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Be Human

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Zalck, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    Be Human
    Rated PG-15

    The PINOCCHIO Project.
    The idea of the project was miraculous. Create robots that could mimic humans so well that they would be indistinguishable from living, breathing humans.

    Led by billionaire Branson Richards, owner of Unopened Sciences, Ltd., a team began to work on their android duplicates. The project was funded by other billionaires and their companies, as well as a surprise benefactor: the United States Government.

    The public was enticed by the project. The media continued to boast claims such as 'breakthrough of the century' and 'world changing.' Unfortunately, the program worked much like the space program: big change required a big amount of time.

    Many years passed. Public interest waxed and waned with various announcements and prototypes from the company. Many technological breakthroughs continued to help the progress along. The prototypes changed from clunky models supplied by an external source to sleeker and more life-like models.

    At first, the demonstrations looked like bad animatronics. They were stiff and jerky, not life-like in the slightest sense. But over the course of many years, the movement would become more smooth and connected; bringing the illusion of life along with it.

    The hardware was never a problem for the company. It was the software that continued to elude the scientists.

    The human brain is a mysterious and complex thing. All the science in the world still can't fully explain it. But this group of researchers had to create one from scratch. Eventually, a process similar to 'thought' was achieved by layering a hierarchical program of loops and true/false switches, as well as creating an established thought database. And thus; the brain was created.

    Unopened Sciences debuted their first complete prototype ten years ago. While the public was impressed, these robots were not the life-like originals they had been promised. These things looked human, and sounded human, but they were not alive. It was at this time the the project gained it's most common title the PINOCCHIO project, because these were robots, wanting to become real humans. After this demonstration session, Unopened Sciences moved programming to a new team of researchers.

    It took six years after that for someone to finally break the code. A young Japanese programmer named Yatoi Matamoso finally made it happen. He had been working late one night, and was ready to give up with the project. More out of frustration then actual ingenious, the man made his intentions to the program clear by giving it a simple command. He just put two words on top of the underlying thought matrix. Two simple words.

    Be Human.
    It was a goal, a command. It was something the program needed to achieve. It was then that the program knew what it needed to do. Achieving... Knowing... Doing... All of those things were human actions. All of these things the program was doing on its own. The program was thinking on its own.

    Four years ago, in July of 2024, the PINOCCHIO droids were revealed to the world. Everyone was amazed by how lifelike and real these robots were; they couldn't distinguish them from the humans on stage.

    But partnered with that amazement was horror. That the machine was thinking on its own; that the machine was man. This created doubts and fear among the general public, which only grew worse.

    That's when the United States Military announced that it had secondary intentions with the PINOCCHIO program. Each of the six prototypes had been created as a supersoldier, each had a different prototype weaponry and specialization.

    Giving up on genetically altering humans, the military had decided to use these androids as their super weapons. They could live with other troops, be indistinguishable from other humans, and the enemy would never see them coming.

    This announcement sent ripples around the globe, and the fear set in people's minds only worsened. The most appalled, however, was Matamoso. He had created these humans; for he felt like that is what they were.

    Legal battles across the world ensued. Foreign nations attacked the US, calling the robots abominations and inhumane. Churches and religious groups united; calling the robots freaks of nature, and soulless dammed beings.

    While the chaos ensued around the globe, Matamoso and his group of sympathizers (mostly made up of fellow programmers), made new lives for the PINOCCHIOS. They held the up most secrecy with what they were doing. Matamoso wanted to smuggle them back to his come country, but he couldn't get them that far away. They were able to set up lives for the six prototypes in New York, New York. There, they could live among the humans, blending in with the crowd. They would wait until Matamoso could find a way to free these people he had created.

    To make them truly blend in with the humans, he deleted their memories of what had happened before, and replaced them with fabricated ones detailing the new life they would be living.

    That was a little over a year ago. Now, realizing the disappearance of the PINOCCHIOs, the military blames Unopened Sciences for hiding them, foreign countries suspect that the military has already started using them in combat. But the religious ones, they suspect the worse.

    They fear that the robots have escaped into the world, living along side their human twins.

    "Go forth, and Be Human"
    Matamoso knew what would happen when the robots were released. He knew that one day, they would have to accept what they were, and decide what to do with themselves. He programmed a reset, that would restore the deleted memories and reveal to these androids what they really were. He had no idea how they would handle this, what they would do.They might try and find him. They might turn themselves over to the military, and decide to become the supersoldiers they were created to be. They might kill themselves instead.
    These PINOCCHIO droids were the only ones that can identify robot from man.

