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Beau Monde [su][r][private]


Everybody wants to be a master
Everybody wants to show their skills
Everybody wants to get there faster
Make their way to the top of the hill

~ ♫ ~
rp thread

Well, here you are; at the top of the hill.​

You battled your way across the region, capturing and training your very own team of Pokémon. You defeated all eight gym leaders and collected all their badges. You made it to Victory Road and braved the rugged ascent, emerging an official challenger.

And then, at long last, you found yourself battling the best of the best; the Elite Four.

Perhaps you lost that day. Maybe you were unlucky, or the type matchups were not in your favour. Or maybe they were; maybe everything went just right, and you emerged victorious. In the end, how far you got makes no matter today.

Today, and for an undisclosed time since, you have been one of the prestigious Four that stand above the rest of the region’s trainers. You proved your worth, made a name for yourself and ensured your name was on everyone's lips when it came time to elect a new member to the Elite Four. Whether you’re content here or wish to one day claim the title of the Champion, there is no denying your prowess.

Which is why Sinnoh needs you.

A vast region rich with legends, Pokémon and nature alike, Sinnoh is a wonderful land with wonderful people. And yet it, too, faces the kind of problems common around the world; inexperienced trainers getting lost in the wast wilderness during their journeys, Pokémon poachers, illegal breeders and an organization spoken only of in careful murmurs; Team Galactic. There is the work done to expand the Underground, a potentially dangerous undertaking, even if advantageous to the people. Then there are natural disasters, some of which are unique to Sinnoh alone - no where else in the world a sinister Pokémon shunned by Arceus itself lurks just beyond the veil of another universe.

For the longest time, it was up to local police forces and Pokémon rangers to uphold peace and manage whatever problems brewed around the region. It’s become clear, however, that they lack the numbers - and sometimes the raw skill - necessary to handle it all. And so, Sinnohans looked for aid elsewhere. They turned to those they felt they could trust the most; the Elite Four and the Champion that leads them. Surely to them, no task was too great and no responsibility too heavy to bear.

It’s been a year since the Elite Four begun to accept missions all around Sinnoh to better the lives of her people and forge a closer relationship between the elite and the regular citizens. Since, they have also grown their number by one, becoming the Elite Five.

Today, as the first snow begins to fall, the Elite Five receives a new batch of requests from all over the region.

You made it to the top of the hill. Now, be the best that you can be.




1) As always, all general forum rules apply.
2) Do not bunny or godmod. The only characters you may control are your own, and attacks should be left open ended unless otherwise agreed among the players involved. If that is the case, let me know so I won't get on your case needlessly.
3) No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Even legendaries have weaknesses, both personality and power-wise. Perfect characters are boring.
4) The rp is rated R, so violence, swearing and romance and all that jazz are fine. Keep explicit sexual content and downright gore out, though.
5) Try to limit doing things that would force others to edit or retcon their posts. This means writing your character doing significant things "in the past" that other characters have already been written past and therefore cannot react to without edits.
6) This is a private rp and as such, at the time of posting this, we are closed for further applicants. Only those whose names are on the player list may apply.




Type Specialty:
(21+ please)
Appearance: (At least 2 paragraphs)
Personality: (At least 2 paragraphs)
History: (Include how long you have been part of the Elite Five. At least 2 paragraphs.)

Pokémon *
(If nothing out of the ordinary, may be left blank)
Personality: (A few quick words of how they behave)
History: (Brief account of how and when the Pokémon was acquired)

* fill out one for each Pokémon in your team. Maximum 6. This is the primary team you use for battling, but you may have other Pokémon around that are still in training or what have you. Use your best judgment and keep it sensible, though. No legendaries.




GoldenHouou - Sawyer MacCallum | Fairy Specialist/Champion
Tangeh - Jasper Harcourt | Ghost Specialist
Skillfulness - Camilla Jimenez | Electric Specialist
Monster Guy - Melissa "Mimi" Shannon | Psychic Specialist
Schade - Ashley Price | Bug Specialist
Minty - Robin Hill | Ground Specialist
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Metallic Wonder
Plopping down my WIP rn

Name: Ashley Prince (Often called The Prince by his swooning fans)
Gender: Male
Type Specialty: Bug-Type
Age: 27
Appearance: Ashley is an averagely tall man standing at 5'7", and at first glance you wouldn't think too much of him. When you take a second to adjust, you'll see that he's actually a fairly attractive man. He has a somewhat lanky figure, but also a very toned physique due to his active lifestyle, and he takes great care of his body by eating properly and exercise regularly. He has relatively pale skin, with a slightly olive complexion. His skin is blemish free, and burns easily in the sun, which prompts him to always keep sunscreen on him just in case. His platinum blonde hair is medium short, with longer bangs that reach down to his nose. He usually keeps his hair decently styled, and is one of the few people that can make a straight mid split look good. His face has defined features such as a wide jawline and high cheekbones, and his golden yellow eyes have that certain determined look to them.

For clothing, Ashley don't hold anything back. He got money and he enjoys the finer quality clothing wherever he can find it. Everything from sponcorships from famous boutiques, to high end sports wear, he's got it all. He doesn't dare tell anyone that his favorite outfit is a huge hoodie and slackers, however. Being a sporty man, he often find that perfect balance between practicality and comfort, without giving anything up in the looks-department. His casual attire consists of a simple pair of skintight jeans that stretches, paired with a long-sleeved beige sweater that's just one size too large for him. With this, he rotates between like 15 pairs of formal-looking sneackers in a variety of blacks, browns and greys. He doesn't accessorize much, but wears an expensive wristwatch, and has pierced ears, with a Key Stone being one of them.

His pokemon battle outfit is really just his actual soccer uniform. A color scheme of greens and pears on a long-sleeved shirt which also have the Galarian Speedrunners' logo on the chest, as well as a plethora of sponsor logos on the back, and a matching darker green pair of shorts. He wears a pair of black cropped leggings underneath, which reaches to just under his knees. His sneackers are alsodark green, and are also somehow stuffed with sponsor logos. He also wears a fingerless half-glove on his left hand to avoid wrist injuries from throwing pokeballs. It's a big thing in Galar, trust me. If you're ever lucky enough to catch a glimpse of him shirtless, you'll see he has a small tattoo on the left side of his chest. The tattoo is completely black, and is basically only a long line which shapes itself into a Totodile's head.

Personality: Considering his position in life as the star player of a very successfull soccer team, as well as his role as an E5 member, it is easy to assume Ashley's just another prim celebrity with no real context. This is far from the truth, however, as Ashley is probably the most down to earth person you've ever met. Decorated with a smile a solid 90% of the time, he greets everyone he meets with a smile, regardless of your disposition of him. He is very approachable, and never judge anyone for anything ever. Well, maybe he would judge you if you finished that plate of thanksgiving dinner in less than 10 minutes and went for seconds, but he's a work in progress. Always a shoulder to cry on and a voice of reason in your time of chaos, Ashley is near perfect in the public eye, something he takes great pride in. While he is aware of his status as a celebrity, he doesn't let it go to his head, and always preach hard work and determination when asked for the key to his success.

Behind closed doors though, he's slightly different than he appears publicly. While he always watches out for the other E5 members, and acts sort of like an older brother to them despite some of them being older than himself, he has a habit of bottling up his own feelings and never truly letting his guard down. He is very selfless and caring to his friends, and occasionally neglects his own needs and wants. He treats his pokemon like his own children, whom he raise with a loving iron fist. Strict training regimes are a daily part of both Ashley and his pokemons lives, and while he can be tough on them, it is very easy to see he genuinly care very much for them.

Ashley is somewhat conflict shy, and has probably never raised his voice to another person before. If conflict arise, he takes great care to not overstep boundaries or to egg the situation further. Despite that though, he's very much a "No bullshit" kind of person, and if someone argues with him over something he deems as petty, irrelevant or just plain stupid, he laugh it off, appologize for whatever he did, and moves on. Life has no time for idle misunderstandings. While Ashley has the best of intentions at all times, he does struggle at times with seeing other peoples points of view, and thus unintentionally come off as pushy and ignorant.

Ashley's easily best trait, that nobody ever really speaks of, is his ability of managing time. He's a born multitasker, managing the soccer team, League matches, Missy and his own merch stores, birthdays, parties, appearances on TV Shows, mock battles, Mock soccer matches, Mockumentaries, how does he have time for it all? Nobody really knows how he does it. While he loves staying busy and always having something to do, he gets easily impatient when nothing happens, feeling like he's missing out on something. He's a hard worker, and doesnt take anything for granted, but despite that, he secretly wish for a lengthy vacation evey now and then, as he feels very overworked with everything he has on his plate. Neglecting his own need to relax and slow down his pace, he can become irritable at times, becoming short tempered and generally just stressed out. While he is aware of this shortcoming, he does his best to keep it to himself, even though it's easy for others to see when he's struggling, as the first thing he does is shutting himself in mentally, and focusing even more on his work.

Ashley is an athlete through and through. Never skipping leg day, never skipping upper body day, never skipping literally anything, he goes through rigorously intense workouts every single day, often bringing his pokemon with him. His career and life circle around his own physical shape, after all. When he works out, he becomes a much more determined person, pushing limits left and right while also sometimes lecturing others on how what they are doing and they are wrong and this is how you do it and that's how he threw a rope around a challenger's waist once and started running laps in his League hall against their will. The consequences of that weren't pretty.. Anyways, he's a determined man with a goal. He definitely has set some high standards for himself and his pokemon, and while his aim is admirable, he does need to be told to relax every now and then, as he often push past his own, his pokemon and even other peoples limits with the intention of pushing their limits. His competetive nature comes with the field, and Ashley enjoys feeling like he's better than other people in certain aspects of life. Most notably on the soccer field and in League Matches, one gets to see his competetive side, and even during mock battles against other E5 members he tends to take it just a stretch too far. Due to this, he's somewhat of a sore loser, and has a tendency to beat himself up over it unnecessarily, taking loss and molding it into motivation for tougher practice in order to better himself and his pokemon.

While Ashley is definitely a career man in every aspect of the word, he is bisexual, and occasionally set off time for dates here and there. While he was scared the media would shun him if they found out he was also romantically interested in men, his agent encourraged him to make a public coming out, which he did by bringing his best friend Ferdinand as his date for an event. Nobody would bat an eye at it, hadn't Ferdinand very drunkenly, and very publicly planted a hot steamy kiss on his lips in front of the cameras. The clip is on youtube you should check it out. Meant as nothing more than a fun prank among best friends, the media ate it up, and the coming out was a success. Shame Ferdinand is still experiences fallout from the event though, as he is straight himself. Regardless, Ashley's life has little to no room for romances, but he's always updated on the latest dating apps,juggling from app to app trying to find Mr or Ms. right.

In conclusion, Ashley is a hard working soccer mom with too high expectations for himself and his pokemon. Even though he needs to take it slow and maybe go on a vacation, he prefer to be where the action is. Never one to sit still and always someone with something to do, he still set off time to arrange for his friends to be wherever he is, be it a soccer game, a formal event etc. While he wishes he could tone down the amount of projects and work he has going on, he feels he's in too deep at this point, and would hate to disappoint anyone. Be sure to bring a Pokemon knowing a Sleep-inducing move if you want him to take a break, because nobody is safe from Hurricane Ashley.

History: Oh man, where does one even start with this. Ashley's been around, and he's seasoned despite his relatively young age. He was born into a very normal family, consisting of two hard-working parents and no siblings. Being left on his own accord a lot as a child made him determined to make friends, and while he was a lazy boy initially, his parents forced him to do at least one physical activity. This activity ended up, of course, with being soccer. As a child, he was very mediocre in school, considering he wasn't the brightest of students. Sitting still and reading a book about injuries was boring to him, whereas climbing a tree and doing a professional dive off a branch as it snapped, gaining a concussion to his head as a result, was better learning for him. Avid follower of John Dewey's philosophy; Learning by doing, he just got more out of practical experience rather than theoretical studying. Besides this though, he managed to stay afloat all through his schoolyears, eventually graduating with just above average grades.

