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Battling the King of the Mines! (722)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Underground Gym Battle! VS Clay!!

After the incident on Milos Island, Ash finally arrives at the Drifveil City Gym and Clay finally accepts his challenge. With Clay being a trainer since he was a child, Ash faces a massive challenge against Clay's Ground-type Pokémon. With Krokorok, Palpitoad and Excadrill being used by Clay, Ash soon learns that the battle is not as simple as using type advantages...

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Sick of dealing with idiots.

Anyway, the episode starts with the gang at the doors of Drifveil gym, and to meet them is the referee I think.

They head down into some elevator, to the gym underground.


Ugh, the opening. -.-


Sick of dealing with idiots.
I still don't see the problem with the opening, at least there will be a new ending.

They're underground and they run into Clay, they give him the Revival Herbs they got.

Out comes Krokorok, I think Pikachu wanted to battle for a second.

Wow, cool way of using Sandstorm.

Krokorok has Bite or Crunch I think.

Cool technique Oshawott.
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And its battle time :3
Krock vs Wott and lol Pikachu was hyped to fight against it. And the Wott gets another gym win. Aww and he high fives Ash.
And now Poli vs Wott and the wott is down.
Now Snivy's time to shine. And she tries Attract and it works Poli got no moves in against her. Clay seems pissed by attract.
Now Excadrill is out and nothing Snivy tries hits Exca and Snivy is defeated.
Now to the featured presentation Rogenrolla vs Excadrill.
Hmm Roggenrola's 4th move revealed.
Rogenrolla is getting beat around by Excadrill again and again both Rogen and Exca are tired.
Rogenrolla glows and evolves and it looked great.
Hmm did ash know the name of Boledor before pokedexing it?
And Boledor beats Exca with rock smash.
Definitely my favorite battle of Unova.
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I always hope they show a bit of the gym puzzles from the games in the animé. At least there were ONE elevator =/

Also, ZOMFG, Ash did NOT send out Pikachu against a ground-type?!?! A sure sign of the forthcoming apocalypse :D


Use your closed-eyes Aqua Jet! :D

edit: I admit, this was pretty damn awesome. :D


Rotom Trainer
Oshawott takes the sucker down!!
Out comes a Palpitoad, deja vu.
Man Ash's Palpitoad didn't have that earth shattering move! OWIE!!!
Poor Palpitoad. But thankfully for Snivy it's a Male!!
Ol' Attract is useful again.
Ha ha Clay is throwing a fit!
Dang Snivy is battling Ash's biggest threat- an Excadrill!
Ok that was an overwhelming loss!!
Here's the hero of the day- ROGGENROLA!!!
Boldore is AWESOME!!!
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Sick of dealing with idiots.
Oshawott defeated Krokorok.

That wasn't rain dance, was it?

Palpitoad has Hydro Pump. Crud.

Oshawott's out.

Snivy uses Attract on Palpitoad and unleashes her fury.

Snivy wins.

Clay takes his hat off, Pikachu's hair is weird.

WTF was that Pikachu zapping an Excadrill thing?
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Green Eyed Girl
Clay's Palpitoad looks like even more of a psycho than Ash's. Just hear that battle cry!

BTW, there's deffo gonna be a win for all of Ash's Pokemon, hooray!


I don't think that was Rain Dance. ^^


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Snivy cheaply uses Attract, Clay throws a hissy fit and his hat off.


Was that a new eyecatch? Who's that Pokemon?


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Hooray, a Snivy gym win. It's been a long time coming.

Damn, Clay's mad.

EDIT: Holy crap, a "Who's That Pokemon"!
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