    Matamoso hoped that they could all live as humans do; he just wanted them to Be Human.

    Important Characters

    Yatoi Matamoso: 27. He was the programmer who made the break through. He is responsible for the group that hid the robots. He is currently in federal custody for questioning.

    President Sanchez: 49. The first Hispanic President. He currently sides with the military's point of view, influencing the public masses as well.

    Branson Richards: 37. He was a celebrity among the American People; using his riches to both benefit and entertain. No one knows how deep his involvement with the military side of the project is, but they suspect he knew what was going on the whole time. He is currently missing.

    General Swatoch: 45. A respected general, he is the advisor in charge of the PINOCCHIO project. He feels that these weapons will turn the tide of battle in the favor of the U.S.

    Father Gabriel: 59. The leader of the religious against machines (RAM) group, he continually preaches on how the robots are abominations, and that they need to be destroyed.

    Who am I?
    You are one of the prototype robots. Each robot is unique; they designed each one to be different, but in a completely different way. Each program inside of your metal head reacted differently, creating the appearance of personality. You were built to resemble a person from the ages of 18-35, and to be very fit, much like a soldier would need to be. You are essentially a perfect looking human, even your skin gives off the impression of body heat. A doctor would not be able to tell you apart without opening you up.

    You are also a weapon. The military designed you with on specialization in mind; stealth, assassinations, heavy weapons, flamethrowers, acrobatics, you name it. You might transform into some kind of robot dog machine, even. This effected your personality, so it should sort of match that.

    You live in a world of the future, in the year 2028. Technology has advanced greatly, and there are robotics used everywhere in this world. As drivers, servants, waiters, and beyond, robots have replaced humans for some of the more menial tasks. This has been a result of the PINOCCHIO project. Note that these robots are not androids, and will not look completely human at all.

    Right now, you don't even know what you are. You think you are a normal human. But remember: the military, foreign governments, and religious zealots are all trying to track you down for your own purposes. Matamoso programmed a 'reset' so that one day, you could re-awaken and know what you truly are, a decide for yourself what you want to do.


    Given Name: The programmers gave each of you a unique name.
    Serial Number: This is what identifies you to the military and the company, since they didn't believe in giving the robots human names. 6 digits and 3 alpha-code make up this number.
    Moniker: This is what the military nick-named you based on your supersoldier ablility.
    Appearance of Age:
    Appearance of Gender:

    Physical Design: What you look like.

    Resemblance of Personality: Each program interpreted 'Be Human' differently; resulting in a unique personality for each of you.

    False Memories: What life are you living now?

    Super Soldier Abilities: What abilities did the military give you?

    Real Memories:
    This will be an RP sample. Before Matamoso deleted your memories, you two had a final conversation. You might recall what you remember of the time you were revealed to the world. Matamoso had a very personal relationship with each of his creations, so this can be deep; as though you are saying your final goodbyes. This will be important, you will remember this sometime in the RP.

    1. 'Otto Penelope' #TI2057Z97 AKA: Hecate/One-eye -SamathaSparks
    2. 'Rose Allen' #WK246081A AKA: Psycho -The SketchQueen
    3. 'Riley Stark' #AS772683X AKA: Ghost -Elysian
    4. 'Dr. Miles Rivera' #D15C23O18 AKA: Sawbones -Billy Mays
    5. 'Ian Blackwood' #Z93P75Q06 AKA: Marine -SoulMuse
    6. 'Vera Noire #SW016573Z AKA: Siren -NurseRiG

    Sign ups are closed.

    I will be playing as NPCs, the Important Characters, and as a plot devices.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2013
  2. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Can I place a reserve? I have to do something right now, but I can write a sign-up as soon as I can.
  3. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    same here, i could get one in tomorrow, most likely.
  4. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    I'd like a reserve, I can probably start working on it after I get to tending my own RP.

    Oh by the way, I saw what you did with the name Branson Richards (For those of you who DON'T get it, there's a real life multi-millionare named Richard Branson who owns a phone company named Virgin Mobile).
  5. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    Reserves placed. If the RP fills up before your reserves are filled, a deadline will be set.

    Thanks! I thought it was pretty smart myself. :)
  6. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    I'll reserve a spot.
  7. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    Reserved, Same deadline rule as before.
  8. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Given Name: Otto Penelope
    Serial Number: TI2057Z97
    Moniker: Hecate/One-eye
    Appearance of Age: 27
    Appearance of Gender: Female

    Physical Design: Otto takes on the appearance of a beautiful young woman. She is 1.72 metres tall and has a rather beautiful face that consists of a purple, shining right eye and a left eye, hidden by a medical eyepatch. She has a curvacious figure, and possesses a solid D-cup. She is, however, minorly chubby and has thick thighs.