As mentioned, Ashley always had a knack for Soccer. Being naturally talented from a young age, he enjoyed the attention being good at something was, and as such decided to spend more and more time on it, eventually wanting to try playing professionally. He loved the thrill of sports, and the cheering roars from the crowds, and also all the good merch dels the professional stars eventually got. Yeah, his motivations did have a few dollar signs here and there, but overall it was defenitely something he wanted to dip his toes into once he got to that stage of his life. However, he would take the early end scholarship in order for him to be able to go on a pokemon journey when he was 10, which was something that excited him even more. New places to explore, new pokemon and friends to meet, it would be nothing short of epic!

And epic it would be, once he got through the tutorial.. Uhm.. the paperwork etc etc in order to apply for a trainer card, unfortunately for him, all local professors were swamped, and nobody wanted to endorse him for the galarian Gym Challenge due to his lack of experience and pokemon knowledge. However, never one to give up, Ashley would send applications to different regions, hoping one of them would have a spot and pokemon for him to get started.

He got lucky. Very lucky. On the verge of giving up his pokemon adventuring dreams and going back to school, he got an E-mail from a certain man named Elm. Professor Elm. He never did give his full name, only his title and surname, unless the title is actually his actual name. The professor offered to fly him out to the Johto region and get him set up, in exchange for him helping the professor out with his research. Being 10 years old and having no logical grap on how adult responsibility worked, Ashley eagerly approved of the offer, and set out to the fabled Johto region.

The Johto regio would be very different from what he was used to in Galar, being more... warm, and welcoming. Less industrialized, with more focus on the basics around pokemon training. In other words, it was perfect, and staying at the hotel the night before he would meet the professor, Ashley couldn't sleep, and kept tossing and turning, not even noticing the Haunter in the corner patiently waiting for him to fall asleep to unleash its Dream Eater. Alas, Ashley didn't sleep that night, and instead ran laps around he hallways of the hotel to calm himself. Once it was time for him to go to the lab, he was made aware that he was not alone there. Standing with the professor was a young girl and a boy, both his own age. He was made aware that due to some security regulations put in place after a pokemon trainer was mauled to death by a wild Ursaring after leaving on her own, Ashley would have to travel in a group of 3.

Being very much against the idea, Ashley protested that he was a big boy and could take care of himself. Everyone in the lab laughed at that before it got awkwardly silent, and some eve shed a tear while putting a stuffed pokedoll on a little shrine dedicated to someone named Daniela. The other kids seemed chill with the decission however: One of them was a boy, taller than Ashley and with wild dark brown hair. The other kid was a calm girl with long black hair put up in twin pigtails. They introduced themselves as Elena and Ferdinand, and after the introductions were over, the professor eagerly started filling them in on the responsibilities you had as a pokemon trainer. Being 10 years old and very impatient, Ashley obviously did not pay attention, quickly grabbed a Totodile that wandered in from somewhere, and ran off before being given its pokeball.

Luckily, Ferdinand and Elena had his back and brought Totodile's Pokeball with them, and the journey started. It was pretty awkward at first, but within the first few days, the trio learned to cooperate. Elena had chosen Chikorita, which left Cyndaquil for Ferdinand. Apparently, Ferdinand was very into music, and would often hum or sing when they were walking. It was annoying at first, but eventually Elena joined in, and at last Ashley joined in, and the three had their own little barbershop quartet, considering Ferdinand's Cyndaquil also enjoyed the power of song. This all changed when Ferdinand caught a Jigglypuff, however.

The travel through Johto would proove to be a very exciting one, as the trio would eventually get caught up in a pyramid scheme of Slowpoke tails, money, bosses with sick leaves and general shenanigans. As their journey went on, they would defeat gym leaders together, camp in the wilds together, and encounter an evil Team Rocket plot in the meantime. However, their adventures were not without costs, as Elena's Bayleef was stolen by a Team Rocket opperative. While they did fight many Team Rocket members on theyr travels, they never found her Bayleef again. This took a very powerful toll on Elena, who was already struggling with coming out of her shell. There were many silent nights around the campfire. Ferdinand and his team would preform songs to her, and Ashley would desperately feil at making funny knock knock jokes to her. She was not having any of it, yet, she appreciated their effort.

The trio would eventually fight their way through all 8 gyms in the Johto region, earning their right to challenge the Elite Four. However, while they easily swept through the Elite Four themselves, their dreams were abruptly crushed by newly appointed Champion, Red. Easily wiping their entire team, one by one, Red offered some words of wisdom before they left in humiliation. "...." he said. ":..... ...... ........ ......". In a sense, he was right. ":...... ........". With Red's words, the trio felt a new calling, despite their crushing defeat. They needn't be champions, they needn't strive to be the very best that no one ever was. While catching them was their real test, training them was still their goal.

As such, the trio would travel across the land, searching far and wide in order to focus more on the task given to them by the professor of the region. They had already caught an impressive amount of pokemon on their own, and while it was a timey effort, they all eventually managed to fill the pokedex as instructed by the professor. He presented them all with an innovation of his: The Shiny Charm! Ashley had no idea how the mechanics surrounding the item worked, but once the professor started doing math he just left. However, literally 15 minutes later, Elena would be slam dunked in the head by a Pineco falling from above. A golden Pineco. While Ferdinand and Ashley were staring at it in awe, Elena quickly turned around and kicked the Pinecone hard into a wall nearby, with the precission of a soccer player. The pokemon instantly fainted, giving Elena the chance to catch it. Ferdinand and Ashley's jaws had to be mopped from the ground with a spatula.

Let's do a time skip. We need a time skip. The trio are now.. let's see.. 18 years old. Having finished Professor Elms pokedex, the trio were travelling across regions, taking on gym challenges as they were presented. While they still had to defeat a champion, they all had an impressive collection of badges at this point, which Ashley stored on a certain red and white cap he owned. What does one even do now? They felt.. complete. They never found Bayleef, but Elena seemed to have given up hope and moved on. Ferdinand had voiced his interest in going back to Johto in order to pursue a musical career, while Elena herself wanted to catch up on her studies. They all did an emotional three-way part at an intersection during a sunset; all walking in different directions.

What does one do, after this? Ashley looked at his favored team. While he loved all his pokemon equally, he had a soft spot for his own elite 6. His starter seemed eager to just follow him. Feraligatr was always like that, following his examples. The rest of his team also displayed an uncharacteristic volnurable and touching moment, before they all walked off into the sunset together towards an uncertain future.

Another time skip! I love those, make a time travelling sound in your head as you imagine a toilet being flushed down. Ashley is now 21 years old. After parting with his companions, he decided he would go back to the Galar region, where he easily swept through the gym challenge, before yet again being stumped by their champion, Leon. While Ashley's own Charizard made a good run for their money, the champions Gigantamaxed Charizard swept the floor with them. Feeling the crushing blow of defeat once again, Ashley were set on retiring from his pokemon journey for good. Elena had graduated to become a lawyer, while Ferdinand was a household name in Sinnoh as a DJ, slowly turning ripples into waves internationally. Feeling like he had nowhere left to go on his own, Ashley returned home, where he would stay for a few months while picking up a part time job as a junior league soccer coach. He did have a lot of experience at this point after all, and figured he could do something with that. Soccer was something he loved, and he lovedthe faces of others once he taught them how to play properly and having fun while doing so.

It wasn't until a few years later that he would be approached by a scary-looking older man in a flamboyant tuxedo. He introduced himself as Chairman Bent, and claimed to have been paying attention to Ashley's soccer career, long before he even decided to do it. Ashley flinched and cringed as he realized the times during the past decade where he felt watched hadnt just been an ill feeling after all, but he listened regardless, ready to call the police. The skeletal man said he wanted Ashley to try out to be a striker for a Soccer team he was organizing, considering they were experiencing a rapid successgrowth despite not having a set team yet. Being met with screams of joy and encourragement from his friends when he Blyped them, Ashley decided to accept. Soccer was a fun hobby of his regardless, so what could he lose?

Nothing. He lost nothing. After signing up with the Galarian Speedrunners, Ashleys popularity gre taller than the Dynamaxed Alolan Exeggutor he saw once, and all of a sudden he was a household name. It was so weird, being in the spotlight like this, but it didn't feel wrong. In fact, Ashley finally felt at home, traveling across regions for championships, matches and whatnot. While he wasn't battling a lot anymore, he still carried his team around, battling whenever he had the chance. A short lifetime of being a good number 2 second only to insane champions, his popularity grew even further within the community, and people who weren't interested in soccer started noticing how strong he was in battle. Defeating challengers left and right, he would be scouted for being the faculty head of a certain Battle Tower in the Sinnoh region, a professional breeder for a posh breeding company etc. He had everything he wanted at his fingertips, and only his own choices were holding him back.

Despite the offers, he decided to stay with the Galarian Speedrunners. The team had breached mainstream with such a pace and intensity, they were all famous now. It was so strange, going from being a nobody to having everybody drool over your shirtless body because you did that one underwear commercial for Boxers Boxers Boxers™ . It was at this peak he was approached by the most sought after scout of them all: Madame Magnolia DeSnoot. She was a fierce talent scout, who in turn wanted Ashley to be part of the Sinnoh's Elite 4. Having been offered Gym Leader roles before, Ashley had never experienced someone wanting him to be an Elite Four before. The concept was new but exciting, and obviously required him to relocate to the Sinnoh Region, where all accomadations would be prepared for both him, his pokemon and his friends. At this point, Ashley had all of Ferdinands Albums on his iPod, as Dj. Blaze had really taken off in recent years. He would even come to Elena for legal advice once she graduated law school, and the trio were back together ish.

Due to them all having their own busy schedules to follow, they all caught pokemon knowing Teleport, in order to fullfill their promise of Always being there for each other, be it a difficult court case, a concert or a soccer match. Ashley accepted the E5 offer, being told he would have to compose a team of a speciffic type in order to qualify. Ashley then created a dreamteam of Bug-Type Pokemon, training vigurously with them Every single day, until they were ready for the mock battles. Ashley swept the competition, and became the newest addition to the Sinnoh's new Elite Five.


- Ashley is a very successful and famous soccer player, and is the star player of the Galarian Speedrunners.
- He's Left-handed.
- As he was a Pokemon Trainer in his youth, Ashley has a plethora of other Pokemon than his Bug-Types. Some include Feraligatr, his first ever Pokemon, which hangs out at the league and enjoys retirement. Other pokemon includes a Gallade, Galvantula, Steelix, Hitmontop and an army of Joltiks. More on that later.
- Oh, is it later already?. Ashley saved a legion of Joltiks from a burning forest once, and they all kind of imprinted on him. Their mother is a Galvantula, duh, but their father, also a Galvantula, sadly died in the fire. Ashley caught their mother, and kind of got the whole Joltik Experience to go with it. They all now hang out at the league, helping with maintainance, electric stuff and just generally appearing where you'd least expect them. He even found a Joltik in the shower once, just hanging out.
- Ashley's League Hall is shaped like a soccer stadium, and he often arrange large crowds to spectate whenever he is challenged, giving that authentic Galarian Gym Challenge experience.
- Despite his Centiskorch being able to Gigantamax, he doesn't do so for his league matches.
- Keeping up Galarian traditions, Ashley makes a lot of League Cards which he shares over social media, as well as limited edition ones you can only get at his events.
- He owns a Shiny Charm that he was awarded by Professor Elm when he completed the Pokedex. He keeps it on his bag as a good luck charm. Unbeknownst to him, it was the magic of the charm that led him to meet Missy.
- While soccer and his duties as an E5 member are his top priorities, Ashley is also an accomplished model, often modelling for sportswear and underwear alongisde Missy.
- Ashley has problems sleeping, often laying awake and stressing he doesn't get anything done. He combats this by having his Roserade (A Pokemon from his adventuring days) use Sleep Powder on him.



