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Beartic Mountain Feud! (707)

Moonlight Amaryllis

♪smoke and mirrors♪
Second post, yay!

This episode was exellent, in my opinion. No stupidity, no rush. It got right down with action and humor. yay! I love Mienfoo, and this ep was good because of Mienfoo. I also learned how to pronounce the name. Cubchoo were always fun for me, I dubbed them "Fuffle" because that's their cry in the game. So I was like "It's a wild Fuffle! Run for your life!"

LOL I'm random. Meowth getting caught (almost, anyways) and then popping out and screaming that it was getting old was totally awesome. Oshawott and Meowth are so funny together, I think I might of broke a rib laughing. Good ep, very good!


The only
I'm surprised Chris Sabat was in this. Him as Vegeta made me think he would be the last person to voice in Pokemon.


Team Awesome
This episode was so cute. ^_^ Even knowing what cubchoo's... uh, snot bubble... is, it's still a great episode. I like Meowth's more warm and fuzzy episodes. It's nice to see him actually interacting with the twerps in a nice way too, even considering we know the boom's about to drop.

Chris Sabat's only cameo in Pokemon to date (probably his only one for a while or at all, too), and may I say I am happy TPCi did something I like here out of the many things they've really taken away from the dub's quality. Though, that voice is not the right one for Cliff anyway (is it just me or does Cliff look like he took a wee bit too many drugs and is on crack? XD). Anyway, that's the animators fault and not TPCi's, so I do not blame them at all.

Cliff had a good voice actually (it's rare I say that about someone in this dub, but he did), Ash's voice is passable as always but nothing special in the BW Saga, Cilan is the same and really bland with Griffith, Eileen is horrible at Iris as always). But who REALLY dropped the ball here (and may I just say is extremely agitating) is James Cathcart's Meowth in this episode. Seriously, he's freaking horrible at emoting with this character, and this episode just shows that. Miserable at Meowth's soft side is putting it very lightly here IMHO. -_-

Lisa Ortiz's generic voice for Oshawott does little to help aid matters, and there's little to no chemistry between those two voices at all.

Sub: 75/100
Dub: 50/100 (Standout: Chris Sabat's Cliff)


Let's go to the beach, each.
I didn't really like this filler; it was just really predictable with the whole separated Pokemon thing. Even Meowth's involvement didn't make the episode any more unique imo. There were some highlights though. I loved seeing the Beartic on four legs for instance; I always assumed they were bipedal. And seeing that forest ranger guy attempt to catch Meowth was funny. Even Ingo and Emmet's cameos were nice. However, the episode was too crowded with Pokemon. Not only did we have the missing Cubchoo along with the usual Pokemon like Pikachu, Axew, and Meowth, but Mienfoo, Tepig, and Oshawott were also involved and with the angry Beartic running around the forest too, this episode was a bit too full of Pokemon for my tastes.


Just a member
This episode starts with Ash and others on a mountain after a storm. There they find a Cubchoo who has became lost from it's beartic group, so they decides to help it to runiting with it's group. They meet a mountain ranger, Cliff. He tells them that there's two gangs of Beartic, who does not get along well. Then he tries to catch MEOWTH, (This time it's not Iris!) but thankfully he breaks out of the Pokéball.
Later, the two gangs fights. The lost Cubchoo is happy after seeing it's group, but the two groups aren't happy to see each other. so they starts batelling and uses sheer colds, which causes four boulders to crashing and falling towards the Pokemon! Ash's Pikachu, Tepig, Oshawott destroys three boulders and the both Beartic groups work together to destroy the last boulder. I'm glad both groups become good friends in the end.

Overall this episode was pretty good,
I enjoyed watching it. The scene where the mountain ranger tries to catch Meowth was funny.
It's going to be a nice change of pace seeing a season of this show end with some (relatively) major conflict.
At least, I don't think any other season did something like this...
Since it's just another episode where the Pokemon get separated, which I've seen plenty of times before, I think this was the weakest episode of the Meowth arc so far.

It was still really cute and quite enjoyable. I was amused by the Mountain Ranger's attempt to catch Meowth. I guess it isn't just Iris he has to worry about now. ;) It's fair to assume people would want a Pokemon that not only can talk, but is rare in Unova.

Ingo and Emmet's first appearances were nice.


I might be alone in thinking this but Cubchoo should've been caught instead of it being reunited with its family in the end. 5/10

Mrs. Oreo

Cubchoo was adorable and I liked when the ranger's Mienfoo beat up the wild Beartics, plus when the ranger attempted to catch Meowth ha ha. I also liked seeing Emmet and Ingo investigate the subway system.


Cliff's attempt at capturing Nyasu caught me off-guard, but I guess that was a gag now. I thought that the lost Kumasyun would've made a great addition to Satosh's Isshu team, but it's a shame that it rejoined its family. And last but not least, I appreciated seeing Kudari and Nobori getting cameos.


Meowth fanatic
Nice to see Iris's fear of Ice-type Pokemon continue, as well as Meowth resisting being caught, that 'cunning' buffoon Oshawott passing off all responsibility of the stolen food to Meowth, and the running gag of Meowth being frozen was nice.~


I like how Tepig was left with Axew and Cubchoo. He's like a babysitter or something. But he looked sad when Pikachu, Meowth, and Oshawott showed up. Was there an explanation for that I missed?

Mrs. Oreo

I thought that the lost Kumasyun would've made a great addition to Satosh's Isshu team, but it's a shame that it rejoined its family.

For the first half of this episode I also had thoughts on whether someone in the cast would keep Cubchoo cuz I liked it so much ha ha. It would've been funny if Iris had caught it cuz then she could've learned to get over her ice phobia. :]


For the first half of this episode I also had thoughts on whether someone in the cast would keep Cubchoo cuz I liked it so much ha ha. It would've been funny if Iris had caught it cuz then she could've learned to get over her ice phobia. :]

Kumasyun being captured by Iris would have made me livid since she didn't bond with it much in this episode, which would have made the capture too random and inappropriate. At least if Satoshi had gotten it, it wouldn't have seemed as contrived.
I thought it was kind of weird that Iris freaked out when they saw the Beartic, but she didn't panic when they found Cubchoo. It was injured and cuter than a Beartic, but she still has this fear of Ice type Pokemon and she was still freaking out when she saw Trip's Vanllite, despite how it is more traditionally cute than the Beartic.


Well-Known Member
I thought for a second that the wild Cubchoo was going to join Ash's team because it seemed like it was one of those Pokemon that was destined for him. Sucks that it stayed wild.