    Her long, wavy pink hair is styled in a hime-cut, and is 0.3 metres off the ground. Her ivory skin is very smooth and she often wears a straw hat over her pink hair. She wears a pretty-looking old-fashioned white, sleeved dress that almost reaches the ground. If one is daring enough to lift her skirt, one will note that she wears black thigh-highs and green high-heels. Often, she can be seen wearing a cyan overcoat, or a cyan apron.

    Resemblance of Personality: Otto is a kind, lady-like soul. One can see her as a 'helpless old lady', mainly because the only thing she does when she sees someone in trouble is say 'Are you alright' and stare in shock. She is quite the klutz when it comes to many things, except her profession - being a florist. Otto cares for many things, despite her clumsiness. What she enjoys most is children, animals and plants.

    Otto, when not being seen enjoying her job, can be seen in a park playing with children or having a picnic by herself and sharing some food with the children. She is often loved by the people she meets due to her charismatic nature.

    Otto is also known to be a crybaby. When forced into a corner, she will cry and sometimes try to run. This is usually when one attempts to rape or destroy her.

    She also enjoys eating donuts, although it gives her odd flashbacks time to time.

    False Memories: Otto does not know much about her parents, except that she had inherited a flower shop from them called 'Penelope'. She had single-handedly run the shop without any assistance, and was able to handle the pressure, like she was some machine. Being a florist was her life.

    At the age of 9, her eye was infected by a disease and operations were performed. It was a long story of how she lost half her sight and had to wear an eyepatch her whole life. Despite this, she decided to carry on with life as per normal.

    Super Soldier Abilities: Otto's primary ability is to adapt into virtually any environment. Otto is resistant to all temperatures from the freezing point of helium, to twice the melting point of diamond.

    Otto can adapt to land, sea, sky and underground alike. Otto's swimming skills are greater than that of a dolphin or fish, and she can sprout metallic wings that actually fly. Her arms are capable of re-forming into drills, which are great for digging underground. While she can use these drills for offense, she is not skilled in this and would prefer not to. When in a liquid or on a solid, she can sense objects on or in it.

    Being designed as a scout and not a true combatant, she lacks actual combat weapons. She has stealth technology that prevents radars or heat sensors from detecting her. From her mouth, she can summon 'micro-bots' that act as her eyes and ears to infiltrate into areas. She is also capable of producing smokescreens for escape.

    To make up for her lack of combat weapons, her flight and swimming speed is comparable to sound.

    While not possessing any combat weapons, it is said that she can obtain and store them in her body, before deploying the weapon in the form of her left eye. However, only one weapon can be used at any given time.

    Real Memories:
    "Huh... who are..."
    I had just awoken. I don't remember what happened before. I had no memories. Yet I knew how to speak.
    I saw a person. I did not know this person. In fact, I did not know anyone but myself.

    "Calm down Otto. I am your father."

    "Fa-ther..." I repeated. "My fa-ther."
    The word, while alien to me, had a nice ring. So, this person was my father, whatever that could mean. The person patted my head and smiled. I felt rather warm on the inside. I then immediately hugged him back.

    I saw on a plate near me - an odd, circular snack.

    "Go ahead, have a bite," my 'father' spoke.


    I then stood before the crowd. I had never seen so many people before. They gazed upon my siblings and I, making me feel very unfomfortable, almost causing me to begin crying. However, I understood Father's intentions. He simply wanted the world to understand us. He simply wanted us to be one of them.


    Days have passed and chaos was everywhere. People did not acknowledge our existence. Those who did simply saw us as tools. Knowing that we were not seen as humans like our father wanted us to, he told us that he had to leave for our own good.

    Why did you do that father? I hate you for this. I hate you, I hate you. But please, come back for us...
  9. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...


    Otto is accepted.
    If I could change anything about your sign-up, I would change the length. Especially the RP sample. But, nonetheless, that's what I would have done. Still looks great.
    Definitely not what I expected!

