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Beau Monde [r]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by GoldenHouou, Dec 24, 2019.

  1. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou antagoonist

    On the road, far from home.
    But you don't have to feel alone
    Brave and strong, together we will be
    We can change the world if we try

    ~ ♫ ~

    B E A U M O N D E
    sign ups

    Elite Five HQ, Sinnoh
    Early Morning

    A Swellow glided across the morning skies of Sinnoh. A chilly wind spurred the bird forth, towards a snow-tipped mountain in the horizon. Below, the waters of route 223 glistened in between floating chunks of ice, coloured a vibrant blue by the recently illuminated sky. Every now and again, a Mantyke would surface to greet the dawn, rippling the Swellow’s reflection before returning to its home under the waves. Somewhere far in the south, thick clouds filled the sky, promising another layer of snow come noon.

    An hour or so later, the Swellow slowed down. It flew past the mountain hosting Elite Five’s famous battle areas and made its way to Route 224. Once a wild area accessible by trainers, it had since been turned private for the Elite Five. Various facilities dotted the landscape, while still leaving room for the native grass and bug types to prosper. Most were out of sight at the moment; snow had taken over the yard, and the Pokémon had found their winter home in the large greenhouses built at the northern end of the route. But it wasn’t them the Swellow was interested in, anyway.

    It landed on the sill of an open window. Head turning in curiosity, it peeked inside to see if it had found the champion’s quarters - only to be instantly startled off-balance by the loud, violent scene unfolding in front of it.

    “You think you’re tough?!” Sawyer demanded, holding his victim down on the ground with one arm. His hands were covered in blood, with some smeared onto the floor and the front of his shirt, but he seemed to not really notice. “Well you ain’t gonna be when I’m done with you!”

    He pulled back his other arm, tightly gripping the sharp object in his hand - then violently jabbed it down. It missed its mark, and was therefore not enough to subdue his adversary. Sawyer narrowed his eyes. “What, you’re still resisting?! Take this, you fucker!”

    Unable to bear watching the mess, the Swellow took wing. It landed on the back of a chair near the human and chirped loudly to try and draw his attention. Sawyer payed it no heed, so the Swellow tried again, and again, until---

    “What!?” Sawyer finally spat, turning around angrily - only to find a Swellow, jumping at his words. He instantly lowered his volume, anger turning into remorse. “... Oh. Shit, sorry, didn’t mean to-- startle ya. U-uh, hol’ up, I got some grub for you.”

    He stood up and walked to his cupboards, giving the Swellow a better view of the mess he left behind. On the ground lay Sawyer’s unfinished project, a mess of fabric with knitting needles sticking out every which way. A sewing kit's contents were spread on the ground next to it, making it clear he didn't really understand the difference between sewing and knitting, or the equipment needed for each. His progress seemed to have been halted by his inability to get the string through the eye of a needle.

    What he had been working on, it was impossible to tell. It looked like some sort of a scarf, but only in the most generous definition of the word.

    “That? Yeah, don’t... tell anyone about that, alright?” Sawyer’s hands were still bloody, pricked full of holes by sewing needles. He washed off what he could before picking up the jar of Pokémon food; only the freshest wounds bled a little still.

    He threw handfuls of food onto the ground, then gestured towards the bird. “Right, c’mere.”

    The Swellow jumped off the chair and hopped over to peck at the food. Sawyer slowly knelt down next to it, noting the tube fixed onto its leg. “That for me, buddy?”

    The bird reached into the tube with its beak and pulled out a rolled up paper. Sawyer thanked the Pokémon and stood back up, reading the letter over carefully.

    “Oh shi-!” He glanced at the Swellow, “Dude, we got work!”

    The Swellow gave him a look that loosely translated to ‘I’m not your dude and I already did my work. There’s no we’ then continued pecking away leisurely. It had a point, so Sawyer directed his excitement elsewhere.