Species: Scizor
Name: Ace
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ace looks like any other regular Scizor, and has no defining features.
Personality: Ace is the preacher of the choir of the three C's: Cool, Calm and Collected. A professional through and through, Ace never lose his temper, and is calculating and cunning in battle, aiming with precise accuracy and insane strength. A formidable fighter from day one, he is quite prideful, and enjoys the thrill of battle. When he's not battling or training, he's often seen in calm surroundings, minding his own business, or acting sort of like a sheep herder to the army of Joltiks Ashley keeps at the league.
History: While Ace is Ashley's ace now, he wasn't always so. Caught during a bug catching contest in the Goldenrod national park in the Johto Region, Ashley and his friends held their own mini competition to see who could catch the strongest pokemon. While both Ashley and Ferdinand caught powerful pokemon, Elena somehow bested them with the strongest Caterpie Ashley to date has ever seen. Being a solid powerhouse throughout his pokemon adventure, he decided to use Ace after becoming a E5 member, when he decided to focus more on the Bug-Type.
- Ace can Mega Evolve, and holds a Scizorite.


Species: Frosmoth
Name: Mothra
Gender: Female
Appearance: Mothra looks like any other regular Frosmoth, and has no defining features.
Personality: Royalty. That's the proper word to describe Mothra. She's better than you, and she doesn't care if you don't like to hear it, for she will preach it. Cocky to a fault, and somewhat prim, she dislikes battles even though she easily carries her weight when it comes down to it. She has a motherly side when it comes to Ashley and his other pokemon, showing surprisingly great sportmanship despite her arrogant nature. She enjoys Oran Berries.
History: In the beginning, there was Snom. That's it. Ashley saw a Snom one day and instantly fell in love with her.


Species: Yanmega
Name: Reyna
Gender: Female
Appearance: Reyna is a Kaiju amongst her kind, easily twice the size of normal Yanmega. She also has a more weathered look to her, with slightly greyer colors than normal.
Personality: A gigantic bundle of love, Reyna loves people and she loves pokemon. She enjoys sitting on peoples heads, despite her size making it near impossible without actually harming someone. A fearsome battler, her enormous wings can cause internal bleeding and busted eardrums and generally just serious damage. Definitely the kind that would accidentally kill her pet rock and go on a rampage about it, she is second in sheer power only to Ace.
History: The tale of Ogre is one passed down through generations of people in Florama Town in the Sinnoh Region. The tales spoke of a monster living in the meadow, a monster out for bloody venegance to all humans, as she had been victim to their merciless hunting for decades. Several people have claimed to have seen the Ogre, but have failed to provide any tangible proof of her existence. The only record of her was caught on tape by a youngster training his top precentage Rattata. The blurry video depicts a thick fog, where what appears to be a huge fighter jet flying past him at impeccable speeds. Only when stopping the recording at the exact right moment, and only for a frame or two, one can spot the fabled Ogre as it rushed past. The youngster never set foot in the meadow again, but the paniced townspeople sought t their Bug-Type specialist for help. Turns out Ogre was just a huge Yanmega, and the eerie loud noises heard from within the fog was her wings flapping at speeds greater than that of any other bug. It also turns out that the Ogre was just hungry, and enjoyed feasting on the centuries old, huge honey tree in the meadow before retreating with her speed boost ability. Ashley caught the monster, and the two are now good friends and comrades in arms.


Species: Golisopod
Name: Petra
Gender: Female
Appearance: Petra has several scars on her armor, hinting to a brutal life of battle, drama and intrigue
Personality: A fighter through and through, Petra is not one for niceties, and is often quick to egg other pokemon into battle. Her immense strength is only matched by her tanky defenses. A powerhouse in every meaning of the word, she lives for battle; She breathes for battle. When she's switched out, or not partaking in battle, she gets restless.
History: Be careful who you call a Wimpod in high school, because they will come back and most likely just flat out murder you in a humiliating battle. Petra was caught as a Wimpod while Ashley was on a vacation to the alola region. Spotting a beach covered by the little cuties, he walked around until he found the one, determined by nothing but personal preference. He simply picked one up, and gave it a hug before it passed out from fear. After being caught though, he was careful to give her all the space and attention she needed to overcome her wimpy nature and become the fierce warrior she is today.


Species: Centickorch
Name: Miss. Lisa Baconbug
Gender: Female
Appearance: Miss Lisa Baconbug, or "Bacon" for short, does not differ from others of her species besides her Gigantamax form.
Personality: Bacon is one of those "no jokes only serious" kinds of pokemon, with little to no humor at all, and a tendency to scoff at the more playful Pokemon around her. In a sense, she's very much an old lady, preferring the company of the more mature Pokemon, especially Reyna, due to their similar personalities. While kind of snobby, she still cares for the children, and is fiercly protective of her friends, her trainer, and her curry.
History: Miss. Lisa Baconbug was traded to Ashley from his friend Ferdinand for a Roggenrola during their pokemon adventure days, and has been with him ever since. Having already been close due to how often they saw each other prior to the trade, it didn't take long for her to warm up to her new trainer.


Species: Missy
Name: Missy
Gender: Missy
Appearance: Missy is a shiny Illumise, but has no other defining features.
Personality: Missy is a world class A-list super mega famous celebrity icon and she will physically fight you if you ever tell her otherwise. Having originally been a timid Pokemon who was scared of others due to her being different than others of her species, she took every bit of Ashley's encouraging and too it to heart. She is the center of the world. She is special, and literally nobody else is like her. While Ashley referred to her inner warm personality, Missy took it as a physical compliment, further boosting her ego. She is now a godzilla-esque famous monster who breathes for the attention and the merch. She doesn't even battle anymore, preferring to cheer other pokemon on. However, she battles if she must, and she is still a formiddable pokemon to face off against, even though she taunts, flaunts, demeans and generally just shits on her opponents even after they are defeated. She is somewhat of a prude, and takes great care of her appearance. She absolutely refuses to fight Ground-Type pokemon, as she is scared she's gonna get dirty.
History: Missy was caught in the Hoenn region. Nothing particularily different about her capture, but Ashley noticed she was a lot shyer than her peers, and after he witnessed the other Illumise bully her, he stepped in and gave the 4 Illumise a 50 minutes lecture on friendship, equality and ability to look past ones physical differences in order to see the true beauty inside. All the pokemon, as well as Ashley and his friends became slightly better people that day. After capture, Missy started relishing in the fame her trainer had brought her, especially after realizing her colors weren't a negative thing but, in fact, something a lot of people seemed to love.
- Missy is the face of the Galarian Speedrunners, and their logos and uniforms are modelled after her.
- She has her own majorly successful line of Merchandise, ranging from everything between jazzy foam fingers, to radical beach balls shaped like her head, to groovey Missy Smoke detectors.
- her fanbase are called "The Misers", and Missy is unaware of the words actual meaning.
- Missy starred in Nikki Leraje's music video: "Love yourself for who you are.". Her twerking scenes boosted her popularity with the Volbeat population.
- She released a hit single called "Bug Buzz Off" which scored high on the yearly hit list, and now float comfortably in the top 5 most popular hits in the Galar Region.
- She also acts like a cheerleader over a troop of Volbeats, cheering Ashley on during his league matches and soccer matches.
- She has a successful modelling career, having appeared on magazine covers together with her trainer several times.
- She is caught in a Luxury Ball, naturally.
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I forgot to reserve a post for my SU omg OK THIS ONE IS MINE

Name: Sawyer MacCallum
Gender: Male
Type Specialty: Fairy (Champion)
Age: 23


Sawyer isn't quite what you'd expect from a fairy type specialist - or the Champion of Sinnoh. If you happened upon him on the streets, you'd be more likely to mistake him for a hooligan or a gang member - and none could blame you for it; he talks like one, walks like one and definitely looks like one. From the messy, fiery red hair to the many piercings, scars and tattoos scattered throughout his body to the aggressive body language constantly on display, he seems to always be looking for trouble. It's rare to catch his face in anything but an annoyed frown or an angry scowl, and he has a tendency to either yell really loudly or, when embarrassed, mumble so quietly no one can hear - and then yell even louder when asked to repeat himself. His voice is gruff, molded by years of cigarette use.

Sawyer stands at a tall 6'4'' with broad shoulders, long limbs and particularly large hands. He's built like a bodybuilder and weighs accordingly, giving off the vibe of someone who has a liking to fighting type Pokémon in particular - much like Bruno of Kanto's Elite Four. He has mean-looking silver eyes, with a scar running over one of them. Even from afar, one can spot a large burnt area around the left half of his neck and shoulder. Upon closer inspection, one can tell that there are remains of a tattoo visible on the edges. What it used to depict and whether it was purposefully burned out is anyone's guess. He tends to have a bit of a stubble on most days, and doesn't keep himself particularly well-shaven. Honestly, who cares about that shit. As long as he's clean, that's all that matters. And oh, clean he is indeed; for some reason, he tends to always smell... flowery? (It's the bathbombs, but don't you dare tell anyone.)

While Sawyer tries to put on more formal wear for appropriate occasions, he finds himself feeling like a caged animal in anything too stiff or form-fitting. He particularly hates anything being around his neck, unless it's something small, like necklaces. Most of the time, he either dons his - heavily modified - monk garb from years past, or throws on whatever he happens to find at the time. Many of his outfits are reminiscent of Ecruteak's style, as it's what he grew up with.

Personality: The general public knows him by many names, none of which are pleasant - or entirely undeserved. He's reclusive and enigmatic, rarely appearing in public or giving speeches - and when he does, he always seems disproportionately angry about it. Rumours pin him as unpredictable, scary, even dangerous, having been involved in gang activity in the past. There is certainly truth to all that, and he is as crude as he is short-tempered, with violence a real, tangible threat when he gets angry enough.

With that said, those who know him the best have also seen a completely different side of him, one not known to the general public. The side that has him staying up the whole night to tend to a crying baby Pokémon. The side that turns him into a flustered, bumbling mess when anyone or anything cute bats eyes at him. The side that makes him throw himself into the fray with reckless abandon when someone he cares about needs protecting. That is to say, bad as he might be, it's not to the core.

He'll get angry if you point it out to him, though.

History: The trials and tribulations of Sawyer's life are enough to fill multiple books - and yet, the details known to the general public are few. He doesn't really talk about his past or his journey to where he is today, except in brief snippets when necessary - or when he's drunk and at his most talkative. Then there are the countless rumours, muddling the truth of what he's done even further.

Regardless of who you ask, many trace his origins back to Ecruteak City. Indeed, it is where he spent most of his life, living among the good monks that upheld local traditions and legends. However, sometime in his teenage years, he started a violent altercation and had the local law enforcement called on him. For reasons unknown, he was beating up a poor man in his thirties, and had to be pried off of him before lasting damage could occur his victim.

As he was taken away from the scene, it appeared that many baby Pokémon were trying to follow him, but his records showed no signs of ownership over them. As such, they were taken to a nearby Pokémon Center - save for one particularly insistent Azurill, which refused to let go of Sawyer's leg and had to be taken with him. Though quite shocking to the townspeople, Sawyer was a nobody at the time, so the incident didn't make national news. To this day, it remains something only a few local people can recall, unless someone were to truly try and dig up information on him.

Years later, Sawyer emerged in the distant region of Orre. He was involved in a series of violent raids in the local colosseums and underground establishments as a part of a small gang, and earned quite a fearsome reputation. He appeared on the news on multiple occasions, and had quite a few run ins with the law. Eventually, it seems as though he managed to acquire quite a bit of power within the gang, and became something of a leader to it. Supposedly, he was a damn fierce fighter. Not when it came to Pokémon, mind, but in pure martial prowess. He also had a scary water Pokémon with him, though the records don't agree on which one. Many suspected it to be a Feraligatr, a Gyarados, or something equally intimidating.

