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Be Generous!!!!

would some1 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee be able to donate any legendaries, or manaphy eggs?
Can that evelove into a Manaphy? If so , I can breed you alot of pokemon, and i do have a lv. 100 Torterra.
I just want a manaphy, deoxys, and Jirachi, and i only have 3 legends, that i need to survive. I can get you every eveloution of Eevee, Feebas,and more. i dont care if they are fake. if you want a pokemon bred, just tell me name, and ill tell u if i can.
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cool, u will!!!!!!!!!!!


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Alright, I'll Give you manaphy for your Torterra or a (if you can PLEASE get it) a Giratina.
Giratina, done
Giratina, done


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If anyone wants to trade a Giratina for a Manaphy, I'd be super happy! It's a Japanese caught one and here is its summary:

Level 71; Rash nature, caught June 26, 2007 at Turnback Cave, met at level 70, often dozes off and likes dry food.

edit - sorry, said Heatran by accident. Both are ugly to me. ;)
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how did you catch a heatran at turnback cave?


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Can give you a legit,cloned Rayquaza if you trade me Spinarak and Krabby.^^
Sorry, dont have those. Any others you want?