    “I gotta tell the others!” He grabbed his phone from the table, only to realize it was out of battery despite being still attached to the charging cord. Huh. Now why would that... Oh. So that’s why. Following the cord, Sawyer found a handful of Joltik gathered around the socket, wiggling their little bums as they soaked in the electricity flowing through. He didn’t have the heart to tell them to stop, so fine, no big deal, he’d just go and tell the others in person.

    He scrambled to the bedroom, a task easier said than done. His house wasn’t exactly in the cleanest state of things at the moment. Baby Pokémon toys lay scattered about the floor, with Pokémon themselves occupying the darnest places. He had to hop over a Munchlax passed out in the doorway, and when he opened his clothes closet, a pile of Igglypuff rolled out along with most of his clothes, giggling to themselves. He was just about to bend over and try to fish out what he needed, when a giant Bewear wrapped its paws around him for a hug. Poor thing had a chronic hugging problem. He was a work in progress, still.

    ...You know what, change of plans.

    Sawyer struggled his way to a velvet case with six Pokéballs, and grabbed them all. Not only would he never be able to leave the room in a timely fashion, he realized that... he probably shouldn’t go wake the others up personally. Three of them were girls, and there wasn’t a single deity strong enough in the world to compel him to go visit a girl’s room alone. And he did not want to be anywhere near Jasper’s goddamn ghosts. He figured Ash would’ve been safe enough a visit, but... he really didn’t wanna run into a twerking Illumise first thing in the morning, either.


    “Come out, I got a job for you!” he called, throwing the Pokéballs in the air.

    His team materialized around the room, and Sawyer gave them a collective nod. “Right guys-” he caught Gleam giving him the evil eye and quickly appended, “and girls, I need you to get the others for me, okay? Oh, wait, you need notes. Uh, Spook, grab the paper. Tangy, pen. Gimme a sec.”

    He did the best job he could writing five identical notes with a Bewear weighing down on his spine, then sent his team to venture out.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2020
  2. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Jasper Harcourt
    Jasper's Room – Elite Five HQ
    Early Morning

    A piercing ccreeeaaak echoed around Jasper's bedroom as a ninetales prodded the door open with her nose. Two dozen pairs of eyes shot open to stare at the intruder from every inch of the bedroom. Jasper snored lightly in the middle of the room, completely oblivious as Sawyer's poor pokemon took a cautious step forward. The ancient chandelier's six candles burst into flame as soon as she had fully entered, and the door blew shut behind her. A hundred-year-old chandelier would seem a weird décor choice until you realized whose room you were in. The bedframe was similarly ancient-looking, but the actual mattress was clearly very comfortable, as Jasper didn't so much as move as a flurry of will-o-wisps began flying from every corner, destined for candles perched around the room. The gaudy wallpaper was easier to see with the dull candle light. Highness bravely took another step forward. The wooden floor creaked and the eyes followed her movements as she approached Jasper's bedside.

    When she was mere steps away from her destination, a small purple demon materialized from the floor, leaping up with a loud cackle – the other ghosts took this as a cue and one by one joined in on the fun, screeching and swooping down at Highness. Jasper was so used to this alarm by now that he blinked and slowly sat up, more curious than startled, even when Pixel leapt into his alarm clock and set it off as loud as it could muster.

    Jasper's blurry vision sort of registered an unusual large white creature near his bedside before it screeched “NIIIIIIINE” and a chilly whirlwind fitting to the pokemon of a champion ripped through the room. “What the - ?!” Jasper shielded himself pathetically with his comforter and recoiled until he tumbled off the other end of his bed. A large dusknoir appeared in front of him and summoned a protect while the other ghosts retreated back into the walls, peering out in fear as Jasper's room was transformed into a winter wonderland.

    Eventually the blizzard ceased, leaving behind an eerie silence. “...Zrrt! Good morning, boss!” Pixel's voice echoed near Jasper, apparently having swapped from the clock to Jasper's cellphone.