Eventually, it seemed as though the gang succumbed to internal conflict. It was essentially split into two, then, after months of infighting, disbanded and disappeared altogether - as did Sawyer. Some say the split was due to some sort of a conflict of morals.

Then, after many years of obscurity, Sawyer re-emerged in Sinnoh. No one really noticed at first, until he once again made the news - though this time, not due to a clash with the law. Rather, he'd returned a stolen Pokémon back to its owner; a shiny Glameow, the star of her own hit Saturday show. It turned out that by then, Sawyer was halfway through the gym challenge. It was unclear what had made him suddenly care about Pokémon training or the gyms, but he seemed determined as ever to get far. And he did. He reached and defeated the Elite Four.

Then he disappeared.

Whether he had lost to the champion, given up or gotten in some sort of trouble that forced him to quit his challenge midway through, no one knew.

A few years ago however, new rumours surfaced. According to them, he'd not only fought his way to the Sinnoh Elite Four, he'd actually defeated them, becoming the new Champion. Whether true or mere hearsay seems debated, as he rarely makes public appearances, and many that take on the challenge lose before ever reaching the Champion's hall. Still, there are unconfirmed sightings of him together with the rest of the Elite Five - some even claim they've seen him smile! But that bit, at least, must be fake.


- Used to be a chain smoker, but ever since he found out it's bad for baby Pokémon's health, he stopped.
- Loves everything cute, be it people, Pokémon or things. Though he's had the opportunity to catch many different kinds of Pokémon and mold his team after becoming the champion, he's stuck to his favorites; the cuties that have been with him through thick and thin.
- Sucks at sewing, but does it anyway, mostly with his Hatterne's help. The two have created dozens upon dozens of clothes for all the Mimikyu around Elite Five's island.
- Is afraid of ghosts, but will vehemently deny it if asked. N-not that there's anything embarrassing about it... it's natural to be afraid of shit you can't punch!
- Practically runs an unofficial Pokémon Shelter at the league. He has rescued many Pokémon from abusive trainers or illegal breeders in the past, and is very reluctant to give them out to new trainers unless absolutely sure they can be trusted to handle his babies with care. Some of the Pokémon he has are deeply troubled from past abuse, but he's doing his best to give them the care needed to grow up healthy.

Name: Zuzu
Species: Azumarill
Gender: Male
Appearance: Zuzu's ears are much longer than usual, and both of them flop down at the ends.
Personality: Headstrong and stubborn, Zuzu shares his trainer's reckless heroism, and never backs down from a fight. Oftentimes it's him who starts said fights, though never without reason. He's very protective of others, and will put up with no bullshit directed at him or his, but he's not prone to explosive anger like his trainer. In fact, he's usually the one trying to act as a voice of reason for Sawyer, fully aware of his partner's shortcomings. The two have been together for a long time, and can fight without verbal cues.
History: The very first Pokémon Sawyer ever obtained, and practically his "ace". Zuzu was one of the baby Pokémon he rescued from a trafficker, and the only one that clung to him even when the police tried to separate the two. They've been together since.


Name: Spook
Species: Mimikyu
Gender: Male
Appearance: Spook never looks the same two days in a row. While many Mimikyu try to mimic Pikachu due to their popularity, Spook has no particular attachment to any one outfit. On the contrary, due to past trauma, he feels like he always needs to hide, and that the best way to do that is to change his "disguise" on the daily, or he will get very anxious. Sawyer has tried to alleviate the anxiety by sewing him outfits of various Pokémon, which Spook readily changes between.
Personality: Shy and reserved, Spook is nevertheless a very curious Pokémon. He loves to observe everything people and Pokémon around him do, yet gets very startled if someone actually approaches him. He's clumsy, easily startled and somewhat of a crybaby - but he should not be underestimated come time for battle.
History: Rescued from a trainer after years of abuse, Spook was bred and trained to do battle with no regard for his own safety. After years of no battling and intense therapy, it was his own choice to step onto a battlefield again - this time, not as a tool, but as a member of a team.


Name: Gleam
Species: Hatterene
Gender: Female
Appearance: Species standard, though wears jewelry.
Personality: Gleam is a... calm and patient Pokémon, to a terrifying degree. She loves peace and quiet, and isn't one for violence - until crossed. It's clear that her patience is only skin-deep and not endless, and once it runs out, so will the blood in your body. She hates loud or annoying people, but though Sawyer fills all the criteria of a person she'd love to pummel to death, she feels gratitude and respect towards him, and will thus put up with his antics. Other beings are not as lucky, though. Sawyer tends to go wherever she goes to ensure she doesn't kill anyone.
History: It could technically be said that she was a rescue Pokémon. Though, it was technically her previous trainer that was rescued from her. Having been treated badly throughout her Hattena years, the moment she evolved into Hattrem, Gleam started whaling on her trainer, almost killing him. He was saved by local trainers who took her for a monster, and were about to dispose of her accordingly - until Sawyer stepped in and promised she could become a functioning Pokémon if given the chance. People weren't just offed when they misbehaved, so neither should Pokémon.


Name: Her Royal Highness (or Highness, for short)
Species: (Alolan) Ninetales
Gender: Female
Appearance: Highness is quite unusual in a number of ways. For one, she has an extra tail. Though it is technically a birth defect, she considers it a mark of her superiority and feels not a shred of shame over it. Her fur is also more a pinkish shade than blue [like so.]
Personality: With a name like hers, how could she not be full of herself? A spoiled little thing, she carries herself like an actual royal, expecting the whole world to bow down at her feet - and getting incredibly fussy when it doesn't happen. She abhors dirt and dislikes fighting, considering it barbaric. She can be easily coerced to fight if given enough compliments, though.
History: Highness was born in a kit mill meant to produce the most prestigious and beautiful Pokémon for contest purposes. However, she was abandoned soon after birth due to her extra tail. Sawyer found her quite literally thrown out with the thrash, but managed to save her and nurse her back to health.


Name: Tangy
Species: Mawile
Gender: Female
Appearance: Species standard, though she likes to paint her nails. Once ordered nail strips online too, though they did not look quite as good in person. They were still FINE, though. It's FINE, Tangy.
Personality: An overall upbeat and peppy Pokémon who, unlike many others, does not suffer from any particular past trauma. Despite it not being one of her types, Tangy loves water, spending copious amounts of time immersed in it. She's also fond of numbers and math, and is quite good at recalling dates - some say it's her who manages Elite Five's finances, since her trainer is incapable of doing so on his own. Sometimes forgets to eat. Is adept at battles, thanks to her competitive nature. Is not easily discouraged. Wants to be a hair stylist one day, and is fussy about her "maw hair".
History: Like most others, Tangy came to Sawyer's possession through unconventional means. That is to say, she was "rescued." Not from abusive trainers or the sort - but from an addiction to coffee. She used to work in a Pokémon Café as a barista, and kept herself awake through long hours with the readily available power of coffee. Gradually, Sawyer has managed to lessen the amount she needs to intake, and the outcome is looking positive.
Other: Can Mega-evolve.


Name: Scott
Species: Whimsicott
Gender: Male
Appearance: Nothing out of the ordinary
Personality: Whimsical, is probably the best way to describe him. He's the prank-pulling schemer of Sawyer's team, always up for a laugh and always on the go. He's impatient, easily bored and loves to fight, if only because it gives him things to do. Even so, he knows how to respect others when necessary, and his pranks never go 'too far'. Mostly because Gleam has beaten the living shit out of him more than once when he's acted too much out of lane.
History: Unlike most of Sawyer's team, Scott was captured the usual way. He was pulling pranks on Sawyer and would not leave him alone, so the only way to get past him was to capture him. The two have come to see eye to eye since.
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Name: Melissa "Mimi" Shannon
Gender: Female
Type Specialty: Psychic
Age: 21

Mimi stands at about 5'4", not too tall, but not too short either. Her skin is fair, and she has a thin frame, but puberty has been good to her, and she developed nicely in all the right places. Her silky smooth hair is normally a chocolate brown color and is quite long, falling past her hips. She dyes her hair a bright pink color, because pink is a much more fun color. Her bangs are also somewhat long, so she has to part them to the side to keep them from falling over her eyes when she isn't sleeping. Her eyes are a brown color, and are large and childlike, with long eyelashes attached to them. They are often half closed, so she usually looks like she just woke up from a nap (Which, is the case with her most times.)

If you didn't know her, one would never suspect that Mimi comes from wealth. Don't get her wrong, she likes to make herself look pretty sometimes, but she prefers comfort over fashion, and she doesn't always feel like putting in the extra effort. She also shops at thrift stores more often than at high end Department Stores, so her clothes aren't always the best that money can buy. She likes to wear the colors purple and pink, as they are Musharna colors. When she doesn't need to look nice she dresses casually, wearing clothes that are comfortable and that don't require too much fuss. She is usually seen sporting a simple pink blouse and purple jeans. On her feet she wears a pair of pink flats. Apart from a lavender bow she wears clipped to her bangs, and a pair of purple stud earrings shaped like the flowers on Munna, she rarely wears any other accessories, and has little need for make-up. She does wear her Mega Bracelet, with a Metagrossite around her wrist.

Mimi is a relaxed, cheerful, carefree, laid-back girl. Often just going with the flow. She is easy to get along with, and it is nigh impossible to get her angry due to her calm nature. She is a lazy, and she often procrastinates to get work done. She has a habit of falling asleep at the most inappropriate times. She claims this is a side effect of being around Musharna and their Dream Mist all the time, but that's not true. This is just an excuse for her to get out of situations she’s not comfortable with.

Besides sleeping, Mimi enjoys Video Games, Cartoons, and all sorts of nerdy interests. While she likes the lifestyle and glamour that come with being a member of the Elite Five, she doesn’t always have interest in the responsibilities that role requires. This leads to a few disagreements with her mother, and others in a position of authority over her. All she wants to do is play video games, sleep all day, and maybe conduct some Pokemon battles. She has very little desire to do much else.

Though she is lazy, she is by no means stupid. When Mimi is actually determined to do something, she can produce fantastic results. She enjoys battling and is quite good at it. She is observant, and knows how to read people, which gives her some insight into other people's feelings, as well as being good at strategizing for battles. She also developed a special bond with her Psychic Pokemon, allowing her to command them without having to say a word. Although she doesn't like bragging about it, She enjoys the lifestyle that being born into a wealthy family, and now having the Elite Five title brings. Not having to work regular hours, being able to sleep untill noon if she so chooses, going to extravagant parties, and being able to spend large amounts of money on anything your heart desires. She just wishes she didn’t have to deal with actual responsibilities.

History: Mimi grew up in a very privileged household. She lived in a large mansion in Striaton City Unova, and lived a very comfortable life. Since her birth, Mimi's mother wanted her to make a name for herself, and do something successful in her life. She was a Shannon, and Shannons don't just settle for average, they strived for greatness. Mimi really didn’t have much of a desire to do much of anything. School was there... quite frankly she found it boring. All they do is yap about things that don’t matter. Mimi spent most of her time playing video games, napping, and cared very little for anything else. Her disinterest in doing anything productive got her into arguments with her mother. The arguments were mostly one sided, as Mimi was never one to get angry, and she often pretended to be asleep when her mother was particularly angry with her.

One night, while Mimi was sleeping, a Munna from the nearby Dreamyard got into her home and into her bedroom to feast on the young girl's dreams. Before the Psychic type Pokemon had a chance to chow down however, Mimi woke up. Upon seeing the cute pink Pokemon, instead of being frightened that a wild Pokemon had somehow gotten into her home, she bonded with her. By the next morning, Mimi had her first Pokemon.

