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Be Human

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Zalck, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    Be Human
    Rated PG-15

    1. 'Otto Penelope' #TI2057Z97 AKA: Hecate/One-eye -SamathaSparks
    2. 'Rose Allen' #WK246081A AKA: Psycho -The SketchQueen
    3. 'Riley Stark' #AS772683X AKA: Ghost -Elysian
    4. 'Dr. Miles Rivera' #D15C23O18 AKA: Sawbones -Billy Mays
    5. 'Ian Blackwood' #Z93P75Q06 AKA: Marine -SoulMuse
    6. 'Vera Noire #SW016573Z AKA: Siren -NurseRiG
    Important Characters

    Yatoi Matamoso: 27. He was the programmer who made the break through. He is responsible for the group that hid the robots. He is currently in federal custody for questioning.

    President Sanchez: 49. The first Hispanic President. He currently sides with the military's point of view, influencing the public masses as well.

    Branson Richards: 37. He was a celebrity among the American People; using his riches to both benefit and entertain. No one knows how deep his involvement with the military side of the project is, but they suspect he knew what was going on the whole time. He is currently missing.

    General Swatoch: 45. A respected general, he is the advisor in charge of the PINOCCHIO project. He feels that these weapons will turn the tide of battle in the favor of the U.S.

    Father Gabriel: 59. The leader of the religious against machines (RAM) group, he continually preaches on how the robots are abominations, and that they need to be destroyed.
    These Characters are to be played by Zalck. If you wish to use them in your post, please ask permission first.
    General Swatoch
    No Serial Number-No Moniker

    "General, the suspect is waiting for you."

    "Good, keep him waiting." The general responded. Jeremiah Swatoch was getting too old for this mess, anyhow. He looked at the holographic screen in front of him. The screen was showing pictures of New York, New York, 2028. It was such a peaceful city. Nothing exciting ever really happened here, he decided. It just continued on in its dabble every day. But Jeremiah knew. Even if the suspect wouldn't admit it, he knew the truth. Those damn robots were out there. He couldn't explain why. No-one had seen them. Nobody reported random attacks from strange humans. It didn't matter. Jeremiah knew.

    President Sanchez
    No Serial Number-No Moniker

    "My Fellow Americans..."
    The President was making his first official address to the public about the PINOCCHIO Projects dismemberment. If any citizens really thought the project was going to continue publicly, they were imbeciles anyways. But without Matamoso on the team, they weren't getting anywhere. They could upgrade the robots all they wanted, but they would never actually act human.

    Robots. He liked drones much better, anyways. There were two visible in the Oval office, next to the main doors. He knew there were also six more deploy-able from hidden compartments in the walls. There was no need to make them look human, these drones did as they were programmed, and that was all they needed. Robots weren't people.

    Not to mention all that money they wasted. The country was in a debt crisis, only comparable to the one that ended in 2014. Now he was to blame for the wasted money that went into the PINOCCHIO Project. Typical Americans.

    He continued with his speech on camera. Then, he got to the part he was afraid to say. He didn't want to know how the citizens of this fair planet would react to the news, but he had started, there was no stopping now.

    "...And now, I must give you the most grave news of all. The Androids, known to you all as PINOCCHIOs, are missing. Now, there is no need to cause alarm. Our think-tanks report that they are out there, among the people. However, even though they were intended to be used as weapons, for that is what they were developed as, they currently only believe themselves to be humans. They will not cause anyone harm, and we believe that their capture will be a swift and easy one.

    So I remind you, pull over for any emergency response vehicle with sirens, follow direction from action team crews, and listen to alerts sent to your techmobiles. We will continue diligently until these robots" his tone of voice filled with disgust at the word "are brought back to the United States Government, and can be used as they were designed for."

    The President continued for a while longer before signing off. As soon as the camera powered off, the robot wheeled it away. The President started rubbing his temples, as his aids came up to him congratulating him on his speech, but they were just giving lip service. That was all anyone did anymore...
  2. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Otto Penelope
    TI2057Z97 - Hecate/One-eye

    "Oh, the PINNOCHIO droids. It's obvious that they just want to use the machines for their benefit...."
    A young lady sat at her couch in her well-furnished apartment. Her name was Otto Penelope. She was watching the president's speech from her television. "If only there was no more greed..."