    Jasper sighed, causing his breath to materialize in steam in front of him. “Is that Highness? I swear to Arceus, Sawyer...” He stood up, feeling snowflakes falling from his ceiling, and smiled at the white blur at the end of his bed as he fished for the glasses he prayed were still sitting on his bedside table. “Hey Tentales, quite the welcoming committee I have here, huh?” he said lightheartedly. He found his glasses and put them on, rubbing the frost off the lenses – and a ninetales with her teeth bared around an envelope, tails flared, and eyes glaring murder at him nearly made him fall over again. “U-uh, okay, okay, it's okay pretty girl, uh, what have you got there, beautiful? A letter for me?”

    Highness spat the letter into Jasper's hands and turned sharply around, parading out of the room with her nose held high.

    There were a few moments of silence, and then the ghosts reappeared, a chorus of anxious screeching filling the room again. Jasper patted them comfortingly as they gathered around him. “It's okay girl - no I know it's not your fault – yes, yes I know Dante started it, he always starts it – it's okay - ”

    Zrrt! So, what does the note say, huh?”

    “Ah, right.” Jasper unfolded the note, finding a hastily written instruction to meet the others at the gate in forty-five minutes, else he'd be a “loser”. Jasper flipped the note over, looking for clearer instructions, then reread it. “Maybe he wants me to proofread it for him," he joked. "Dang, Highness is gone, isn't she? Wonder how long ago Sawyer wrote this...” Jasper yawned and walked to his closet. Well, guess it was time for work.


    After the initial shock had worn off, Jasper was really wishing he could have had a few extra hours of sleep. He was supposed to have a free morning today, so he'd stayed up for some midnight training. The ghosts loved it, and he couldn't blame them. There was nothing like battling under a full moon on a clear night. He'd shown up at the gate apparently too early, since nobody else was there – damn lack of timestamps; he must have overestimated how long it took Highness to work up the courage to enter his room. Guess she wasn't as much like her trainer as he'd thought. So he yawned and sunk to the ground in front of the gate, his black travel mug clutched in both hands. It wasn't going to be enough caffeine. Pixel floated in front of him in his smartphone, scrolling through the news for him. Jasper tried to absorb the words, trying to figure out the reason he was here right now – he was at least pretty confident Sawyer wouldn't dare prank him.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2020
  3. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Ashley Prince
    Training Fields @ E5 HQ
    Early Morning

    "Oh no you don't!" Ashley yelled out under his breath as he was running across the outlines of the battlefield, reacting to Reyna the Yanmega's sudden silvery white glow as her speed increased. "Yan yan" The Ogre Darner mocked back as she darted forward with the aid of her Speed Boost ability, flying close enough to the ground to whip up a dust trail. Ashley stopped and held his arm over his mouth, coughing into his sleeve as he caught his breath and watched Reyna disappear to the other side of the field. It was early in the morning, and Ashley had been up for about an hour and a half already, spending most of the time here on the field with his pokemon. From the sidelines, he would see Mothra and Missy having an argument of sorts, while Bacon, Petra and Ace were with him on the field, catching up with him ever so slowly. Todays agenda would be mostly stamina training, though he planned on having mock battles later on if time allowed for it.

    "Keep it going, you guys!" he said as he exited the field to go sit with Mothra and Missy, almost tripping over Bacon as she slithered past him at surprising speed. He walked over to where the other two pokemon were positioned and sat down, stretching his legs out and breathing heavily. Reyna joined him shortly thereafter, having cheated her way to be done with her laps early. She sat down on the ground a few feet in front of him, resting her wings on the ground as she basked in the morning sunlight. Soft snoring could be heard shortly thereafter.

    Glancing up at the sun as it was rising, something in the sky caught Ashley's attention. small at first, it eventually came closer into view until he saw that it was, in fact, a Whimsicott drifting down on the fair morning breeze. This wasn't just any ordinary Whimsicott however, as it was also wearing a pale blue T-Shirt with the face of a differently colored Illumise on it: Missy. It wasn't unusual for Scott the Whimsicott to spectate Ashley's training sessions, if only to catch a rare glimpse or 7 of the famous Missy. Today however, it would seem he had left his orange Missy Foam Finger at home, having traded it out with what seemed to be a letter? Ashley covered his eyes from the sun as he squinted.. Yep, definitely a letter. From Sawyer maybe? What measly excuse did the slacker have for ditching out on training today.

