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Battling the Leaf Thieves! (735)

Omg, it was great to see Durant for the first time. I do wish Leavanny would have learned a new move in this episode, instead of using the same ones from before. The Shadow Claw attack by the Durant was really animated well.


I liked that Ash was the fall guy again in this episode. And had Protect not been so cheap during that Durant battle, Emolga would've smoked their sausage and brought home their bacon.


Swadloon evolving at the start was probably the main point because Leavanny ended up helping the group find their way out of the cave after rescuing Axew.


Now that I think of it, it seemed peculiar that we saw a whole colony of wild Iront in this episode, yet there was no sign of Kuitaran. I would've appreciated seeing a Kuitaran infiltrate the nest during the Kibago rescue mission.


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Scraggy is starting to annoy me since the writers are just shoving him in our faces too much. Oshawott and Tepig were funny though. It was also funny that Axew was asleep the whole time.


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Phoned in episode, though I love Leavanny.

The dub title doesn't make sense. The Durant weren't "stealing" leaves.

I completely despise Axew and its constant need of saving. At least I understand what they're trying to do by giving it so much screentime. It's cute so they want to drive sales. The one I don't understand is Scraggy. It's an abomination, annoying, and an extreme waste of screentime.


Vulpicks said:
The one I don't understand is Scraggy. It's an abomination, annoying, and an extreme waste of screentime.
I think he was shown often in the first half of Best Wishes because he was essentially Kibago's buddy, and his role here made more sense since his friend was accidentally kidnapped.


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Would've been so funny if a wild Heatmor had fought the Durants because it's their natural enemy. I thought that Axew getting kidnapped was bad because he always seems to get in trouble and become a damsel.