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Beating the Bustle and Hustle! (603)

I realized, from the few times it was shown (at least I think it was in the show), the move Flame Wheel makes more sense the way it's depicted in this episode. I think it's been shown used in a similar way to Flamethrower, where it starts off as a stream of flame that forms in to a flaming wheel.


The two new villains had potential but sadly it was wasted and they didn't end up being threats. I liked Pokemon Hustle though. 6.5/10

Mrs. Oreo

Hee hee, the Sinnoh Pokemon Hustle sports game show was pretty fun and seeing new villains appear was nice as well. At first I thought that Azure and Crimson were Butch and Cassidy however. ^^;
I liked the two bad guys who were competing here, but it was strange that we saw them use a Zangoose but Jessie's Seviper didn't fight it.
Omg, this episode was pretty entertaining with all the sport activities and stuff involved. Watching Meowth cheat was cool since he doesn't usually do much else in the anime anymore. :p


This episode is exactly why Jessie, James and Meowth are such useless villains. They literally never ever win, even if they're up against people who are evil and going to lose anyway. There is no tension whatsoever when they're involved, defeating the entire purpose of their existence. We finally see Meowth get into a battle and what happens? He goes down in one blow. :(


Watching Satoshi and his friends compete in such a silly activity wasn't much fun, so the real stars here were the Rocket-dan. The plot wasn't very original regardless, but I had a few laughs.


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This episode was boring since Ash and pals entered that competition and then the bad guys came out and Jenny and Ash defeated them, which was predictable. I enjoyed watching Pikachu and Piplup dragging out Brock though.


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Those two villains were so obvious because of their shades. You can always tell when a character is up to no good if they were dark clothing and sunglasses.