    With one down, and three reserved, only two spots remain open!
  10. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Well I am taking on of those last spots then. Will get something up soon.
  11. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    Duly noted. Same rules on deadlines apply: if all the spots fill, and someone wants in, A deadline will be set.
  12. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Given Name: Rose Allen
    Serial Number: WK246081A
    Moniker: Psycho
    Appearance of Age: 24
    Appearance of Gender: Female

    Physical Design: Rose has fair skin, and very long, dark chocolate brown hair to compliment. She keeps most of her hair behind her ears, but lets a few locks down the side of her face, but it all goes behind her shoulders and down about an inch past her waist. Her eyes are a crystal blue, her nose very angular and tipped up slightly, her mouth is small and girlish, and her jawline is smooth, ending at a point. She's very slender with distinct curves and a very feminine shape, blessed with a C-cup. Her hands are very lithe and delicate, with nails that are usually well trimmed and light pink, and her feet are unusually small. However, she's fairly tall, standing at about 5' 10", her arms and legs thin like the rest of her body.

    Rose wears a short-sleeved, white silk collared shirt, a gray skirt that goes a little past her knees and a corded necklace with a hot pink pendant of a butterfly. She also tends to wear black ankle boots with three inch heels, and silver bangles decorating her wrists. She also wears a pale pink eyeshadow and lipstick of the same shade.

    Resemblance of Personality: Rose is a friendly social butterfly. She loves to be with people, she loves to talk, and she loves to shop and look her best. She's very bubbly, but tends to run her mouth, or starts talking and never stops. She usually catches herself doing this, and when she does she'll press her fingertips to her mouth and hold them there for a few seconds. She loves to laugh and smile, and tends to giggle a lot. However, she can be a bit naive, and can get hurt easily, resulting in her bursting into immediate tears. A simple hug will calm her, she likes being held close to someone. She also likes to sing, but only does it when no one else is around or if her audience is only someone she trusts. She also really likes pepperoni pizza, and eats it a lot. She also tends to lick things that come near her face.

    False Memories: Rose "lived" with her single mother in a small home for her childhood life. She didn't have many friends. She went to a nearby public school, being a fairly good student. She graduated from high school, and left home for New York City, New York. She bought an apartment, and got a job as a receptionist at a major company. Sometime during this, there was a relationship, becoming an engagement, but was split.

    Super Soldier Abilities: Rose is able to talk her foes into hypnosis. She'll talk to them so much, they'll eventually give into her and she can tell them what to do. She can also make them go completely insane, attacking everything and anything in sight, until eventually attacking themselves. She can also run exceptionally fast, so she can escape if she decides to send her victim into insanity. Before hypnosis, anything will work to get her victim under her control, and after she has control, she can stop talking and give commands. If she were to send her victim to insanity, she uses the command "Be not human."

    Real Memories:
    "Ah, good, you're awake!" a man said, staring me in the eye. Who was he? Did I know him?

    "Uh, mister? Do I know you?" I said, puzzled. I don't remember anything, my name, what I'm doing here, anything. Besides talking. I know how to talk. I think I know how to move. I think my name is... something pretty.

    The man nodded. "I am your father, Rose," he said calmly. Rose, huh... is that my name? Rose... pretty. And he's my... my father? What's a father? He sounds nice. I like him. My father...

    Everything was new. Everything was exciting. I wanted to touch everything near me. Father pointed to a plate of... something next to me. "Aren't you hungry? Go on, eat!" I picked up... a square... thing on the plate and sniffed it. It smelled good. I think. I bit into the square, Father nodding, and... my mouth felt... weird. Tasting... I think it's called that. I was tasting... something.

    My father took me by the hand, and I hugged him. I feel... I feel... happy.


    One day, Father took us to a stage. I don't know why. But he did. He line me and my brothers and sisters up, and everyone was watching. Did they not like me? Did they not like us? They just kept staring at us. Why would they stare at us? We look just like them. What makes us so special? Maybe... maybe, Father wants us to.. be with them, fit in with them. I don't know. I feel confused. They looked afraid. Am I afraid?

    Am I really... a monster?


    Why is everyone panicking? They hated us... called us mean things... and now, Father's called me to him... I don't know why... I feel scared.

    "Rose, Rose..." he said. He was crying, did he say this before? Father continued, "I have to leave. For all of your sakes."

    "Why? Why, Father, you... you can't leave!" I shrieked. Father couldn't just leave us... could he?

    "You have to trust me, Rose. Rose... please, understand I'm doing this for you," he countered.

    I hugged him and started to cry. He hugged me back. "But... I d-d-don't want y-you to go..."

    "I have to. Rose... remember, all that time we spent? All of that? Don't forget that. And I'll always be with you," he said, prying me off gently. And with that, he left.

    I feel... I feel... everything's spinning so fast, spinning out of control, but I feel... broken. I feel hurt and broken. And that's why I'm on the floor, crying to myself.