    She was still eating her breakfast. She then checked her watch, then began to choke on her breakfast, producing smoke from her mouth. "I always wonder why I do that- SWEET HEAVENS I'M LATE FOR WORK!"

    She grabbeda slice of toast with jam on it, put it in her mouth, grabbed her bags and ran out.


    She arrived at her flower shop, Penelope. She then unlocked the doors and opened her shop. This florist was ready for work.
    It was now time for business. She sat there, ready to serve the customers. Sometimes, little children she befriended in the nearby park would drop by shop, and often call her "Big sis" or something along those lines.

    It hasn't happened today yet. She was still waiting.
  3. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Ian Blackwood
    #Z93P75Q06 AKA: Marine

    I simply stared out the window, watching the city go by. Today was an easy day, as my employer’s daughter, who I was assigned to guard, wasn’t doing anything, and wouldn’t be going to school, something her father wanted to clear up with the administration. I didn’t really care, it wasn’t my problem. I cast my eyes around the room briefly.

    Most of the important figures in the city, much like the government, had dozens of robots hidden about their homes, which would fight to repel invaders. My employer didn’t like that idea though, and hence I was hired. I didn’t really care, but I always felt like human intelligence was superior to a machine. As a soldier, I was trained to deal with robots, and I knew how most of them where programmed, and thus, I could destroy most combat robots with little trouble.

    “Ian?” I turned, being careful as ever to have the scared side of my face hidden, and was surprised to find Emily, AKA the boss’s daughter, standing behind me.

    “Yes Emily?” I kept my voice neutral, wondering why she spoke to me all of the sudden. The girl wasn’t very good at keeping secret she found my scared visage to be frightening.

    “What do you think of those androids the news was talking about? I mean, are they dangerous?” She seemed to shrink into herself as she spoke.

    “Well that is a good question.” I admitted. “Given that those things have human brains, as opposed to computers, will do them some good, but I am not convinced that they can completely replicate human intelligence. That sort of thing just isn’t possible.”

    “What if one of them attacked my daughter?” A stern voice drifted across the room, and I turned to face my employer. He was shorter than I by a few inches, with short brown hair and unremarkable features.

    I shrugged. “I doubt such a thing would happen sir. The odds are slim to none. Even if it did, my paycheck should answer your questions.” I replied. The man nodded.

    “Good. Anyways, the issue with the school has been resolved. Emily, do listen to Mr. Blackwood, and do well in class.” With that he swept off.

    I followed the girl out the door, and towards her school. I had a feeling I was about to have to endure a lot a staring, and possibly several arguments to get to remain in the building. In the regard, I supposed that my combat scars might be handy.
  4. NurseRiG

    NurseRiG Supermodel

    Vera Noire
    SW016573Z - Siren

    It was breezy as Vera was walking through the city, he had just finished watching the Presidential address and was lost in thought barely realizing where he was going, having been asked a favor to buy flowers for the garden of the church.

    "I don't get it... Who came up with the idea... Robot humans? Sounds like an oximoron... What would a robot know about human emotions, how would a robot understand like a human..."

    Vera stopped to look up finally infront of the flower shop, the word Penelope was on the sign above the store, and walked in... The smell of flowers eased his mind a bit as he began to look around.


    As he approached some flowers he would spot others and roam to them.
    "Hmmmm I want the roses, but I always get those." "Wouldnt want too many of the same flowers in my beautiful garden, gotta have variety."

    Yet he couldn't let behind his original thought only surpress it, the flowers could only do so much. He was truly curious of how robot can in any way be human. He began to think back to literature he read before, and remembered something but not all the details he remembered something about the Laws of Robotics...
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2013
  5. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Rose Allen
    #WK246081A - Psycho
    Rose's Apartment ----> Markenson and Co. Offices

    Rose sat at a circular white table, eating some cereal while listening to a radio transmission of President Sanchez's speech. She stared blankly at the radio, bored from listening but still wanting to continue. As she finished eating, the president finished talking. She walked over to the sink and started rinsing out the bowl, chuckling. "Why is the government so worried about catching these androids if the androids "think" they're human?" she thought out loud, "I mean, if they aren't causing a threat, living as normal people, let 'em live their lives!" She walked over to her fluffy white couch, and squeezed a chocolate-colored stuffed cat, saying, "Don't you agree, Mr. Chocofluffs? Yes, that's right, you agree with me. I gotta go to work now, but I'll be back later, m'kay?" And with that, she grabbed her purse and walked out her apartment door. She took the elevator down to the garage under the complex, walked to her pale pink '23 Volkswagon beetle, and slid into the front seat. She smiled as she started the engine, and drove off to Markenson and Co. Offices.

