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Beach Blankout Blastoise! (060)


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Beach Blank-Out Blastoise!

When trying to catch the last Ferry back to Kanto, Ash trips over a Wartortle and sees that there is a problem at the Blastoise island, the Blastoise on it has fallen into a Deep Sleep. Can Ash help?

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I really liked this episode, I loved how Squirtle kept poking at Jigglypuff inside Blastoise's cannon, and then she sung and they all fell asleep.

But I also loved how know matter what Jigglypuff did, Ash still got Squirtle to save her at the end, then of course she promptly starting singing so they fell asleep again... hee! :D


Team Awesome
My best friend absolutely loves this episode. She always talks about it as "the one where Jigglypuff is stuck in blastoise's cannon" (she's as big into Jigglypuff as I am into Wobbuffet). I'm not as big into it, though. The squirtles and wartortles are fun to watch, though. :)

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
I liked this episode. The Jigglypuff in the Blastoise was funny.

Team Rocket was funny in this episode, when they were deciding who would go to the island.

I like the few episodes with the Gyarados submarine.

Nothing much to say, 8.3/10


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Purin is what made this episode. >_> Would you rather have a Jouto-ish filler about how Satoshi-tachi stumbled onto a random and totally uninteresting island that happens to be inhabited by turtle pokémon? That has lame written all over it, whereas this, has scribbles written all over it. Comical scribbles of humor.


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It was awesome to see the return of the Squirtle Squad glasses, and I really though Squirtle was going to evolve when I first saw it.


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Good Episode for Wartortle and Blastoise. Jiggly coming back was funny. All Round a good episode


Abort, Retry, Fail?
Good episode, I liked to see the evolutions of Squirtle. I thought Jigglypuff being stuck in Blastoise's cannon was funny, when I first saw this happen, I guessed what was in Blastoise's cannon.


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A nice funny episode coming off Ashes gym battle, one wonder how Jigglypuff got stuck in Blastoises cannon. The name of this episode is obliviously a pun on the movie "Beach Blanket Bingo!".
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This episode was ok, I loved Jiggly though!


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I like this episode. It was pretty funny, and I love Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise.


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I liked seeing wartortle and Blastoise on the show. The poor jigglypuff. I thought it was nice that Ash and squirtle would help(then again, why wouldn't they)


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I squealed when Squirtle whipped out those shades :D I love them!

That moment when Squirtle poked at Jigglypuff inside Blastoise's cannon... very strange XD It makes me wonder how Jigglypuff got stuck in there anyway o_O

Overall, a very funny episode ^_^


Master Coordinator
I wasn't a big fan of this episode but Jigglypuff was funny:p