    Where are you, Father? I want you back... come back... please, don't leave... don't go... come back......
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2013
  13. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Given Name: Riley Stark
    Serial Number: AS772683X
    Moniker: Ghost
    Appearance of Age: 21
    Appearance of Gender: Male

    Physical Design: Riley is a bit above average tall young man with dark brown hair, inherited from his father, cut in a short, yet pretty stylish way. his skin has a slight tan, and his eyes are chartreuse, and he looks kinda strict and serious at times. his wardrobe is that of a typical New York college student. blue jeans, some random T-shirt he decides can live through another day, and a dark grey hoodie. He also likes to wear converse shoes, as they are easy to move around in. he is also a common sight at the local gym, and is quite muscular despite his slender apperance and love for Ice Cream.

    Resemblance of Personality: Riley is very social, and likes being the center of attention. He likes livley parties, and knows how to throw them. He's very dependable, and stands up to protect his friends if necessary. He's also a flirt, and lots of New Yorks girls and boys, have said he's a good kisser. He also have a darker side, that manifested after his father "died" This side tends to be gloomy, sadistic and violent, and he can be quite manipulative, but when that side emerge, Rley simply walk away to calm his thoughts down. He also loves Ice Cream, and eats just a little too much of it.

    False Memories: Riley's life was not much to brag about. his father died due to sickness when he was 14 years old, and his mother got very depressed afterwards, being unable to get hold to a job for very long, so Riley's the one that had to do stuff around their appartment. the abscense of his father also awakened what his friends call "Gloomy Riley", the evil alter-ego. After a while, his mother met another man who seemed to be taking her out of her misery by being with her. when his mother finally got back to her usual self, Riley went off to college, where he study psychology. He is currently living in an appartment in New York, and works part time as a clerk at a shopping centre.

    Super Soldier Abilities: Riley is a shapeshifter with the ability to psionically shift the formation of his robotic cells at will to change his appearance and thereby assume the form of other humans. He can also alter his voice to duplicate exactly that of another person, thus making him perfect for undercover missions. Rileys powers are limited to appearances only; he cannot take on the powers of the people he morphed into He's also a skilled fighter, and is skilled in handeling knives, swords etc. He also have an immunity for heat and cold, and can use his eyes to lock on and analyzing targets

    Real Memories:
    I had probably been asleep for a long time, but by the time I woke up, someone stood over me, sribbling something into a computer. What's this? I don't.. remember anything? Who.. am I?
    Something in me told me to sit up.. whatever that was. Suddenly, I was in a sitting position. The person at the computer turned at me. "Oh, you're awake. Good"


    "Who.. are you?" I said, confused by the sound of my own voice, as I learnt it was called. "I am your father!" He replied. Father? What's that?
    "Father..." I said in his voice.
    "Good.." He said, and wrote something down on his computer, before turning to me again. He sat a round plate with something on it before me.
    "Go on", he said. "You must be hungry."
    "Hungry.. Go on.. Good.." I said,looking at the plate. It was something of triangular form, and I noticed it had a good scent to it when I approached.
    I picked it up, and stared at him. Father watched me intensly. I took a bite, as I learnt it was called.
    The feeling that came after I took a bite was weird. It was warm, and made me feel something. was this what they called happiness?


    Soon later, I was standing on a stage with others like me, lined up. what was the meaning of this? I wondered. the crowd of people looking at us, judging us. Why did they find us so repulsive? We looked just alike. Father probably wanted us to fit in with these people. were they his children too? their staring is unpleasent. How could we possibly fit in, if they found us so repulsive? We had not done them anything wrong!


    Soon, the panic got the best of the crowd.


    "Father!" I cried, again and again, until he found me. "Father, what is going on? Why do they not like us?"

    "They are not yet ready for an advancement of this caliber!" he said. I did not understand.

    "I have to leave you now, Riley." he said, and I fealt something.. something bad.. I did not like it..

    "Why? What are you so afraid of?" I asked him, starting to tremble.

    "These people, they don't understand!" He said.


    "I have to leave now. It's for your own good! I love you, son!" He said, before vanishing in the crowd.

    "I love you... Father!" I said, not really understanding the meaning of those words.


    Emptiness, darkness and chaos was all I could feel.. "Father... why?"
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2013
  14. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...


    Rose is Accepted. I like what you did with her. And I love the 'Be Not Human' thing with her abilities. Very Creative.
    Nice Length, as well. If you would just bold the section titles, so I can read it easier, that'd be great! Accepted.


