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Battling the Leaf Thieves! (735)

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This was a decent episode, thought I didn't really have much comments about it other than the fact that I was expecting Durant to sound more menacing.


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51 that is the number of episodes between Swadloon's last appearance & this episode and were supposed to believe that it had a high enough friendship level for it to evolve, hooray for more crappy writing on Pokemon. Also can we have Leavanny stop acting like a stereotypical gay with it's movements, cause that's what we need in a kids show.
Also can we have Leavanny stop acting like a stereotypical gay with it's movements, cause that's what we need in a kids show.
Gay or not, I'm glad he at least has a personality and isn't dead like Boldore.

Geez... Complains, complains, complains.
That would work better if you were not spamming/complaining in saying that. You know the user was doing what the thread was meant for: discussing the show. Complaints are still discussing it.


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Besides, Leveanny have a positive personality going on, and Ash's Leavanny is no different. I'm really glad Ash finally has a new fully evolved Bug type, and this one is quite powerful when you think about it.


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A fine episode. Nice to see Swadloon evolving into Leavanny, and the quest to rescue Axew was okay. The best part was seeing most of Ash's Pokemon and Iris's Emolga.


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I like Leavanny more than Swadloon. I didn't like that Axew was kidnapped again. But I did like that Scraggy was trying to help. Maybe if Iris was Scraggy for a day....Nevermind.


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Also can we have Leavanny stop acting like a stereotypical gay with it's movements, cause that's what we need in a kids show.
Excuse me?

Pretty solid for a mostly filler episode. Seeing an evolution at the very beginning, and not even within a major battle, was quite different and refreshing. I also like that they expanded upon Leavanny's abilities beyond just battling while keeping it interesting.
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^ I wouldn't worry, because I was also pronouncing it that way.

I still haven't got over the true pronunciation of Illumise and Roselia.


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I still liked Ash's leavanny best when it was sewaddle, it evolved far too soon. Despite that, this was a cute episode. I liked Snivy and Emolga's less-than-enthusiastic responses to their leaf hoods, and I LOL'd at the female durant's freakout when she saw the males getting hit with attract.



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It was nice seeing Swadloon evolve. It was sad another chance at a capture was wasted though.


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Ash's Sawdloon evolving into Leavanny early in the episode was surprising, but it's cool that Ash got another fully-evolved Pokémon. I liked the scene where Emolga and Snivy were fighting, it's fun to see thier rivalry after a long time.
It's funny when Ash had to warp himself in leaves, the plan was working and Ash managed to reach Axew ...... but unfortunatlly they Durant sees them and attacks them.
Ash and Iris's Pokémon did well against those Durant. I liked the scene where Emolga uses Attract on the Durant, confusing the male Durant. Scraggy, Levanny and Pikachu fought well too.
Overall, this was an entertaining episode, I enjoyed watching it.
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I don't know, for some reason, I thought the leaf thieves were going to be actual people, not just a bunch of Durant.
SO, not one of the more interesting episodes.


Swadloon evolving so suddenly with no fanfare was meh. I didn't like seeing "Axew gets lost" scenario #748053519 either...

Mrs. Oreo

Aww I liked seeing Ash's Swadloon evolve and how it made leaf collars for the cast's pokemon and those wild Sewaddles ha ha. Axew being taken by Durants and being mistaken for food was funny. :3


So we hadn't seen Satoshi's Kurumayu do anything since the Hiun Gym, and suddenly it had the friendship level and experience needed to evolve? I liked Hahakomori's cheerfulness, but the subplot about Kibago getting accidentally kidnapped and taken as food by the Iront colony could've been better.