    Preparing to catch the Whimsicott as it floated towards him, he was greeted with a thud in the face as the pokemon dropped the letter to him, completely ignoring him as he tried to stick his superhero landing in front of Missy, who in turn looked very unamused, quickly turning her attention back to Mothra, who didnt even seem to have noticed his landing. That pokemon never seemed to give up on trying to impress Missy. Ashley tried communicating to the Whimsicott but kept getting shut down, and decided to focus on the letter instead. It had his name written on it in Sawyer's easily recognizable handwriting. Opening the letter, it said for him to meet up in 45 minutes, despite not having a timestamp on it. Flipping the letter over in hopes of finding one, it became clear that - nope, it could be 45 minutes, could be 15, could be an hour ago. Ashley walked over to the bench and picked up his phone to check if he had gotten any messages from Sawyer but.. Nope.

    Behind him, Scott tried his best to make a casual approach to Missy, casually inserting himself into her and Mothras conversation, if you could call it that. While Missy was quick to shut him down and act all high and mighty, you saw that she secretly liked the attention. Mothra, on the other hand, did not. Being twice the size of him, she took to her wings and started producing a powerful wind, thus catching him adrift and blowing him away in the direction he came from. A soft "Coooooooot" faded out as he disappeared from sight.

    Showing up at the meeting place, he could see a tired lump of Jasper hunched down next to it, sitting comfortably on the ground with what looked like a travel mug. He looked very tired, and contrasted his own energetic mood. Needless to say, he was there early. "Morning Jasper, long night?" He knew Jasper often trained at night, making seeing him awake at this time a rare sight. Not really knowing how much time they had left, Ashley pulled out his smartphone and began sending noted to his assistant back in Galar, who were in charge of organizing and managing his schedule. No time goes to waste, after all.
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Melissa "Mimi" Shannon
    Mimi's Room – Elite Five HQ
    Early Morning

    Unlike her other Elite Five Companions, Mimi was still fast asleep. She had never been one for waking up early. It just didn't feel natural to get out of the comfort of the soft warm bed before your body was ready. She was still tucked in comfortably into the pink sheets of her bed, cuddling with Shaana, her Musharna. The Psychic type Pokemon was spewing Dream Mist all over the room showing various images of whatever they happened to be dreaming about at that time.

    Spook the Mimikyu nervously set foot into the room. He looked both ways and navigated through the pink mist. All the while seeing images of Mimi and Shaana frolicing through a field of flowers with cupcakes that had cute smiling faces on them reflected in the mist.

    Finally the ghost type got onto the bed, and saw the pink haired girl was still sleeping. He gently poked her with one of his ghostly arms.

    And got no response.

    He poked her again, and all she did was mumble something incoherent, and then turn over.

    Spook shook his head frustrated that this girl would not wake up. He poked her repeatedly multiple times from different angles, while shouting "MIMIKYU!" as loudly as he could.

    Finally, Mimi sat up, stretched her arms out, and yawned loudly. Frightening Spook, and causing him to jump. "Oh, is it morning already?" She looked down, and only then did she notice the Mimikyu standing on the bed next to her. "Oh hey, you're one of Sawyer's Pokemon. Now, what on earth are you doing in here?"

    That was when Spook pulled out a piece of paper from underneath his costume, and handed it to Mimi. Then, he jumped off of her bed, and hid under it before the Musharna woke up.

    Mimi giggled, then read the note to herself. It said something about meeting at the gates in 45 minutes, and they'd be a loser if they were late. Blah blah blah. "Typical Sawyer..." Mimi threw the letter on the ground, and immediately went back to sleep. forty-five minutes was plenty of time to catch some more Z's. What could they possibly have to do this early? If she was late, well she was late. The other E5 members were no doubt used to this by now.