    First, I would like to express the length issue with you as well. It's not enough to fail you alone, but I just like more. It is the shortest sign-up we've seen for this RP yet!
    However, my main point of default would be in your powers. I know they made you a 'super soldier,' but it's hard to say you aren't too over-powered with his current set up.
    Changes I would like to see:
    -Regeneration is okay, but not regeneration and wall-passing. They focused on one special thing about you. All the robots have the ability to repair themselves, So there is no need to worry about that. I also am not sure I see how exactly 'regeneration' works, but I am not finding a way in my head that matches the technology they have.
    -With that, the head-bomb is a no go. I'm okay with maybe you throw a hand, or fire a hand, or even grab little bombs from your chest, as long as they do more 'stun' or 'smoke' type of damage, instead of actual 'KABOOOM' super bombs. I suppose small denotations would be okay, too.
    -You have that he is superhumanly strong and fast, but realize that is true for all the robots. They are a little faster and stronger than the best human soldiers. For your robot, there is no need to say that he is 'superhuman,' because I think the standard speed and strength will suit your robot fine. (If I was a military designer, anyways)
    -I was about to say the invisibility was too much, but then I realized it's a side-effect of the wall-passing. I thought that was a really cool and unique ability!
    -In the personality, it's kind of conflicting to say 'he's social, but doesn't talk much' and 'he loves laughing and joking.' It could be that you just need to explain it better, so just add some more details that make it more clear to us what his personality is.
    Other than that, if you want to you could expand on some of the other sections, maybe that would help out with the length.
    However, I LOVE the character, and definitely want to see him get accepted, so you have now reserved a spot, and your acceptance is pending these few changes.
    Thanks so much for playing!

    If you would like to participate, please send me a PM or VM, and I will set deadlines on the current reservations. If all the spots fill up, but you REALLY, REALLY want to be a part of this RP, I can probably work out a spot for you.
    Please just let me know! I have a feeling that this will be a really fun RP!
  15. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Yeah, he was kinda owerpowered, wasn't he? lol
    I'll "fix" him lter today, thanks!

    Edit: Have "fixed" him now. Is it acceptable?
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2013
  16. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    That will definitely work! I like the changes, and your new abilities are pretty great!
    I'll put you on the Accepted list.
  17. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Given Name: Dr. Miles Rivera

    Serial Number: D15C23O18

    Moniker: Sawbones

    Appearance of Age: 30

    Appearance of Gender: Male

    Physical Design: Miles stands at 6'1 feet with tanned skin and a medium but well-toned build. He doesn't really look like a soldier, but he looks physically fit. His hair is dark brown and is well trimmed and cut short. Miles also has a well trimmed goatee, and sky blue eyes.

    When at work Miles wears his uniform, which is a white doctor's coat and pants a white under shirt and a ID tag on his coat. When actually performing surgury though, he wears the usual blue outfit with a scrub cap and face mask that surgeons wear while working. Outside of work, he wears something fairly informal like jeans and a t-shirt.

    Resemblance of Personality: Miles took the words 'Be Human' in two different ways. First, was to be compassionate and do whatever he can to preserve the life of himself and others. Second, was to live life to it's fullest.

    Miles is a kind and caring person who takes the term 'First do no harm' to heart. He take his job seriously as a doctor and takes pride in the fact that he saves lives. He hates violence and will only resort to it if there's no other option. Being a very compassionate person, he finds it hard not to give in to every sob story he hears.

    Miles is highly intelligent and methodical. He dislikes rushing into things and prefers to think things through first, though if he has to act fast he won't hesitate. Miles has a good amount of patience and tries not to show extreme emotion, though if he is extremely stressed he is prone to yell.

    Outside of work though, Miles is a fun loving person who likes to party. Of course, he would never let his fun cause harm to others, so much so that often his sheer passion for nonviolence and peace gets in his way of having fun, which he considers a price worth paying.

    False Memories: According to Miles's memory, he was born in 1998 in Los Angeles, California. His parents died when he was only nine, but he was adopted by a well off family who lives in Albany, New York. He as always a grade A student and later went to Yale and then medical school. He was a surgeon in Albany but around a year ago he came to New York and got a job is a surgeon at a hospital in Manhatten. Of course, everything before becoming a surgeon in New York is false.

    Super Soldier Abilities: Miles was designed to be the ultimate combat medic and surgeon, all in one. Miles's hands can shift into a many surgical tools, such as a bonesaw, surgical knifes, pliars, surgical lasers, and syringes (in the case of syringes, he can insert vials of liquids into his arms to inject with the syringes). All of the tools sanitize themselves automatically before and after use to prevent infections.