After that, Mimi's mother was intrigued that her daughter managed to bond with a Pokemon so quickly. Pokemon Trainers were also highly regarded if they had skill. So, she encouraged her daughter to become a Pokemon Trainer, and sponsored her journey. Mimi wasn't entirely sure about this idea, but went along with it. If only to get her mother off her case about not doing anything with her life. Besides, her mother was paying for everything, what was the hurt in trying?

So, she went on journey through the Unova region to obtain the eight Gym Badges. At first, she didn't understand what all the fuss was about, and didn't really try very hard to succeed. Over time, she discovered she enjoyed Pokemon Battling. Even though she didn't win every battle, she enjoyed the experience. Her battling abilities improved over time, and she also accrued a collection of Pokemon. For some odd reason though, Mimi found herself bonding with Psychic types the best. Even though she was on a journey, that did not stop her from napping with her Pokemon, and playing video games in between training.

Eventually, she managed to earn all eight Gym Badges of the Unova region, and earned the right to challenge that regions Elite Four. She was ultimately defeated by Caitlin. Mimi wasn't too bothered by this setback however. She had come to respect the Elite Four member. They both had an affinity for Psychic type Pokemon, and Caitlin conducted battles in a room containing a large bed.

After her loss, Mimi returned home. She had the Pokemon trainer experience, and it was fun, but now she was ready to return to her life of leisure. Her mother had different plans for her. Mimi had gained a lot of notoriety in her time as a trainer. It had turned out that an Elite Four member in the region of Sinnoh had retired, which meant their was vacancy for membership. Using her connections and wealth, her mother had gotten Mimi the opportunity to try to fill that position. Mimi was not happy that her mother was interfering in her life still, but her mother had already made travel arrangements to Sinnoh. Besides, what harm could trying out for this do? She could become an Elite Four member just like Caitlin. It couldn't be that hard. From what she could tell, all they did was sit in a room and wait for people to challenge them.

She battled some people, and earned the title of an Elite Five member, apparently they had decided to add one more person to the group at the last minute. Unfortunately for her, being an Elite Five member was not as easy as she thought it would be. Besides battling the occasional challenger, there were other responsibilities. She had to make public appearances, and actually do things. Mimi still slept a lot, and was often late for meetings and other obligations. It was annoying to many people, but she remains an Elite Five member due to her skill in battles.

Other: Because of her specialty in Psychic type Pokemon, ability to command her Pokemon without having to speak, and being able to read people, there are rumors that suggest Mimi has Psychic powers herself. She will neither confirm nor deny these rumors.

Besides the Pokemon she brings into battle, she has a collection of Munnas that follow her around for some reason, as well as some unevolved Psychic Pokemon that she cares for.

Like Caitlin, she also conducts battles from a large bed.

Likes Cute things and sweets



Species: Musharna
Name: Shaana
Gender: Female
Appearance: Wears a bow on the side of her head that matches Mimi's
Personality: Shaana mirrors Mimi's personality. They are both cheerful and easygoing, and they both like to sleep a lot. She is the Pokemon Mimi is most associated with, and can often be seen by her side.
History: As a Munna, Shaana somehow managed to get into Mimi's bedroom to eat her dreams. Mimi woke up before that happened, and the two of them bonded. She has been by Mimi's side ever since.


Species: Sigilyph
Name: Diva
Gender: Female
The diva of the team. She thinks she's beautiful, and she won't let you forget it. She deamnds attention at all times, and is proud to show off any chance she gets.
History: This Sigilyph attacked her while Mimi was traveling through the desert resort. Every other trainer she attacked basically ran away from her. When she found Mimi, she refused to be ignored any longer. Getting fed up with her antics, Mimi defeated her in a battle, then threw a Poke Ball and caught her.


Species: Reuniclus
Name: Blobby
Gender: Male
Blobby is a cheerful happy go lucky blob. He likes to play and have fun with others. He is very energetic, and there are times where Mimi can't keep up with him. She has to keep him in the pokeball when she wants to sleep.
History: Mimi found him on her journey, when he was a small Solosis. She thought he was adorable and had to have one, and threw a Pokeball and caught it.


Species: Gallade
Name: Lancelot
Gender: Male
Lancelot was once a shy Ralts, but became more confident as he took part in more battles, and evolved into a Gallade. He now behaves like a brave and noble knight. He is polite and well mannered as a Pokemon can be. He is loyal to Mimi and the rest of her team, and protects them as best he can.
History: She encountered a Ralts being picked on by a bunch of other Pokemon. Mimi found this, and defeated the bully Pokemon. After that, the Ralts clung to her, and wouldn't let go.


Species: Slowbro
Name: Sheldon
Gender: Male
There’s no way to put it, Sheldon can be a but dumb. He is often oblivious to what is going on, and as is normal for his species often has a blank expression on his face, He has shown moments of intellect when he is inspired, but those occasions are rare. It is believed he is simply as lazy as his trainer is.
History: Mimi found him as a Slowpoke while having to traverse across the water. Like many of her Pokemon, she caught him herself simply because she thought he was cute. Mimi has no idea where the Shelder biting his tail come from, and neither does Sheldon.


Species: Metagross
Name: Titan
Gender: Genderless, but Mimi refers to him with male pronouns. He doesn't seem to care
Metagross is known for their intelligence, but Titan is known for his strength. He likes to fight. Mimi usually sends him out last, and he is the one challengers have the most trouble with. Despite his rough nature, around his trainer, he's still a big teddy bear.
History: Mimi encountered him as a Beldum on her travels. She caught one because she knew Beldums were quite rare, and also knew Metagross to be quite powerful. It was a lot of work getting him to evolve, but Mimi found it was worth it in the end.
Other: Can Mega Evolve
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It's so shiny!
Big W.I.P for now!

Name: Robin Hill
Gender: Female
Type Specialty: Ground-type
Age: 21

Robin is a short young woman, standing just below the average height for women. She has a toned physique following years of living an active lifestyle both on her family's farm and from the lifestyle she led as both a trainer and Elite Five member. She has thick curly hair a shade of green-brown in colour. She keeps it fairly short in length, both for simplicity, and because she describes it as a "nightmare" to brush when it gets too long. She has grey coloured eyes. Robin has a medium brown skin tone and has some faint freckling on cheeks that you wouldn't really notice unless you got up close to her; her skin is otherwise smooth and unblemished. Robin has a heart-shaped face, with a small pointed chin, and slightly upturned nose. Some people say she is younger than she actually is, much to her chagrin.

In regards to clothing, Robin tends to wear whatever she feels like. Although she does dress to impress on occasion - such as photo ops for the Elite Five or parties - but isn't known for really keeping up with popular fashion trends. Some people speak about how she doesn't quite dress like what they'd expect for a Ground-type specialist, and that she dresses more like someone who prefers Fighting-types. And in some ways that's true - what with her ripped shorts, converses, and general pumped-up personality. Along with her shorts and converses, she also wears a short-sleeved orange shirt and a reddish-brown jacket with a fluffy trim around the collar. She tends to discard this jacket if the weather is too warm though. Not that it often is in Sinnoh. Robin is also known for a few accessories she wears with her outfits, the most well known of which are her goggles, which tend to sit atop her head rather than covering her eyes. She has been seen wearing them properly when riding Sandy about though.

Personality: To the general public, Robin is seen as a very warm and happy individual. And that's actually true! In fact, it would probably be more unusual to not find her in a happy or jovial mood. She is quite talkative and open and finds it quite easy to get along with most people, even if their personalities are the opposite of hers. However, she does struggle in large groups, and will usually deflect any conversations to anyone accompanying her or bat around the topic of conversation until the group size has shrunk.

Compared to some of her counterparts on the Elite Five, she is quite excitable and eager. She'll happily talk someone's ear off about something she loves. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be a person she'll talk too. There have been many occasions where someone has come across her in a lengthy conversation with some of her pokemon.

Being mostly known for her friendly and open nature, many challengers of the Elite Five, often come to her expecting an easy challenge. However, they'd be sorely mistaken. Robin is a fierce battler and has worked hard to train her team to their current standard. In battle, she is focused and goal-oriented, and although she knows it's not outright her goal to prevent someone from claiming the title of champion, she puts a lot of effort into making sure their path to getting there is a challenge.

History: (information taken from a retrospective article on Robin Hill in the Jubilife Monthly Issue #554)

Be you a casual or hardcore follower of the Sinnoh pokemon league, you have by now heard of the most recent addition to the Elite Five - Robin Hill. She replaces the former Flying-type specialist, who elected to retire to spend more time with their family.

For those of you who do not know about Miss Hill, let's start from the beginning. Robin is a Sinnoh native, born in Solaceon town to Eugene and Portia Hill as the middle child. Her family owned a small ranch just outside of the town, having remained in operation when it's larger competitors shut down. Described by locals as something of a mom and pop farm, they supply a considerable amount of food and other materials to the local town. You may have also seen their famed Vespiquen honey sold at your local pokemart.

Miss Hill started her pokemon journey at a much later date than most, gaining her starter from Professor Rowan when she was thirteen rather than ten. Miss Hill explained that for a long time she had no real intention of going on the traditional journey, and was more than happy to spend her days working at the family farm. At this point, she already had her Sandy (a well-known member of her team thanks to her shiny colouring) though she was used for work rather than for training. Shortly before her thirteenth birthday, Robin had a change of heart about wanting to go on a journey and decided that she now wanted to go out and see the world whilst she was still young. It took a bit of work, but her parents were able to arrange for her to get a pokemon from Professor Rowan, with Turtwig. This Turtwig, which she swiftly named Bruce, became one of the first members of her team alongside her then Mudbray, Sandy.

Robin enjoyed a pretty typical journey for an aspiring trainer, and was one of many challenges that year. Best known for her Ground-type team now, during her time as a trainer she had a more varied team, which included a Staraptor, Quagsire, Chimecho, and Luxray. As mentioned above, she had a pretty average journey through the Sinnoh region and didn't really begin to make any waves until she hit the eighth gym, due to her swift victory against Volkner. Miss Hill noted that this victory was mostly secured by Bruce, Sandy, and her Quagsire, thanks to their effectiveness against Electric-types. She claims that this victory was the start of her leaning towards specialising in Ground-types. Following the victory against Volkner, she was labelled as one to watch when challenging the then Elite Four. However, she was sadly defeated by the Champion about midway through their battle. Although disappointed at the loss, her spirits were raised when the Champion commended her for her skill in battle and encouraged her to keep battling, noting that she would make a fine Gym Leader or Elite Four member in the future.

After taking some time to herself following this loss, as well as electing to specialise in Ground-types, Robin decided to visit a few other regions, the first of which was Kanto. Of her original Sinnoh team, only Sandy, Bruce, and a Gible she captured between her victory at the eighth gym and the Elite Four were the only ones she bought with her. Her Staraptor and Quagsire were given to her younger brother, and her Luxray and Chimecho remained at the family farm.

In the following five years, Robin travelled to several regions and challenged several pokemon leagues along the way. However, she was never able to repeat the same lucky run she had with the Sinnoh league but managed to get close in the Hoenn league, before eventually being taken out by an Elite Four member. After travelling around, Robin eventually returned to Solaceon Town with her current team. She spent the next year or so working on her family farm, as she always intended to do, but her newfound fame meant she had several visitors wanting to challenge her.

A few months ago, the Flying-type specialist of the Elite Five, announced plans to step down. There was a shortlist drawn up, with Robin among them, a few days later after her predecessor had formally stepped down and Robin was announced as her successor. Although the role came as a surprise to her, it has been one she has flourished in, and she takes pleasure in giving challengers a tough battle on their way to the champion...that is if they make it past her.

