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BDog1's Shop of Sprites!

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by BDog1, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. BDog1

    BDog1 [Livin' A Lie]

    BDog's Shop of Sprites! (Now Hiring!)

    Hey...Welcome 2 the shop!

    EDIT: Just a little update, but im working on animations!!! yay!!!

    - Currently Affiliated With -
    [​IMG]~Pokedialga's Coolio Spirite Shop~[​IMG]

    This is the first sprite shop i've had on serebii, and im hoping it goes well. Ive been spriting for a bit and want to start making things for other people.

    First, lets lay down the rules.

    1. SPPF Rules, because were obviously still in SPPF.
    2. Manners. Use them.
    3. Always ask if you can use my work, and i will always answer. Just dont steal. Also, if you use my work, credit me.
    4. Follow the forms i supply. Otherwise, im not going to do it.
    5. Only ask for work in my shop by PM, when i need it.
    6. Request for the artist you want, please. Also, if the artist is closed, then do not request.

    Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning. 2 warnings is a ban. Be smart and follow them.

    Your probably wondering what I can sprite. Im going to give some examples and forms for requesting! BTW, i can WBG anything.

    [Banner Form]
    Size: (?x?)
    Background Color:
    Pictures: (Provide Link(s) and only 4 max)
    Font: (Gimme a link from here)
    Style: (Like lines or polka dots, ect.)
    [Chao Form]
    Pokemon: ( )
    Chao Position:(sitting/standing/thinking)
    [Team Pose Form]
    Pokemon (1-6 Pokemon): ( )
    Trainer: ( )
    Pose BG:(Choose Here)
    WBG?: (yes/no)
    [Mew Splice Form]
    Other Pokemon: ( )
    WBG?: (yes/no)
    [Pokeball Form]
    Pokemon: ( )
    WBG?: (yes/no)
    [Splice Form]
    Base Pokemon: ( )
    Other Pokemen: ( )
    WBG?: (yes/no)
    [Revamp Form]
    Pokemon: ( )
    Generation/Game: ( )
    WBG?: (yes/no)
    [Recolor Form]
    Base Pokemon: ( )
    Other Pokemon (for color): ( )
    WBG?: (yes/no)

    Ban/Warning List

    Currently Hiring! Looking for someone who can bring something unique to the shop!​
    BDog1 is... Closed!

    Have fun, and follow the rules!
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2008
  2. BDog1

    BDog1 [Livin' A Lie]

    Hmmm... i just noticed this was approved. Well anyway, i AM open for buisness!
  3. RXS

    RXS Well-Known Member

    lé whoo!
    first customer :D

    Ooooh I love that Suicune/Creselia fusion
    can i get one?

    Base Pokemon: Raikou
    Other Pokemen:Darkrai
    WBG?: yes and no. id like a WBG version and a version with the white :D
  4. BDog1

    BDog1 [Livin' A Lie]


    There it is. I couldnt see raikou as the base for darkrai so i switched it. I hope you like it and give cred!
  5. RXS

    RXS Well-Known Member

    Thanks :)
    Also, guys, I am working here now

    here is what I can do


    The boss has left for the night so he hasnt received my forms, but if you want anything, just ask :D
  6. mew2468

    mew2468 Mew & Rotom Trainer

    Ooh, I love Mews!!!
    Okay, I'll request one thing to BDog1, and a couple to RXS:
    Mew Splice
    Other Pokémon: Rotom
    WBG: Yes, please

    Neon Stick Pokémon
    Pokemon: Mew
    I have no idea if you can WBG, so if you can, yes please! If you can't, it's fine!

    Neon Stick Pokémon
    Pokémon: Rotom
    Same WBG thing as the Mew.

  7. RXS

    RXS Well-Known Member

    Well I can definitely WBG :)
    I'll make them in a bit, im watching a movie at the moment
    Thanks for requesting :D
  8. pokefan16

    pokefan16 Well-Known Member

    Mew Splice Form]
    Other Pokemon:Blaziken

    tnx in advance
  9. mouse54999

    mouse54999 mouse lover

    Hi! Can I get a Mew splice:
    Other Pokemon: Cyndaquil
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2008
  10. BDog1

    BDog1 [Livin' A Lie]

    Hello all, sorry i had to leave yesterday so im back now and finished some of the orders.

    Mew 2468, heres your Mew Splice!

    EDIT: I also finished th blaziken and cyndaquil mew splices

    Right now im working on the others and updating the first post. Im also experimenting with chao too. Ill post them and if you like them i can start making them for the shop. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2008
  11. mew2468

    mew2468 Mew & Rotom Trainer

    Thanks, the Mew looks great, and I can't wait for the Neon Stick Pokémon!
  12. mouse54999

    mouse54999 mouse lover

    Thanks! Is it ok if i could use it in a cyndaquil shrine im making?
  13. RXS

    RXS Well-Known Member

    Here are the very first requested neon stick pokemon!

    I made two versions of each, feel free to use any as long as you give credit.




  14. guyana

    guyana giratina hunter

    i can do fusions
  15. guyana

    guyana giratina hunter

    i can do fusions
  16. guyana

    guyana giratina hunter

    i can do fusions
  17. BDog1

    BDog1 [Livin' A Lie]


    Sure, go ahead. Just put in a tad of credit =3

    @ guyana:
    uh ok. i dont care. get the hell out of my thread.
  18. mew2468

    mew2468 Mew & Rotom Trainer

    Thanks, I'll be sure to give credit!!!
    Yes Guyana, I'm sure you can do fusions (hint hint,you'd better delete your triple post)

    Edit: Okay, I'm going to request some more stuff to keep you guys busy :) :

    @ RXS
    Color Swap
    Pokemon 1: Latios
    Shiny?: No thanks!
    Pokemon 2: Latias
    Shiny?: No thanks!
    Both sprites WBGed please! (since that wasn't in the form)

    @ BDog1
    Another Mew Splice
    Other Pokemon: Surskit
    WBG?: Yes please!

    Thanks alot!
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2008
  19. pokefan16

    pokefan16 Well-Known Member

    tnx very much it's cool
  20. pokefan16

    pokefan16 Well-Known Member

    request please

    [Pokeball Form]
    Pokemon: Blaziken
    WBG?: no

    tnx in advance

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