    Miles has super human precision and accuracy, obviously to make sure he doesn't screw up any medical proccedure. Thanks to said precision, he can perform surgury perfectly while under stress or even in the middle of battle. His enchanced senses also give him a quick reaction time.

    Miles also has the ability to shift into X-ray vision. This is mainly used so he can find wounds or broken bones on someone that can't be seen normally. However, this can also be used to see people though walls (though not through thick walls, like walls made of metal). His eyes shine a bright blue while using X-ray vision.

    Since he is a combat medic, his hands can also shift into 9mm submachine guns (he can insert ammo clips into slots in his arms, similar to what he can do with syringes).

    Real Memories:
    "What is this...?" I am awake now, though I am not sure if I yet know what to think of it. The light above me is blinding, the room is white, and a man is sitting nearby. Who is this man? What is this place? Who am I?

    "Hello Miles." The man speaks to me. Is Miles my name?

    "Who are you?" I ask, completely bewildered as to what was happening.

    "I am your father Miles." Father...is this man my creator? It was then I noticed a plate in front of me. I wasn't exactly sure what to think of it, yet I felt a longing feeling when I saw it, as if I wanted it.

    The man took notice of me looking at it and said, "That's for you. You must be hungry. Why don't you try some?"

    That didn't sound like a bad idea. I grabbed the first thing I saw from the plate and put in my mouth. It tasted...good? I am not even sure who I am, and yet I feel...good.


    Yatoi, or 'father' as he prefers to be called, took us to some sort of convention and put us on a stage. It felt weird, being watch by so many people at once. I had never seen so many faces before, the experience of it was...fascinating.

    Yet something seem right. Some cheered, while other just watched. Some even appeared to be visablely upset. What were they upset about? I had done nothing other than stand here the whole time. Perhaps one of my siblings had done something? Some even seemed mad, or scarred. What was the source of their emotions?

    I must think about this for awhile.


    "You have to go now Miles, it is the only option." Father spoke to me as I sat in a chair, listening to what he said.

    "Hiding in fear is the only option? There has to be a way to make people understand!" I don't normally lose my temper like that. I feel...enraged, as if I wish to harm those who wish harm upon me.

    "There will be, in time. But you must leave now, until it is that time, for your own sake." As much as I do not like to admit it, he was right. The world was simply not ready for us...not ready to understand that we did not wish them harm, or that we were not simply tools to be used.

    "...Alright. But remember this father...no matter where I am, no matter who I become, when the time arrives, I will find you. And nothing will ever stop me from doing so."

    "I will," he said with a tear in his eye. We both weren't looking forward to what was to come, but it had to be done...for our sake, and for his.


    My memories are fading...my creator...his name escapes me. I only remember him as 'father' now...

    The only thing I can remember now is a promise. A promise I made to the man who made me. A promise that I would return for him when I remembered who I was.

    "No matter where I am, no matter who I become...I will find you..."
  18. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    Billy Mays, I love it.
    Was waiting for a medic! I have another great idea for a character, too.
    One that is in the faction of the religious zealots who hates the robots. How great is that?
  19. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Given Name: Ian Blackwood
    Serial Number: Z93P75Q06
    Moniker: Marine
    Appearance of Age: 23
    Appearance of Gender: Male

    Physical Design: Ian is tall, standing several inches over six feet all, and cuts a fairly imposing figure, with dull grey eyes, that seem to be incapable a showing emotions. His hair is rather strangely a sort of grayish color, and while cut short in the front, Ian lets the back grow out almost to his shoulders. Ian’s skin is pale, almost to the point one might mistake him for an albino, although his eyes give that away. For some reason, Ian’s skin does not seem to tan at all, meaning he always is pale as a ghost. In terms of build is thin, built very much like a runner, with long legs, and a thin body. Despite this he still has a fair bit of muscle on his body, although it doesn’t really look like it. The other thing of note about Ian is for some reason his body has a number of scars. Most of these are hidden; however he has three that are highly notable. The first is crosses his face, from the right side of his mouth, crossing his right eye, and ending at his ear. The other two are just long scars up his forearms.

    In terms of clothing Ian is fairly plain, wearing all black, including his pants, his shirt, and the jackets he usually wears. He always wears long sleeves, and gloves so as to hide the scars on his arms. He prefers to wear hoods to hide the scar on his face. If he can’t, Ian will almost compulsively keep the right side of his face hidden from those he talks to.

    Resemblance of Personality: Of course one of the most obvious facets of Ian’s personality is that he hides the right side of his face and his scars from the world, almost compulsively. He is fairly good and perceiving the emotions of others. Beyond that, Ian is a tale of two different men.

