter is useless since most Contests are like this, but with Ambipom taking so much damage and Delcatty only getting hit a few times, its rather hard to believe.

As for Dawn's Contests, I still think Piplup Vs. Glaceon was her best win of them all.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Ifd there's anything vital I learned from this episode, it's that Cherrim's eyes are located on its asscheeks in its eggplant form.


See how merely introducing a character that hasn't been recycled from previous contests can really spice up the freshness? It's been a year-and-a-half since we first met Kenny, and since then, we've gotten nothing outside of Kaito, who hardly even counts.

Swinub has a pom-pom pinned to its forehead. It needs to be a little lower so I don't actually have to see its face.

Loved Jessie not only copying Fantina's outfit, but even going as far as to mimic her English outbursts (again, should be interesting to see dubbed). I have no idea why Yanmega entertains me so, as if you think about it, it really isn't any more vibrant than Dustox ever was. It just does.

In spite of the fact that this whole thing was crammed into merely one part, this actually may be my favorite contest in DP thus far. My only beef was seeing another damn ice appeal, as even though this had a slight twist to it, Wakana's Surskit did a similar thing.

On the technical front, contests are always CG lovefests, but Natsume did some great work with lighting and expressions (especially Ambipom's face, which was emoted very well during the battle). I'd like to see him tackle more contests in the future. Also, as far as I'm concerned, this is the anime's debut for one of Movie 10's many Oracion mixes.

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Judging from the synopsis above I'm guessing Yuri's Delcatty is a male.

Korobooshi Kojiro

What was the song that played during the Yanmega appeal anyway?

It sounds like something from a Pichu short or something, but does anyone know exactly? I really liked it.

Korobooshi Kojiro

What was the song that played during the Yanmega appeal anyway?

It sounds like something from a Pichu short or something, but does anyone know exactly? I really liked it.


Low on power...
This was one of the best Dawn contest episodes I've seen so far.

Buneary ice-skating with her ears. Nice.

It was nice see the consequences of Cute Charm from Delcatty. It's a real thorn on the side since your pokemon would sometimes not attack out of infatuation.

Ambipom launched one heck of a Swift attack to get the win. Three ribbons down, two to go...

Too bad Jessie lost in the first round again...