Pokémon *

Species: Torterra
Name: Bruce
Gender: Male
Appearance: Bruce appears to be what is expected for the average Torterra. However, his facial spikes are slightly shorter than most of his species.
Personality: Bruce could be best described as a gentle giant (although he is dwarfed in height by other members of Robin's team, he's still on the large side). A very sweet and affectionate character in the team, when not battling he enjoys napping and enjoying himself outside. Robin thinks of him as a bit lazy at times.
History: Bruce was Robin's official starter pokemon which she received from Professor Rowan when she was thirteen. Like Victoria, Bruce has been with Robin since the start of her journey and is thought of as one of the core members of her team.
Other: - Moveset is: Crunch, Leaf Storm, Earthquake, Nature Power.


Species: Tyranitar
Name: Big Mama (sometimes known as just Mama)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Nothing out of the ordinary for her species.
Personality: As her name implies, Big Mama is definitely the team "mom". Much like Bruce, she is warm and affectionate and tends to get on well with others. She's also said to be quite playful but doesn't seem to understand that her size and speed kinda go against her in that regard. Much like a mother would, she would not hesitate to jump to the defence of any of her teammates. In fact, out of all of Robin's pokemon, she is probably the one who is always most eager to battle.
History: Big Mama was the last addition to Robin's current team - not that you'd know it by how she mothers the others. She was given to Robin as an egg whilst she was travelling in Johto, and promptly hatched shortly before she left for Hoenn. As a Larvitar and Pupitar, she was known as being quite fierce and snappy at times but thankfully mellowed out once she became a Tyranitar. She was the last of Robin's pokemon standing during her infamous Hoenn loss and is often Robin's last pokemon standing in battles she conducts as an Elite Five member.
Other: - Moveset is: Stomping Tantrum, Dig, Dark Pulse, and Protect.


Species: Garchomp
Name: Chompy
Gender: Male
Appearance: Nothing out of the ordinary here!
Personality: Despite his somewhat frightening appearance, and rough sounding name, Chompy is actually pretty sweet. Cool, calm, and collected would be how best to describe him. He is patient and focused, and acts as a mediator among Robin's team. If Big Mama is the team mom, then Chompy is the team dad.
History: Chompy was a late minute addition to her team whom she acquired shortly before challenging the Sinnoh Elite Four. He didn't actually participate in this battle much, besides landing a few minor attacks before being called back to prevent fainting. He really proved himself more during her time in the Kanto and Johto leagues and had become a powerful battler by the time she reached Hoenn. To this day, he remains one of, if not, the strongest member of her team. Many challenges who face her lose out against him.
Other: - Moveset is: Earth Power, Sand Attack, Dragon Claw, and Aerial Ace.


Species: Mudsdale
Name: Sandy
Gender: Female
Appearance: Other than being a shiny variation of Mudsdale, there is nothing out of the ordinary.
Personality: In some ways, Sandy and her trainer are like mirrors of each other. Friendly and warm, Sandy tends to get along with anyone and everyone. Though she means well she can sometimes be a bit rough with her teammates and may bump into them when prancing around and almost causing fights (mostly with Victoria and/or Morty). She is playfully regarded as being a little dumb. Much like her trainer, she becomes incredibly focused when in battle.
History: Bruce may have been her starter pokemon, but Sandy has and always will be her true partner pokemon. Originally brought to work as a farm horse, for much of her early life that was what Sandy did. When not working she was prone to playing with Robin and the other Mudbray, but it was clear to all that she and Robin had a special bond. When Robin left to go on her journey, Sandy was supposed to stay behind and continue working on the farm, but she refused to leave Robin. Not wanting to leave her friend behind either, Robin decided to bring her along, and much like Bruce, she has since remained a permanent fixture of her team.
Other: - Moveset is: Double Kick, High Horsepower, Mud Shot, and Sand Tomb.


Species: Nidoqueen
Name: Victoria
Gender: Female
Appearance: Nothing to note.
Personality: Queen is in her species name and that is exactly how Victoria likes to be perceived. Victoria acts as though she is actual royalty and is very fussy and will often act out if she does not get her way. She can act very haughty and cold to her teammates at times, and only Robin or Big Mama seem capable of keeping her in check.
History: Victoria was the first pokemon Robin caught in Kanto. She was a Nidorina at the time and was not intended as a permanent member of her team. As a Nidorina she acted much the same as she does now, but was less in your face about it, so it gave her an interesting character. As a Nidoqueen she became more troublesome, but Robin kept her around because she was fond of her and she was a powerful, if somewhat reckless, battler.
Other: - Moveset is: Drill Run, Hyper Beam, Poison Jab, and Bite.


Species: Cubone
Name: Morty (also known as Mortimer)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Slightly larger than most of his species.
Personality: Morty might be small, but he's got a big character stored away in there. He is quite relentless in battle and strives to never give up, even when the situation is dire. He is stubborn and fussy at times, and prone to be easily irritated. On many occasions, Robin has had to step in to stop him from clubbing a challenger around the ankle merely because he didn't like the look of them. He has a varied relationship with his teammates but will work well with them when the situation calls for it.
History: Robin met Morty in Kanto somewhere outside of Vermillion City. The young Cubone came out of the shadows and tried to attack Victoria, and Robin had to step in to stop him from getting injured. Although a scrappy little guy, he seemed to soften around Robin, and willingly let her carry him around. She took him to a pokemon centre not long after first meeting him, believing him to be someone's missing pokemon, but when Nurse Joy explained she hadn't heard of a pokemon matching his description, Robin took him in as her own. He has been with her ever since. During her time in Hoenn, she intended to get him to evolve to become a Marowak, but he seemed reluctant and kept resisting any signs of evolution. Eventually, she caved and got him an Everstone to prevent him from evolving to his next form.
Other: - Carries a small Everstone in a small bracelet around his left arm.
- Moveset is: Iron Head, Bone Rush, Boomerang, and Flamethrower.
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Name: Jasper Harcourt
Gender: Male
Type Specialty: Ghost
Age: 28

Jasper stands at average height, at about 5'9”. He's always led an active lifestyle through his pokemon journey and now with his Elite Five duties, giving him a trim, fit body type. He has choppy dark steel-blue hair that falls nearly to his shoulders at its longest points. His eyes are a piercing golden yellow, in contrast to the rest of his darker appearance. He has a long face shape with a pointed chin and a long but thin nose.

He tries to dress to impress but isn't a fan of that old-timey look some of the other ghost specialists seem to favour. Instead, he dons a trademark black leather jacket, usually with a red shirt bearing the pokemon league's logo (“good for advertising the merch”) and damaged jeans. He also wears a number of black bracelets and has a drop necklace with a large ghost-type symbol on the end of it that contains a Key Stone. His clothing choices are offset by thick prescription lenses that he wears to correct nearsightedness. He can sort of get around without them (at least in a “fake it until you can hear who you're talking to” sort of way), but considering he can't see even a quarter way across the battle arena with his normal vision, they're a necessity for league matches. His newest bling addition is several ear piercings, which he wrote in his autobiography was a requirement by the new champion.

Personality: Jasper has a calm and mature aura about him that contradicts with his personality once you get to know him a little better. He takes great joy in making quips at and messing with his friends and co-workers – especially the newest Elite Five members and the champion when he can get away with it. In truth, he holds all of them in high regard and has a ton of respect and love for them – but he's never going to let them know that, so long as he can get away with it. He can be a bit of a prankster in this regard too, especially with the wide array of ghost pokemon at his disposal that are perfect for scaring the living daylights out of anybody at any time. He also uses these tactics to unnerve challengers from picking him to challenge first. He likes to pretend it's because he's lazy and would rather slack off and let the other Elite Five members pick challengers off first, but in truth he adores his job and is more excited about a battle when he knows a challenger has already bested his coworkers.

He's surprisingly chatty, and especially if you get him onto a subject that he's passionate about, it can be difficult to shut him up. He gets most of this energy out via writing though, as well as talking to his rotom, Pixel. If it weren't for Pixel figuring out how to possess electronics with speakers, he'd probably talk to himself any time he was without human company. It's more this fact than anything that he got into writing – mostly books detailing his training techniques and tales of grandeur about battles past. How true any of them are is up for debate – he definitely exaggerates certain details or skips over some he'd rather the public not be aware of.

Jasper is a night owl, partially out of necessity as ghost-types get more out of training when they're in their element at the witching hour. He can be very grumpy in the morning, especially if he has to wake up early. The number of mean-spirited quips he makes at others quadruples when he's tired, and he will take poorly to anyone trying to engage him in legitimate conversation before his brain is fully functional. Despite this, he will mock early birds for their inability to stay awake at night, as if oblivious to his own inability to function at their respective prime time.

He can be awkward when he has to be empathetic, as his instinct to make light of the situation is sometimes the worst reaction to have to somebody in pain. He feels like he goes into panic mode if he sees another person crying, especially if he knows them well enough that he can't just turn a blind eye to their emotions. He doesn't like to go to others if he's upset either, and will either rant to Pixel or internalize everything. He doesn't like talking about negative things, and in general is a positive-minded person.

“Do you think I should start all the way at the beginning? 'I was born and raised in Floaroma Town. In the spring the air was so thick with pollen I could barely breathe, but the scent of those gorgeous blossoms as they opened themselves wide to the heavens and lit up the ground like a rainbow... I'll never forget it. It's the smell of home.' But eh, I was born in the dead of winter anyway. In the middle of a blizzard. Everything was dead. Yeah, that's more fitting; the publishers'll like that.”

Zrrt! Leave it in! Good for Sinnoh tourizzzzm!”

Jasper shrugged at his rotom, nicknamed Pixel, who was currently inhabiting the tablet he used for writing. ...It was a slow day at the League. “Fine. But if my autobiography tanks, it's on you. Anyways, where was I... Oh, right. Parents had normal boring jobs, I was outside a ton as a kid, life was good. I had an older brother too, Aiden. He was a total jerk to me growing up, always pushing me around, but he died when I was seven. Fast-forwarding to adulthood - ”

Zrrt! Wait, wait, wait! You can't juzzzt glozz over your brother like that!”

“Why not? I hate talking about it. I guess it did kind of lead me to where I am today... nah, I can abridge it, let's skip ahead - ”

“Azzzz your head editor, you gotta spill the detailz!”

Jasper was quiet for a few moments. He hadn't had a great relationship with his brother as a kid, but when Aiden had been caught up in a dare with some of his “friends” and drowned in the fast rapids just outside of town... everything changed. “It was like my whole world shifted...” he muttered, Pixel eagerly writing down every word. “Maybe sometimes I wished Aiden was dead... and I felt so, so guilty about that afterward. I'd do anything to take those thoughts back, anything to make life go back to normal – to make my parents smile again, to lift that dark cloud over my heart. There wasn't anything I could do. But I heard a rumour. I went outside of town to the Valley Windworks. That's when they found me.” Jasper's eyes glossed over, a small smile tugging at his lips. “I should have been terrified, right? A swarm of drifloon descending on me like a pride of pyroar on a bunnelby – er, Sinnohfy that one for the target audience, Pixel.”

Zrrt! Flock of staravia on a kricketot!”

“Sure, whatever. But it was incredible... The flowers of my hometown were nothing compared to the void of the afterlife. The eyes of my ancestors, the incredible broadness of it all – I don't know how to describe it Pixel, and the conversation I had with my brother, I... just let me write it myself later, okay?”

“Whatever you say, chief!”

“I think I was meant to stay there, but maybe the drifloon sensed how absolutely grateful I was for the opportunity. Maybe they saw something in me I didn't recognize in myself yet – I really don't know, but obviously I didn't stay in the afterlife. The drifloon who brought me back ended up being my first pokemon. I named him Alonso – dunno why, I was a kid. Kids are weird. Speaking of kids being weird, I grew more and more interested in ghost pokemon and the other side I'd been so blessed to visit. Oh, and before you ask, yes were my parents ever concerned about me. My Arceus, where would I be if I'd listened to them and ignored my calling? I just got sneakier about it – and left home when I was ten. In fact, I didn't just leave home – I left Sinnoh.”