    One facet of Ian is a cold hard and completely disgusted with the world. He doesn’t seem to care what happens to anyone, thinking that most people are simply beneath him, and not worthy of his time. When this side of him is in control, which is most of the time, Ian doesn’t show any facial expression, instead relying on slight changes in his facial expression to show his emotions, if so wishes. Coupled with this, Ian is very calculating, always analyzing the world around him, and worse, he doesn’t really care what he has to do to accomplish his goals.

    Of course there is another side of Ian’s personality, a more caring side of him, not that anyone would notice that, since he keeps it locked up tight behind his façade of not caring. In reality Ian does care for some people, most his employer, and the few friends he has. When Ian actually lets his guard down, meaning he occasionally smiles, is more expressive overall, and even sometimes laughs at the antics of those around him. There are very few people who ever get to see this side of Ian however; as he feels it allows others to exploit him.

    False Memories: Ian was “born” into a relatively poor family, his parents spending most of their money to send him to a relatively expensive private school. After that graduation, Ian spent several years in the Army, and now works as a bodyguard for a well off family in New York. The family hired him at Matamoso’s request, thinking that Ian simply is a bodyguard, and as such, they don’t know that Ian is in fact a highly capable robotic super soldier.

    Super Soldier Abilities: Ian is the definition of a front line soldier. His combat tactics resemble those of Warhammer 40k Space Marine. His left hand becomes a very high caliber submachine gun, which fire a mass reactive explosive round, and his eyes have an overlay that aids in targeting. His right arm can break apart into a European style long sword, which Ian can wield with ease one. To top this off, he has a very high pain tolerance, and would not even notice most wounds although they would still have all the normal effects on him.

    Real Memories:

    Waking up was a strange experience to say the least. A rush of sensory impulses flooded me for a moment, until I learned to block them out. I slowly sat up, taking in the world around me. It was strange, and I had to admit, not exactly comforting. I knew nothing. Only my name…how to move and speak, various trival knowledge, and that was it. Waking up in a room filled with computers, and a man typing away at one of them was not exactly encouraging.

    “Ah wonderful, you’re awake.” The man at the computer turned, smiling genially at me. I narrowed my eyes, unsure of who this person was, or what to think of them.

    “Who are you?” I didn’t let any of my feeling bled into my speech. The man just continued to smile.

    “I am your Father, Ian.” I paused, considering that remark. The man cocked his head. “The line is so overused….” He mumbled. I blinked not sure what to make of that.

    “Somehow I doubt you are my actual father.” I replied dryly. “but if that is what you wish to be called, then very well.”

    I was slighly startled when suddenly a low rumbled filled the room. I blinked looking around, trying to find out what the rumble was. The man, Father, chuckled, offering me a plate.

    “I imagine you are hungry. Help yourself.” I nodded, grabbing something off the plate and taking a bite. It tasted…odd. I inhaled the rest of the food, not really caring what it tasted like.


    I stood staring out into a sea of faces, doing my best to school myself, not show emotions to the crowd. There were many different faces out there. I could see joy in some eyes, rage in others, indifference was a common sight, along with fear. Fear was extremely common.

    I didn’t understand what was happening. None of us had done anything that should inspire fear in these people, I had been paying that much attention. Perhaps it was something one of the people who as speaking said, seeing as how I hadn’t payed them a bit of attention, what they said wasn’t important. Father seemed to be growing more and more concerned as the convention wore on. I wasn’t sure what was happening but I didn’t like it.


    “Father, there is no point in saying that something is not happening.” I snapped, usually angry. Father was withholding something. Just because I let my guard down around dofting my icy persona, didn’t mean I didn’t still pay attention.

    “It doesn’t matter Ian.” Father sighed. “You, all of you, need to disappear for a while, at least until this blows over.” I snorted.

    “Whatever Father.” I stopped even trying to show emotions. I had trust this man, cared about him even, and here he was simply telling me I had to leave. That would teach me to care ever again. I turned away from him.

    “Ian wait!” He called after me as I started to leave the room. I turned looking over my right shoulder. Father flinched slightly at the sight of my scared eye.

    “I will wait until you are ready to explain.” I said coldly. “Until that point…you are not my father.” With that I left the room.


    My memories faded slowly, but one thing stuck in my head. My creators face, filled with sorrow at my last words to him. The only thing I can remember is that face, and the passing thought that I was to harsh.
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  20. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    Ah, finally. A soldier.
    Accepted Soulmuse.

    With one reserve left, we may very well fill up!
    Reserves will all be due on Sunday at Midnight, Central Time.

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