    Eventually, Mimi arrived at the meeting place, with Shaana in tow. She had spent most of the time sleeping. Then when she was finally ready to wake up, she got ready, dressed in her comfortable clothes, and had a small breakfast. When she casually sauntered in, she was well past the forty-five minute deadline. She knew it too. All the others had gotten there already and it seemed like she was the only one they were waiting on. Mimi waved to everyone. "Oh gee, am I late? I guess I'm a loser then." She said nonchalantly and shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well!" She wasn't at all concerned about the looks the other members may have been giving her by wasting their time being late. She felt like a they needed to learn to chill a little. Especially Ashley. He did too much.

    Mimi sat down on the ground, against a nearby tree, and Shaana sat on her lap. "So, why have you summoned us here, O great and wise champion?" She giggled at her own sarcastic comment, then shut her eyes and fell asleep before she could even hear the answer.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2019
  5. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Camilla Jimenez
    Elite Five HQ - Aviary
    Early Morning

    Camilla heaved a great sigh while she stood and admired her hard morning’s work. She was at the aviary today, spending time helping with upkeep and refilling the feeders. A small flock mixed with Staravia and Fletching was scarfing down on the seeds she just got set up and more flying types were on the way. Satisfied, Camilla motioned to Attila who was dragging the last of the feed bags into a locked room; wouldn’t want the birdies breaking in and eating the whole stash. He trotted over with a big grin on his spidery face. Chuckling, she gave him a pat as she sat on the bench and pulled a Joltik off her shoulder. It chirped happily and scuttled around in her hand. She scritched his back and smiled. It was a good morning.

    While usually she simply enjoyed these mornings at the aviary with only Attila (and a handful or two of Joltiks) today she decided to let out Leo and Spartacus to wear themselves out a bit. The Luxray and Jolteon could run around the large enclosure chasing each other and the various wild Pokemon until they were panting. Then the group could return home and enjoy a restful day. They had been training a lot recently and earned it. Camilla even planned to go out later this night with some friends for drinks. Then again, there was just this feeling she had that she ought to clear her schedule for the day. Things were going far too smoothly for all her plans to pan out as she was hoping.

    Sure enough, Leo and Sparticus came zooming around the corner barking on about something. Then Camilla heard a familiar Pokemon cry she wasn’t expecting. Zuzu, Sawyer’s, Azumarill was charging after her Pokemon with a playful smile, hers with mischievous looks of their own. Spartacus let the water fairy tackle him while Leo jumped on him from behind. They rolled around the ground a bit and Attila looked on indifferently. He was perfectly comfortable curled up beside his trainer with a couple Joltiks climbing around his torso.

    “Alright alright you three, that’s enough. What’ve ya got for me Zuzu?” Camilla got up and waved at her wards. Leo jumped up to attention and sat pretty. Spartacus looked ready to play some more, but he looked up at Camilla. Ready to pounce, he held the pose and waited loyally. Zuzu bounded over with a look of excitement and held out a letter.

    “Azu-ma~!” Camilla took the note and gave the Pokemon a high five before he immediately turned around to tackle Spartacus again. The two went at it, but Leo looked up at her trainer while she read the note.
    “Huh, well gang guess we ought to get moving.” Camilla gave a sharp whistle and spun her finger in an upright circle. Spartacus snapped up from his wrestling and sprinted over. Attila popped up and strolled over while shaking off the Joltiks on his back. She returned Spartacus and Attila to their balls, but left Leo out to help lock things up in the aviary.

    “Thanks for dropping off the note Zuzu, we’ll seeya later!” She gave the Pokemon another high five then watched it bounce out of sight. She shook her head and mumbled something about too much energy then waved at Leo. The two got to work finishing things up before heading back to her room for her to gather any stuff she might need. Sawyer never was specific enough with his meeting notes.

    Elite Five HQ - Gates

    Camilla was on Leo’s back when she arrived at the gates. Her Luxray slowed to a trot while approaching where she saw Jasper and Ashely, already there. Seemed like she wasn’t the first or last to arrive. And it seemed Sawyer wasn’t here yet. While not surprising, she really wondered what he was thinking when he sent out that note. The man needed a secretary or something, maybe she’d mention that at the next meeting.