“To Kalozz, where you met me! I can take it from here!”

Jasper chuckled. “I met you when I was sixteen, in the Lost Hotel. You just skipped over six years and six gym badges - but hey, you're the editor.”

Zrrrughh, alright, alright, so you got to Kalozz aaaaand?”

“Met up with the most ridiculous group of kids the world had ever seen. I loved those guys to death – still do, wish I could visit more often. Alas, Sawyer's holding me prisoner with his 'you can't just leave the country with no notice' nonsense. Anyways, they were mostly from Kalos. Few of 'em found their calling elsewhere, but the rest of us stuck through it the whole journey. I didn't just train ghost types at first either – do you remember that gogoat we thought we could ride on between towns? No idea why we thought that was a good idea.”

“Not really. I think by the time you found me it was a ghostzz only club.”

“Ah, yeah, true. I'd caught Dante and Thea by then, and Alonso had evolved. I'll write those stories separately. You quickly became my favourite cell phone, Pixel; you'll always have that. And now you're my favourite vacuum cleaner, too.”


“Anyways, finished the gym challenge when I was eighteen and had started training for an opportunity to challenge the Kalos Elite Four. I learned so much over eight years. I grew up traveling around Kalos, meeting new people, studying new pokemon, and learning how to be creative with the pokemon at my disposal. It all came down to this. I had to switch Alonso out of my team, which was hard at the time – he just wasn't battling as well as he used to. I figured maybe he was getting old, I mean, who knows how old he was when I caught him, right? Challenged the Elite Four – really fun battles, all four of them. I have some notes from back then documented somewhere; you can borrow those for details. I'd earned the right to challenge Diantha – but she wasn't available right away, so we set a date for the championship match to be held a week later...”

Jasper fell quiet, then let out a slow sigh.

Pixel floated closer. “...I took the call from the pokemon centre.”

“Alonso... just like that, he had slipped away from us. Back to where I first met him. Back to the realm nobody on this planet can truly comprehend. I knew he was in a better place, but I... I wasn't with him. I was so focused on training for that big battle that – I didn't even realize how sick he had gotten. Maybe I was just young and disillusioned into thinking he was immortal. Ghost types may border the afterlife, but they only share it when their life, too, comes to an end. I learned that the hard way. One of the worst days of my life was compounded when I had to forfeit the match I'd been looking forward to for half my life. Diantha was really nice about it though – made it seem like it was no big deal to completely cancel the event. Ha – I know better now. But even though we didn't battle then, she saw potential in me – and when Olympia had to retire for a while due to a health scare, I was happy to step up when Diantha requested it.”

Zrrt! I mizz Anistar City!”

“Same here, Pixel. The sting of salty air, the crisp sea breeze – it's just as much home as Floaroma Town, now. What a gorgeous city – and the gym! Olympia was an artistic genius if she was the one who designed it. I'm glad she's doing better now, but the three years I was in charge of it were wonderful. Wish they'd kept the ghost typing when I'd left. I learned so much when I was there – I'd spend time devising new strategies while watching other ghost experts on old replays in the backroom whenever I wasn't battling.”

“Made your rematch with Diantha a piece of cake!”

Jasper's mouth twitched into a grin. “Oh, I wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say that at all. What an incredible display of power! Even Dante was having trouble against her gardevoir! Two mega evolutions showcasing their full potential – there's nothing in this realm like it. I won but declined the champion title. Kalos needed Diantha. And, turns out, Sinnoh needed me.”

Zrrt! Elite Five task force, go!”

“There was nothing left in Kalos for me anyways – it was time to return home, and my timing couldn't have been better. After many test battles and interviews and legal jargon, here I am, a member of the Sinnoh Elite Five. Make it sound at least ten times more epic than that, though. Throw in some fire or something. Anyways, now I spend all day battling and all night saving the world. We really needed that fifth member.” Jasper glanced around the empty battleground and shrugged. “Uh, most days. Seriously, it can get hard, right?”

“Yep, totally haven't been hanging out in your tablet all morning.”

“Exactly. The last few years have been great for us, though. Got a few books published, had a lot of fantastic battles, met my (mostly) amazing coworkers...”

“Saw a new champion crowned!”

“Sawyer...” Jasper grinned. “He chose to face me last, remember? Can't imagine why.” A shrieking haunter echoed just outside the entryway. “I remember the others he'd already defeated coming here to watch the match. That should have been my first clue. I know the media said it was a close battle, but it wasn't. He was outplaying me at every turn, and I knew straight away that he was going to be our new champion. What an incredible trainer. A strange man, maybe, but I have never seen prowess like that. It outmatched my experience with Diantha, if I'm being honest. I'm proud to have lost. There was no shame – just a fantastic battle.”

“...You don't seriously want me to write that, do you?”

Jasper scoffed. “No way. That'll give the kid a big head. Just read the media reports and go off those.”

The door to the battle arena gave a deafeningly loud creak, and the ten pokemon Jasper had set outside piled in with a chorus of dissonant screeching. The man they'd failed to scare off gave a confident grin and approached the arena. Jasper rolled his eyes. “Mimi!” he yelled toward the open door. “Seriously? That's the third one this week!” Man, it was fun to mess with the newbies.

“Actually,” the challenger said, reaching for his first pokeball, “you're my first battle.”

Jasper blinked as if surprised and snapped his fingers. The door slammed shut and the stadium lights flickered out, replaced instead by firelight from the torches placed around the arena and the chandelier above them. “In that case...” Jasper reached for his belt and adjusted his glasses. “I will make sure that this will be as far as you go.”

- His favourite food is risotto. He also adores dark chocolate and misses the macarons from Kalos terribly.
- He dislikes bug pokemon - something about them just makes his spine tingle. Maybe if a certain somebody didn't let their hoard of baby joltik out wherever he pleased.


Species: Sableye (mega)
Name: Dante
Gender: Male
Appearance: Nothing out of the ordinary, other than his mouth is almost always curled into a creepy smirk.
Personality: Pretty quiet and unassuming, despite being Jasper's ace pokemon and having numerous accolades under his hypothetical belt. He has a weird habit of cackling randomly to unnerve others and loves to hide and jump out of nowhere to scare people. Jasper's other pokemon look up to him as their leader of sorts and give him a lot of respect – and a wide berth.
History: “Ah, Dante. I met him in Reflections Cave in Kalos – I had no idea back then what this little guy was capable of, though he gave us one hell of a battle. And yeah, he's always been this quiet and creepy, I adore it about him. Chatty pokemon are the worst.”

Zrrt! Hey!”

“And then, naturally, I had to go on a long quest to find a sablenite. Actually bought it off a sketchy rare items trader for a hefty sum, and I wasn't sure if it was the real deal at first – obviously it was, oh, you should have seen Dante the first time he mega-evolved. I knew I had a champion-worthy pokemon on my hands right at that moment. Incredible. He became my signature pokemon, the “one who beat Diantha”, and I'm so proud at everything we've accomplished together.”

Species: Chandelure
Name: Thea
Gender: Female
Appearance: Nothing out of the ordinary. Jasper swears her lights are brighter than the average chandelure's but... they aren't.
Personality: Can be shy around new pokemon. Jasper is always encouraging her to socialize more with the others, but usually you can find her hanging around the top of the arena when she isn't battling, enjoying solitude.
History: “Actually, I caught Thea just a few days before I caught you, Pixel, in the Lost Hotel. Arceus, I loved that place. My group kept trying to get me to “move on to Dendemille Town, already!” but I knew that place was a goldmine for ghost type pokemon, and hey, I ended up meeting two of my best friends there.”


“But yeah, Thea was so shy when I first caught her as a litwick. Pretty sure she was still a baby, so she warmed up to me pretty quickly, but, uh, not really to anyone else. Ever. But I see her loyalty whenever we battle together. She pretty much single-handedly swept Wulfrick's team. Sometimes I remember back when she was a little litwick and I get a little emotional. I wish I had more baby pictures of all of you guys. Sawyer would go nuts for them... but maybe I'm biased.”

Species: Rotom [various forms]
Name: Pixel
Gender: Genderless – doesn't really care what you call them pronoun-wise, but will be quick to remind you they have no genetalia, if only to elicit a reaction.
Appearance: Usually is possessing Jasper's cell phone or writing tablet so that they can speak. Both devices turn from their usual grey to red with large eyes whenever possessed, and can float.
Personality: Typical of rotom, loves to possess electronics and rivals Jasper in terms of chattiness. They can talk if they're possessing an electronic with a speaker. Very friendly, but has a sarcastic streak and, like their trainer, loves to mess with the other Elite Five members.
History: “Zrrt! That'zz me!”

“Yeah, I caught you in the Lost Hotel back in Kalos, but you can probably detail that battle better than I can.”

“To be honest, I jumped at you hoping you'd catch me! I'd always wanted to leave town, go on a journey, and I picked the perfect trainer!”

“Thanks buddy, you're pretty cool too. Took you a while to figure out you could talk though – the day you went into my cellphone changed my life forever. I had a rotom phone before it was cool. Still can't decide if it was a good or bad change, though.”

“Ha ha ha. I am laughing so very hard.”

“I think your best battle was against Siebold. Pretty sure the last thing he was expecting to see was a lawnmower. I think he had half a mind to disqualify us - sore loser, ha!”

Species: Dusknoir
Name: Gray
Gender: Male
Appearance: Larger than normal, otherwise typical.
Personality: Despite his intimidating stature and commanding power in the arena, Gray is really just a big teddy bear to smaller and younger pokemon. He gets sad when others get scared off by him – unless it's in a battle scenario, then he takes great joy in it.
History: “Real creative nickname there, Jazzzper. Not that mine was much better.”

“Hey, it's fitting. Not important – I caught Gray when he was a duskull back when I was running the Anistar Gym. His size really stood out to me the most; he was huge. I just had to catch him, you know? He's really a sweetheart deep down, even though he stayed just as big when he evolved. He's such a solid battler too, can take some powerful hits. Gah, I love this guy. No idea why Sawyer's so freaked out by him, but my Arceus is it ever fun to send Gray into his room with a message or something. And he wonders why I don't just send you, Pixel – because that's not as fun, obviously!”

Species: Dragapult
Name: Viper
Gender: Female
Appearance: Typical appearance, but has a habit of phasing in and out of transparency.
Personality: Powerful and she knows it, and fearless in battle. The dreepy that hang around the arena are actually her children, and they adore her. She has a huge sweet tooth and will stalk anybody who has food on their person, hoping they'll give her some. Jasper likes to encourage others to feed her since this reinforces the behaviour, and means they will have a giant ghost dragon popping up in their room at midnight begging for treats. This mental image amuses Jasper to no end.
History: “Remember that gogoat I mentioned a while back? Yeah, I traded him for a dreepy egg with some weird lady from Galar who was breeding them like they were going out of style. I guess you can't even register a gogoat in the pokedex in Galar, so it was, uh, maybe slightly illegal, but whatever.”

“Viper'zzz really awesome! The way she launches her kids across the battlefield, zoom, I want to try it sometime!”

“Yeah, mom of the year. That's Viper for you, I guess. Never did figure out who the father was, damn horny buggers, none will fess up. We're gonna be drowning in dreepy if I don't do something soon, though. Ugh, last thing I want is for them to become the new joltik around here.”

Species: Shedinja
Name: Bogglette
Gender: Genderless, but came from a female nincada, so Jasper uses female pronouns.
Appearance: Typical appearance. Unmoving and expressionless.
Personality: Doesn't have much of one. It's hard to even tell if she's awake or not.
History: “When Ashley asked if I wanted his nincada's dead husk, I honestly had no idea what he meant by that. But what a cool addition Bogs has been to my arsenal recently. Super low maintenance too – she can't even eat, doesn't really interact, but she can battle. Oh boy, can she ever battle! It's the best feeling when nothing the opponent can do will hurt her, and the match ends in forfeit.”

