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Battling the Generation Gap! (563)


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If this 4Kids logo keeps appearing over and over again, someone should email PUSA about this. Or...maybe someone from 4Kids is working at PUSA again and maybe the 4Kids logo is there.

It is obviously Cartoon Network doing. PUSA wouldn't randomly start putting it there are three years of working on the show.
Now that was an episode worth twenty years in the making.

Anways, another episode with thrills and visuals. Astonishing to see flowers turning from petals into stars and snowflakes. Lila sure has an interesting character perspective too. The way she looks.


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It seems I was right to look forward to this episode

Laila? That's a pretty name.

Oh dang. Who knew Pokéstylist was an actual occupation.

I'm not sure whether that Wallace outfit looks more...guy-ish or not.

Poor Ash keeps falling asleep!

"Who's that Pokémon?" There's something we haven't heard in a while.

Is that Kyle's Crawdaunt?

Now that's a creative way to fail, Jessalina. Like the dress, though.

WHOA! They're playing Oraceon! ...Did I spell that right?

Again with the lame sleep moves.

Delcatty's male? Doesn't look it. Ambipom just looks silly with attacking with Attract Status.


We all knew that Ash has no style. And judging by Brock's "Paradise" outfit, forget about it.

All in all, I'm watching this again RIGHT NOW!


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I think this was a pretty good episode. The battle with Ambipom and Delcatty was intense. I loved how Oracion was used again, I love that song. This is probably one of my favorite episodes.


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Before this episode, I was unsure about Ambipom's gender. But it became clear that it was female gendered when Brock mentioned that Delcatty is male gendered when Ambipom got infatuated.


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It was confirmed by Dawn a long time ago, and it was confirmed by May right after Ash captured it in the Japanese version. Everyone knows already.

I knew about the Japanese episode and I do recall Dawn talking about it before. But still, the dub doesn't often mention the gender of Pokemon so it was a bit noteworthy.


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Because Genders are unimportant. They don't play a big role on the show so why mention them just for the hell of it.

Before this episode, I was unsure about Ambipom's gender. But it became clear that it was female gendered when Brock mentioned that Delcatty is male gendered when Ambipom got infatuated.

And as I said, it has been known for a long time now.


This was a cool contest episode.
Every time Ash trys to think of a way to stay awake, he falls asleep! :p
I loved how they used music from the 10th movie.
I hope that Lila ends up getting her 5th ribbon. It would be cool to see her in the Grand Festival.
I laughed when I saw what Ash and Brock were wearing at the end of the episode.


I can see the future
Because Genders are unimportant. They don't play a big role on the show so why mention them just for the hell of it.

Well, I would've figured that since they introduced genders back in the 2nd generation they would use them in the anime. You know, so they wouldn't have to use repeat the name when they could just as easily use he or she. I mean, at least I think that would be more logical.


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With all the subsition and Double team it felt like Naruto. Not too mention the Rasengan Chidori refrence at the end poke style!

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This episode was good. Cherrim was a little cool to see. Also like the music they used in the opening title of all the pokemon movies. Cool to see the Cute Charm ability take effect for the first time. Dawn pulled off a pretty cool contest battle.


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Before I start, folks, let me be honest. I have some difficulties reviewing and rating today's episode :S

The fact that two AWESOME and FANTASTIC pieces of music from the 10th Pokemon movie were kept (the somehow creepy Darkrai-music and the most outstanding and wonderful piece of music EVER, namely Oraciòn) extremely excited me!

And not to forget two hilarious, priceless scenes which really cracked me up: Firstly, Jessie's pseudo-French accent and her performance which was weird but absolutely funny at the same time! I had to laugh out loud. Quite frankly, it's a shame that she didn't make it to the second round! Bad, bad judges!:disgust:
Secondly, the final scene in which Ash and Brock were wearing that hippie gear. yeah yeah yeah, just awesome! This scene really saved the episode.
And that brings my to the point where I have to say that the contest itself or rather its result(because I really liked the background story with Laila) was a disappointment to me :bawling: :