    “Hey boys, I see you got your summons as well. What are bets that Sawyer doesn’t show up in the next 30 minutes?” She grinned and dismounted. Then she pulled out a poffin for Leo and gave her a grateful pet on the head.
  6. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Robin Hill
    Elite Five HQ - Orchard
    Early Morning

    Although Robin had only been a member of the elite five for a few months, she had already been hard at work in solidifying her place in the league and making her space her own. Among one of the first things she changed - or rather added - to the HQ, was the addition of an orchard. They already had a few berry trees planted, but they were small and not very hardy looking. Robin had quickly set to work in having them dug up and ordering some saplings be delivered from her parents' farm to be planted in their place. That was supposed to be the plan, but much to the surprise of her fellow elites, she had managed to convince her parents to lend them an extra Miltank to help around the orchard as well provide them with a steady supply of Moomoo milk.

    Robin had already been up for at least an hour when Gleam began to approach the orchard. Most of her pokemon were currently in their balls, but Chompy and Morty were both out helping her collect fresh berries. It was Chompy who alerted her to Gleam's presence, a faint growl in his throat forcing her to turn around. Sawyer's Hatterene passed her the note to read. As Robin did so Gleam and Chompy exchanged pleasantries, communicating with each other in their respective voices. The Hatterene was perfectly placid and calm until something caught her attention, and Robin noted the strained smile on the pokemon's face.

    "Hey, Gleam, you okay?" She moved to ask the Hatterene before the soft "Cuuboneeeee." somewhere near the ground also caught her attention. Looking down she could see Morty approaching. "Morty." Robin said in a warning tone. The Cubone paused, glancing between its master and the Hatterene, clearly conflicted about what to do. After a moment he eased off, but fearing he would kick off, Robin quietly recalled him to his ball.

    Robin gave a shrug to the Hatterene before turning to Chompy. "Suppose we better head out and see what Sawyer wants then," She said, the Garchomp grunting in approval. She gave a whistle to summon the Miltank to come over and collect the berries she had been collecting. Once the berries were safely taken away, Chompy lowered himself slightly, allowing for Robin to climb onto his back. Gleam was already on her way to returning to Sawyer by the time they took off into the sky.

    Elite Five HQ - Gates

    It was a relatively short journey from the orchard to the gates where Sawyer had asked the group to meet. Chompy wasn't the most comfortable pokemon to ride, but after years of practice, Robin was used to it by now. As the two of them landed, Robin watched with a smirk to see how the others would react to her appearing in such a way. Although Garchomp was a pokemon capable of flight, it was rare to catch such a sight, and so to see such a hefty beast flying around the place was a bit alarming to those unexpecting it.

    "That's my boy," She praised as she got off his back, giving the Garchomp an affectionate pat. The two made their way over to the small group that had already gathered, appearing just in time to hear Camilla talk about when Sawyer would arrive. "Want to make a bet of it?" Robin asked with a teasing tone, nudging the person nearest to her. "$20 says Sawyer is the last to show up!"

    As it turned out, Sawyer was not the one who was last to show up, but rather Mimi was. Robin sighed when Sawyer appeared not long after she did, already working on repaying the bet she owed. She was quick to state she hadn't factored in Mimi as she was yet to grow used to her almost circadian sleep cycle.

    When everyone was gathered, Robin, much like Mimi, was quick to ask what was with the early summons. "So, boss, what's with the summons? What job do you have for us?"
  7. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Jasper Harcourt
    Elite Five HQ - Gates

    Ashley sauntered up to the gate next, and Jasper blearily glanced up as the other man greeted him. “Morning Jasper, long night?” Ashley asked. He was brimming with energy, and Jasper gave him a once over before replying.

    “Long morning?” Jasper quipped back. Ashley was a busy guy, and Jasper had no idea where all his energy came from, but it was irrationally irritating at the moment. Morning people were weird. He sipped at his coffee (dark roast, black).

    Zrrt! Jasper made us stay out until 2am!” Pixel whined to Ashey from inside Jasper's cellphone.

