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Battling the Generation Gap! (563)

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It was nice see the consequences of Cute Charm from Delcatty. It's a real thorn on the side since your pokemon would sometimes not attack out of infatuation.

Although if Ambipom is a female it's kinda weird that Delcatty is a male with an ability like Cute Charm.


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Can anyone please tell me the appeals everyone used? Thanks!


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Too bad Jessie lost in the first round again...

Aww i was hoping Yanmega would get a chance to shine a bit. Anyway, im glad Dawn got her next ribbon. Would have been a bit dull if shed lost again.


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Brock clearly says "Osu no Enekororo" (Male Delcatty) and "Mesu no Etebosu" (Female Ambipom)
Just saying in case anyone had doubts despite characters clearly told us before that Ambi is female...

It's also interesting to note Johanna's Glameow wasn't affected by Cute Charm (it used Iron Tail on Delcatty and I think there was one more case where the two had physical contact) so while Cute Charm doesn't always work - this might hint that Johanna's Glameow is male


Jessie's appeal was incredible. It kept me laughing especially her imitation of Fantim and how Yanmega sent her flying.

I love Buneary. I loved her performance even if at the end she screwed up but Dawn fixed it. Finally Buneary gets what she deserves.

Great use of that pom pom, Swinub.:p

Yuri takes the title for me as the most interesting coordinator in Sinnoh. I love her pokemon and I love her personality. A great character that I hope we can see in the future.

Ambipom falling in love was intense. That girl sure knows how to pick them.:p

The battle was amazing and it was simple because of the strategies used from both Dawn and Yuri. I thought it was fresh to see a coordinator that not only can make her attacks look great but she's also clever. So far I missed that in D/P.

I like that Dawn won and I also liked the used Ambipom and Buneary because they both needed it.


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Yuri was indeed a great character. Nice personality and interesting backstory, plus she had a great design too. It reminds me of why I liked all those Hoenn one-shot coordinators, most of them are great characters.

And people often ask why do some people find Zoey and Kenny bland or dull? Well compare them to Yuri, and there's your answer.

Its amazing when 1-shot characters can bring more excitement to a Contest than others who constantly appear.


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That was an awesome battle, probably the best I've ever seen. Yuri is awesome, her personality, Pokemon, eveerything. I was a little bit dissapointed that Dawn won another Blue ribbon, not that it atters.


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Great episode, like for all contests. It's about time that there was a new contest episode shown.

A different hair change for Dawn to match Buneary's ears, that was a good original idea. But Buneary doing an ice appeal...well, I just hope that type of appeal doesn't get overused for the future episodes in this series. Otherwise, good appeal, despite the slight screw-up at the end, and Dawn saved it. So I'm glad for her.

The rivalry between Yuri and Dawn's mom was a good twist as part of the storyline. One-shot rivals now. With only at least 2 contests left, I wonder who will be in the next ones. Another one-shot rival maybe?

Jessie's appeal was...old. Apparently she still has that pride she got at the Solaceon Contest. At this rate, she isn't making it to the Grand Festival, period.

The final battle between Dawn and Yuri was great. Ambipom got to be in a contest battle now. And it really shows off the amazing strength that Ambipom has. That Swift attack was very surprising in my opinion. I've never seen anything like it. With that amount of power, Ambipom is going to be a really strong Pokemon later on.

Great episode, it appears the next two will be the climax of the series. Can't wait for those.

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I am SO hoping to see Yuri again at a later episode.:)

So Johanna lost at some point. That's an interesting revelation.


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i'm very surprised,that not only in this episode the writers decided to use a pokemon ability like cute charm,but let's not remember that this seems the debut of SUBSTITUTE in the Anime!!
@mew-the original:it was swift probably...

Still we got a decent NOT filler episode(unlike DP94 i believe)
I lol'd at the "concentration" scene with Ash and his pokemon...

At the end of the episode,Yuri takes the crew to her clothes shop and gives them stuff away...will that mean that they will actually get a wardrobe change/adjustment when they get to Snowpoint?
Makes me wonder...i`m currently way more excited for the next episodes...Galactic FTW!


Jessie please break tht 1st round losing streak

the battle was favour dawn most times.
for a moment i thought ambipom was having a erecion 0.0

so Dawn ribbon-3 2 blue ones :eek:
Ash 4 badges 5 soon i am seeing a lost for dawn the next one.


Not really, no.
Despite being just another Ice appeal, I thought Buneary's was pretty well done. That was a nice save by Dawn, though.

That was one massive Swift Ambipom delivered there at the end. I never knew she had that much power in her...

Yuri definitely takes the cake for the most interesting coodinator in Sinnoh, though looking at her competition, that's not a very big accomplishment. :p I loved the little fan-and-paper thing she did every few minutes during the battle.

Kinda wierd how the writers are just now premiering a 1st gen move in the middle of Sinnoh...

Love-crazed monkey vs. singing kitty FTW


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I'm dying to know, what was Yanmega's first contest like? Also, what is the save Dawn did? Can't wait for the episode pics.

Ifd there's anything vital I learned from this episode, it's that Cherrim's eyes are located on its asscheeks in its eggplant form.

LOL....that was in the 10th movie too.

That was one massive Swift Ambipom delivered there at the end. I never knew she had that much power in her...

Do you mean like a giant one basically? Because Ambipom did that with the Solaceon Contest.

mew-the original

@mew-the original:it was swift probably...!

I guess it could be, but Ambipom can learn Thunder Punch now. And the light looks like electricity to me...

I'm dying to know, what was Yanmega's first contest like? Also, what is the save Dawn did? Can't wait for the episode pics.
Eh... Not that great. In fact it was basically the same thing Dustox did with Jessie. Blowing her in the air. The only difference is that Yanmega moves around in a triangle pattern while keeping her up...
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burning it down
It is sad Jessie lost again, but at least we get a new rival!