Once again, Dawn's victory was somehow undeserved and a deus-ex victory. Sorry, I myself hate having to say that but I can't help it. :(
Because that attack before the giant swift showdown, knocked Lila's points off by a lot; so they were fairly even at that point then swift knocked Delcatty back earning Dawn the win.
Again, sorry, but this explanation doesn't seem sufficient to me.
By the end of the battle, Laila had only lost about one quarter of her total points but suddenly(!) her points illogically melted away like ice in the desert only because of a few attacks which btw. shouldn't have done much.
Dawn's only impressive and powerful attack was the last giant Swift which, however, was by no means that powerful to make up for her considerable deficit.
Such "wondrous" victories had already been there in Hoenn and it unfortunately seems that the writer are going to continue this sad trend in Sinnoh. I really loved to see how much Dawn and the Sinnoh competitions have improved compared to May's often "cheap" victories.
So, dear writers, please don't start to destroy what you've created so successfully!!

I always look forward to the Pokemon episode during the whole week and the more I'm disappointed that today's one reminded me of old unpopular mistakes and couldn't live up to my expectations.

5.0 / 6.0 (considering the funny appearances of Ash, Brock and Jessie) out of 10 points

Rex Kamex

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They used a lot of Japanese BGM in the dub for this episode.

People really use this for everything now. It was not epic.

That Darkrai movie music they played at the end of the battle made it seem epic. More epic than it really was... (Not that I think it was epic, but you get the idea. Meh, what am I saying?)


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That Darkrai movie music they played at the end of the battle made it seem epic. More epic than it really was... (Not that I think it was epic, but you get the idea. Meh, what am I saying?)

You're right. I thought the battle was good, but not the best Contest battle we've seen. Heck, it's not even the best Contest battle this season.



The episodes are just getting...
Ambipom was in attraction and was asleep, Lila could have won easiiiiiily,
but no she had to make poses, make poems,
Im sorry but this is absolutely stupid, and Im a real big pokemon fan...
this is why I have always prefered the games over the anime, how many times must they show how Ash falls asleep while thinking a method of dodging hypnosis, its like Ooo you can get your HP down till almost zero, but since your opponent is an idiot you will just win
Im sorry if I have offended someone I have watched pokemon since the beginning every episode/film/special, but this is just not entertaining


These flashbacks greatly discredit my theories about Johanna wearing a wig. Ah crud.

Chim chim cheriiiiiiiiiiim

Pardon my French, but go back to Bavaria with you ya phony!

Oh. Worst appeal round in a while. On the flip side, maybe the worst is over? (stay positive)

Johanna's addicted to that screen. Things have gone downhill at home, I see.

I wonder if Jigglypuff would approve of this. I mean, imitation is the sincerest form of....right.

You don't swat the music, monkey boy!

The universe is not on Lila's side today.

Should I expect to see Miami Vice Ketchum anytime soon?

Hooray for Ash learning indirectly!
No training/being in the moment strategy this time.

7/10 Quite enjoyable, all credit to Lila. She received more work than a filler mandates, what with the history, artsy expressions, +1 pokemon, and likable voice-overs(bit of May's Adventure nostalgia). Yet for giving such passionate narratives about our future rulers―blossoms―who left in the lame release phrase?

Then there's Dawn. If she's going to be a winner now, nothing's changing. Same Appeal round drama and last one in show us how the writers don't get tired of their garbage cycle. Yet they could reform the gym battles. Maybe Lila and Johanna are just real blowhards? She did remove that cowbell around Ambipom's neck, the return of his self-respect is really appreciated.
By the way, all these Season 1/Movie 10 tunes as of late got me paying attention to the BGM again.
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gtab x3

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Ok these contest episodes are really getting boring, using the same old concepts.
like them seeing a new rival, then battling in the end because they are very good friends. and the whole contest appeal was really boring, dawn makes a mistake, and comes through, big whoop. lila makes a wonderful apeal and she is first on the list like always, then dawn is waiting for her pic, and so is jesse, and then what did you see dawn, wow omg it is a big miracle! and the battle, was just boring, not as intence as johanna's

so i give it 6/10


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Though, I was expecting Lile to be somewhat rude, and all about winning the contest. But her real screen time in this episode was rather ok. I thought that from the look on her face, she was hiding something. She did, but nothing suprising.
Lila kind of reminds me of Grandmother. (She's not that old)