    “Yeah, well, we were both supposed to be asleep right now,” Jasper muttered. “You got any idea what we're doing here? So far my best guess is...” Jasper squinted at the small screen, and Pixel backed up a few notches. “'Local aquarium powers lights with eelektross' – nah, 'Ponyta in Galar born with two horns' – Pixel, what is this website? ...Says there was a rampaging gyarados down south yesterday; they got him though.”

    Jasper eventually glanced up from his phone when he heard Camilla's luxray paw to a stop. Shortly afterward there was a loud thud a short distance away from them, and Jasper squinted through the resulting cloud of dust – well, that had to be Robin, but where the hell had that garchomp come from? He could've sworn he saw it fly, but – nah. Nah? Right...? “Hey boys, I see you got your summons as well. What are bets that Sawyer doesn’t show up in the next 30 minutes?” Camilla asked with a grin as she dismounted and fed her steed a poffin.

    As if on cue, Robin approached the group and eagerly joined in on the conversation. “Want to make a bet of it? $20 says Sawyer is the last to show up!”

    “You're on," Jasper challenged. "Letter said forty-five minutes, and I've already been here for thirty...” Jasper grumbled the last part bitterly. “Also, you guys are all way too awake right now.” He shook his mug pathetically. “Whatever it is you're drinking, I want some.”

    Zrrt!” Pixel displayed the clock app on Jasper's phone.“Only been here twenty minutes!”

    “Whatever. Point is Mimi's still asleep, guaranteed... and I'm still awake.”

    Zrraaazazawwzwwwzwznznnnznznnn,” Pixel let out what Jasper knew was a yawn, but sounded more like a mix between a fuzzy phone signal and a sad growlithe. “I'm tired... and cold... speaking of sleep, gonna go catch some more zzzZZZzzzs, see ya.” Pixel popped out of the cellphone and retreated into his pokeball, leaving Jasper to scramble for his smartphone as it dropped toward the ground. He just barely managed to catch it one-handed, and fortunately didn't drop his coffee in the process. He resettled himself with a grumble of irritation and took a lengthy sip from his travel mug. This was going to be a long day.

    Small miracles did happen though, at least for his pocketbook, as Sawyer appeared shortly after Robin. Jasper glared at him as he arrived. “Hey, Sawyer. My bedroom isn't blizzard-proof. You owe me new bedsheets. And curtains. And probably therapy for some of the ghosts.” A lot of people wouldn't dare speak to the champion like that, especially given his appearance and reputation. Jasper was not one of those people. He took another long sip of coffee, then his steely gaze settled on Sawyer again. “Just be glad you don't owe me new glasses.”

    There was a considerable amount of time without Mimi arriving. Jasper was unusually quiet during this time, but when he did speak he made it very clear that they were all very lucky he was gracing them with his presence right now. He nearly nodded off again at one point, and begrudgingly decided to stand up to keep himself awake.

    Eventually Mimi waltzed casually in like she owned the place, smiling and waving at her coworkers. "Oh gee, am I late? I guess I'm a loser then," she said nonchalantly and shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well!"

    Jasper's stare turned even icier than it had with Sawyer. “Oh no, I'm not letting you get away with that. If I have to be awake, you have to be awake.”

    "So, why have you summoned us here, O great and wise champion?" Mimi giggled, ignoring Jasper and the others' irritation, and even had the gall to fall asleep against a nearby tree. Jasper muttered something under his breath and turned away, pretending to give up and ignore her. He glanced over his shoulder when the tree Mimi was sleeping against suddenly gained large, red, gemstone-shaped eyes. A sableye – several times larger than normal – leapt out with a loud, deep cackle in front of the sleeping girl. The large sableye then dissolved into the morning mist, leaving behind a much smaller one who leapt eagerly onto Jasper's shoulder.

    “Oh, hey bud, weird, how did you get out of your ball?” he asked with false surprise as he scratched the creature under his ear. Dante cackled his response. “Yes, good point, we do need to practice night shade more, what a very useful move that is for... battles.” Jasper looked casually back at Sawyer. “But hey yeah, wonderful question Mimi; care to explain why we're up before the sun today, champ?” Well, technically the sun was up, but it was not nearly high enough in the sky for Jasper's liking.

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