    She walked into the tall office building five minutes early, dropping her purse on the front desk, sliding her employee card in the computer, clocking her in. Moments later, another worker, a tall man with sandy brown hair, walked up to the desk and handed Rose his card. Rose smiled as the slid the card in and out. "Hey, Rich! Good to see ya!" she said. Rich smiled faintly, took his card from Rose and headed for the elevators. Rose took a deep breath and leaned back into her chair. Today is going to be a good day, she thought happily to herself.
  6. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Otto Penelope
    TI2057Z97 - Hecate/One-eye

    There weren't many customers today. Wherever her regulars could've went. Otto sighed as she arranged her flowers. She then smiled like the optimist she was, knowing that no matter what happens, there will be a bright future tomorrow.


    After arranging her flowers in their respective pots and vases, she sat at the counter, and began to read a book she had previously borrowed from a library. As soon as a customer entered, she gave a warm smile to the customer.
    The customer looked around for suitable flowers. "Wouldnt want too many of the same flowers in my beautiful garden, gotta have variety," the customer spoke.

    As she was about to place a bunch of different-coloured hydrangeas in her hands into a vase, she walked up to the customer and questioned while radiating a most beautiful smile, "Good day mister, do you need any help?"
  7. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Riley Stark
    AS772683X AKA: Ghost

    It was a good day, and Riley were sitting outside in front of the university, listening to the presidents speach on the robot "problem" on his cellphone. He was supposed to work on a school-project, but the pleasent day just told him to do it tomorrow.
    "Robots.." he said to himself. He had not noticed anything out of the ordinary, but then again, he imagined the PINNOCHIO droids to look a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger from the terminator movies. Oh well. They would find them eventually. 6 machines don't just disappear never to be seen again, unless they bring up the Robocalypse, as he had heard someone call it.

    after the presidents speech were done, Riley looked at his watch, noticing he was a little late for work. "Damn!" He said, before running off towards the shoppnig centre where he worked as a part-time clerk.
  8. NurseRiG

    NurseRiG Supermodel

    Vera Noire
    #SW016573Z - Siren

    "Eeeyaahh!" Vera screamed as the woman approached him knocking over multiple flowers.

    "Did she just call me mister?" Before responding to the woman, Vera felt an agitated feeling, remembering that he forgot something he was trying to remember.

    "Damnit!" Vera yelled out, he then looked at the mess he made and his annoyed face became a more apologetic one. "Im sorry, its just you startled me and I was trying to remember something, and you know that feeling you get when you know you forgot something but can't remember..." Before Vera realized he was rambling, he then quickly stopped and pulled out some money. "For the flowers I dropped..." "I was looking for some flowers to plant for a garden at the church I work, but I guess I couldn't really decide." One look at Vera and church wouldn't be the first place you'd think he'd work. His dress was cute, but a little... skimpy, the same for the rest of his outfit.
  9. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Riley Stark
    AS772683X - Ghost

    It was a slow day at the supermarket. No burglaries, no dramas and only one kid got seperated from his parents, who could have shown a bit more enthusiasm about getting their daughter back. Riley had a lot of free time to think about the presidents speech. "What if there actually are robots like in the Terminator movies?" he thought for himself, imagining an apocalypse like in the movies. It was a disturbing thought, but not very likely.

    After his shift was over, Riley remembered his mothers birthday, which was in a few days. He had completely forgotten to send her a gift, and she didn't answer his calls either, she never did. After wandering the streets on his way home, he noticed a flowershop nearby. He thought it would be a good idea getting his mother some nice flowers sent to her, at least. But he did not have his mothers adress either, he only knew she was living with her new boyfriend, and his adress, he did have. It seemed like ages since he talked to his mother, but he would write in her card not to be a stranger.

    At the flower shop, named Penelope, probably after its owner, he was greeted by a nice-looking young girl picking up flowers she probably accidently knocked over. she looked nice, but troubled. Better leave her alone.
    He went to the cashier, an interesting individual indeed. Her hair was long and pink, and she had an eyepatch covering one of her unnaturally purple-colored eyes.

    "Mylady, if you could please help me picking out flowers for my mother.."

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