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Battling the Generation Gap! (563)


I'm dying to know, what was Yanmega's first contest like? Also, what is the save Dawn did?pics.

Yanmega's first contest was kinda weird.:p

Buneary was skating on ice with her Dizzy Punch ( I assume since her ears were glowing) and she kinda slipped and started flipping around kinda crazy. Before she could fall Dawn caught the bunny and everything appeared natural.

Do you mean like a giant one basically? Because Ambipom did that with the Solaceon Contest.

The Solaceon one was big but in this episode the Swift was kinda humongous.


Binkan Binkan Binkan
I liked it, especially the final battle- Ambipom was great. And Ash and his mons failing at meditation. And that there should be a law against letting Ash dress up himself.

Also, I was wondering throughout the epispde... just who's side was Dawn's mom on? Because it seemed like she was cheering for her friend instead for her daughter.


I think she was cheering for Dawn but she just wasn't like "Come on Dawn you can do it I'm surer you can".


Friends are Diamonds
I'm glad she won. She desverse it. 3 Ribbons :) Now next time Jessie will cream Dawn :p
But still great episode. I rather have Pachrisu or Swinub battle then Ambipom but Ambpiom had to atleast win one contest lol

uber gon

Accept Change
So how exact did Yanmega appeal?
Basically the same way Dustox did when Jesse won, just with Jesse cosplaying as Fantina(massive Engrish!). Looks like she's gonna be a one trick pony unless she can think up something new for Yanmega.
Meh, I was actually quite dissappointed with this episode. I was expecting a really intense battle, seeming as Ambipom is Dawn's only interesting pokemon to watch in battle due to KageBunshin/Doublehit/Focuspunch/Swift, thus a really awesome moveset for good battles.

The battle turned out to be.... Cute charm, Sleep, Cute charm, Sleep. Seriously, more variation please? All these disable moves really lowered the pacing of the battle.

Another complaint is the music. The movie 10 music, which almost the whole battle consisted of, only fits for one theme: Ghost/dark themed episodes. It was great hearing it back in DP90, but the tracks just don't fit in contests, and especially in battles. The intensity vanishes with it. They should've used some good ol' Kanto battle music, like they did in the Drew/May kanto gf o_O

The Yuri plot was quite good, but the battle kinda killed this episode for me.
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uber gon

Accept Change
Basically the same way Dustox did when Jesse won, just with Jesse cosplaying as Fantina(massive Engrish!). Looks like she's gonna be a one trick pony unless she can think up something new for Yanmega.

Wonder if Jessie will come up with something new in the next contest?


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Since the topic of Movie 10 music was brought up, it's not like episodes focused on ghost/dark types really pop up on a regular basis. Darkrai's Theme or whatever the hell the official name is may work better for those types of episodes due to the fact that it was used that way in the movie, and I'm sure it will be beaten to a pulp in Hearthome Gym, but I don't really view it as being totally unfitting for standard battles when used appropriately. Here, it was used to signify the tide turning in Yuri's favor (complete with dramatic light effects), so I don't feel like it was randomly thrown in there.

What I would like to hear again from DP090 that does fit in any battle, however, is that spruced-up mix of the DP gym battle theme.

Misty Fanboi13

Over Analyst
This episode was awesome.
I liked the parallel between Dawn's battle with Yuri and her moms, with Delcatty using the same moves and stuff.
Buneary's appeal was pretty nice
Ambipom really stepped up and showed its stuff, which is great, because it needed a big victory.
Jessie disguised as Jessilina cosplaying as Fantina was great.

overall a great episode, also Buneary's first appeal and Ambipom's first contest battle under Dawn's command


Paparazzi ♪♫
yay dawn won

im amazed by Ambipoms swift
know the one at the end
^ ^
0 0


i cannot believe
Hmm, I wonder what Delcatty used to disappear, and then appeared on Ambipom's tail.

Anywho, I hope Dawn uses the new dress that was shown in the end in her next contest. The pink dress is kinda getting old. XD

uber gon

Accept Change
you never know, Jessie might actually do a proper appeal next time...ha!

It might happen...or not.

Meh, at least this contest shows that despite beating May and Yuri, Dawn still needs some work.

King Of Steel

Jessie's constantly using the flying trick. It's not anything new and she has really worn it out. Her style is too repetitive; there really should be variation and variety in the kinds of appeals or she'll never get past the first round ever again.


Jessie should tihnk of something more creative and something that uses the attacks of her polemon more.