"You gonna mention that you used the wrong pronouns for six months before Ashley corrected you?"

"Hey, technically she's genderless. And I don't think she cares either way. ...I don't think she cares about anything, really."

“Can I be honest? I'm terrified of her.”

“Same – but that's why I love her.”
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I'll go back and add some cross-character stuff after discussing some things, but otherwise it's done!
: Camilla Jimenez
Gender: Female
Type Specialty: Electric
Age: 26

Camilla is roughly average height, appearing taller or shorter depending on the shoes she wears. In flats, she is about 5’ 5” with a subtle, hidden muscular build. She doesn’t look like it, but under her slim appearance is a strong body. Her skin is dark in tone and smooth with a few minor scars along her arms and legs. The majority of her hair is dark brown, nearly black, but the last three inches or so are dyed a light, grass green. It’s total length reaches around the end of her shoulder blades and is thick, difficult to manage. She usually puts it up in a ponytail or fashionable braid. Her eyes are hazel, ranging from silvery to orange. Above her right ankle she has a tattoo of a single feather and though she says she has more, it’s a lie just to get people curious because she finds it funny.

As for fashion, Camilla has connections to the Unova fashion industry and always does her best to stay up to date with trends. Currently, it her outfits consist of lots of pastel and faded colors in tandem with black or grey. Floral patterns are popular as are layers with jackets or cardigans. She prefers a pain of plain pants, short or long with the weather, in pale colors. Her top layers switch between the undershirt and the jacket being the more pastel color and she always has a fun pattern, usually showcasing something natury. Other than that, silver jewelry is in and she wears fairly plain footwear like black sneakers.

Personality: Camilla has the most responsible personality of the Elite. She always makes sure to stay up to date on anything work related and never misses an appointment. Amazingly, she never needs to make notes for herself-she just has an instinct for keeping track of things. More than that, she presents herself professionally wherever she goes. There is a lot of power to her position and she wants to represent her region with pride. This makes her appear cold initially towards people outside her inner circle. Some of this is due to her upbringing with business-minded parents, but rather than going through a rebellious phase and ruining her image, she always kept things clean cut.

That’s not to say Camilla is a stick in the mud. Far from it. She is the life of most parties and has endless stories to share of wild (and questionably legal) adventures. Then how does she keep such a spotless record? Camilla is a fantastic speaker. She easily talks circles around people, turning debates into her favor and playing devil's advocate just for fun. When people try calling her out on something, she quickly spins the story in her favor and moves along to get them to forget about any transgressions. Obviously there are people who can see through her magic tongue, but she either avoids them or befriends them.

Concerning friends, Camilla attracts a rowdy crowd and she revels in it. Her friends like staying late at bars joking with the bartender while betting on games of pool. They have harmless fun or make sure the fun they’re having will only be a harm to themselves. People of a more sensitive nature will not have a good time around Camilla if she’s being open and honest. She can be harsh with truths and will move along if someone is feeling hurt from something she said. Her sense of humor tends to be crude as well.

This isn’t to say Camilla doesn’t care. Once she realizes she’s hurt someone, she knows she needs to walk away to avoid making things worse. She has a great sense of empathy and can easily help others with their problems. Often, she knows what’s wrong with someone before they approach her. She just knows if she causes a problem, someone else will need to be able to fix it. She isn’t really aware of how to help people she’s hurt and simply gives them space and time, will listen to their side, and be ready to be forgiven or left behind. In fact, she’s usually quiet about her own personal views and keeps her emotions bottled up. She doesn’t want to be a burden to others and will deal with hardships on her own or with her Pokemon team. Unless she’s with her close friend, she’s most introverted and keeps to herself.

History: Camilla has been a member of the E5 for roughly 5 years, but everything started 26 years ago when she was born in Mahogany Town of Johto. She had an older sister and a few years later a younger brother and the trio were inesperable. Their parents were workaholic business types that were not very present during their upbringing. Camilla, her sister Vanessa, and her brother Miguel all raised each other and were all passionate about Pokemon. Vanessa started her journey at 10, but went back to school at 15 to study Pokemon physiology. Camilla went to school when she was 10 two years later and decided to study Pokemon breeding and behavioral training. Finally, Miguel went on his Pokemon journey at 10 and took on the gym challenge. While they all took different paths in life, they all stayed closely connected.

Camilla finished her training at age 15 and immediately took up a job with a breeding ranch near Olivine City. After Miguel finished defeating the gym leaders (13 yrs old), he took on the Elite Four of Johto and won. Everyone expected him to take on the champion as well, but he surprised them and left for Unova. During this time, Vanessa (17 yrs old) was in her second year of being an official Pokemon Ranger for Sinnoh. The sisters visited each other frequently and often made plans to visit their brother out in Sinnoh as he was incredibly busy training to take on the Unova Elite Four. By now their parents were far more interested in what their kids were doing and they tried to involve themselves at every turn without success. They sent messages and made surprise visits to continue pressuring their children to do good in the family name. The siblings simply rolled their eyes and distanced themselves from their parents further.

At 17, after two years of training and breeding, Camilla was content with her path in life. She was incredibly successful with instilling desired behaviors as well as rehabilitating traumatized Pokemon. In fact, she often collaborated with her sister who would occasionally have rescued Pokemon that couldn’t be returned to the wild or handled by the average trainer. Her brother was making slower progress through Unova, but he was making connections and close friends. In fact, rather than ambitiously pursuing the Elite Four, he was encouraging Camilla to attempt the gym challenge in Johto. He liked what he saw of her Pokemon training at the ranch and thought she would make an incredible trainer. In the past, she had battled other trainers from time to time, but never felt challenged by it. Miguel and Vanessa convinced her the Gym Leaders were far more talented and would give her a proper hard time. She caved to the sibling pressure and started facing the Johto Gyms.

In a year in a half, Camilla got all the badges and felt a drive and passion she hadn’t realized she was missing. All her work on raising Pokemon from birth and adjusting their behavior taught her how to be an effective trainer without her knowing. Now that she had all the badges, she wanted to challenge the Elite Four like her younger brother. Both her siblings came by to encourage her the day of her challenge, but she failed after the second Elite member. It was a tough blow, especially considering her brother was considerably younger when he completed his own circuit. That didn’t stop her though. Instead, she became more determined and worked through the gyms in Kanto. Then she moved on to Sinnoh to trainer further and spend more time with her siblings.

After 3 years, she had all her badges from Kanto and Sinnoh, but still feared facing the Elite Four. By this point, Miguel had also defeated the Unova Gym Leaders and was in a serious relationship which slowed down his Pokemon trainer journey, but he was in Sinnoh as well. Vanessa was in a leadership position with the Pokemon Rangers of Sinnoh and all the siblings were together. Camilla stopped dragging her feet around age 20 and finally challenged the Sinnoh Elite Four. She was doing great, passing through each member with smooth skill. When she got to Cynthia, it was a very close match. It was down to one Pokemon each in the end, but Cynthia pulled through. Impressed, she spoke to Camilla privately and asked her to put together a Pokemon team of a single type and return to challenge her again. If she liked what she saw, Cynthia would offer her a position on the Elite Four.

Camilla was both proud of the offer and terrified of it. She didn’t tell any of her parents or siblings, but she did start travelling to put together her mono-type team. Her brother had an idea of what was happening, but stayed quiet and worked on his own training. She returned to Sinnoh ready to face the Elite Four again with a team of only electric types. While she often relied on type advantage when battling, she now had to rely on the training she and her Pokemon went through together. It was difficult, but once again she made it to fight against Cynthia. Rather than battle her though, Cynthia offered her a position as one of her members was looking to retire. Though Camilla greatly desired a rematch, she accepted the offer instead and became one of the Elite Four at the age of 21. Though young, she has years of experience and the support of her siblings to help make her a talented member to face for the average challenger.

Since joining, her brother got even more serious with his girlfriend and Vanessa continues managing her sector of the Sinnoh Pokemon Rangers. On the side, Camilla spends her time volunteering with Pokemon rehabilitation, especially at the nearby aviary. One of the challengers, Ethan, struck up a strong friendship with her and got a position helping out around the league with technology. She also continues behavior training and breeding when she finds the time. While Vanessa is still around, she’s incredibly busy. Migeul has moved away from Sinnoh and gone back to Unova to get work and be closer with his girlfriend. Camilla appreciates her fellow Elite 5 members and the work she does. She’s happy to have found a new normal.



Species: Luxray
Name: Leonida, Leo
Gender: Female

Appearance: Leo’s yellow markings are brighter than her blue markings. The tuft of fur at the end of her tail is bigger and floppier than those of other Luxray.

Personality: Leo is a skittish, yet fiercely loyal partner. She’s terribly skittish when playing around, but on the battlefield she will not hesitate nor hold back. After years of training, she is the most powerful on the team. One of Camilla’s successfully trained Pokemon, Leo understands hundreds of verbal and nonverbal commands and will follow them without question. Leo is also the biggest cuddlebug and will jump into anyone’s lap who is sitting. She and Spartacus are the most energetic and are usually running around with each other.

History: Leo the Shinx was the first Pokemon Camilla caught in Sinnoh when she was 16. Her brother also had one whom she was friendly with and she was incredibly excited to now own one herself. Leo became an invaluable partner for Camilla during her gym runs and she was there during their first challenge against the Sinnoh Elite Four. Camilla knew she had to stay on her team and was a major choice on which type she should specialize in. Leo was also a good example to new Pokemon on the team when it came to training. She helped them learn the ropes and adjust to Camilla’s training structure. Now she is happy to be a useful asset to the team and belong to the Elite 5.


Species: Galvantula
Name: Attila
Gender: Male

Appearance: It is unsure if Attila is actually a shiny Galvantula or if he simply has a slightly different shade of blue fur around his legs. It’s darker than average, but not as dark as most shinies of his species. He’s also larger than average.

Personality: Attila is a large and lazy Pokemon. He has little motivation for anything that isn’t battling or food. Once he’s found a nice sunny spot, he can sit there all day dozing on and off. As soon as he hears there’s a battle or training, he perks up and gets extremely competitive. He knows what he likes and doesn’t waste a minute doing anything else. All the baby Jolitk will swarm around him throughout the day, but he will playfully bat them away, pretending not to care. Deep down, he really cares about his teammates, but he’s too lazy to admit or deny it.

History: Camilla’s brother Miguel found a mysteriously small egg one night on his windowsill in Unova. Not knowing much about raising an egg, he gifted it to Camilla who was still working at the ranch, when she was 17. He hatched a few months later, longer than normal, and was a happy, healthy Joltik. When asked if he wanted it, Miguel agreed and kept him as more of a team mascot than a competitive player. Attila enjoyed the lax life he had, but years later when Camilla was looking for electric types, Miguel remembered the little electric tick and offered him as a gift in return for hatching him in the first place. Camilla agreed and put him to battling which he found he really enjoyed. Since then, he’s been a structural member of the team.


Species: Zebstrika
Name: Victorio, Vic
Gender: Male

Appearance: Vic has multiple burn marks along his body, mostly around his chest and upper torso including his front legs. The scars are white and make his skin look crinkled in those places; it’s mostly smooth and has a tiny amount of hair starting to grow.

Personality: Vic is the king of drama on Camilla’s team. He will overactive to everything and do things that will garner a reaction. Anything to give him attention is good in his book. He holds himself in high regard though and acts properly, and sometimes, pompously. He wants everyone watching him except behind closed doors. Secretly, he seriously enjoys eating and he’s a big pushover. He puts on a tough and feisty front, but isn’t a softie under it all.

History: Vic was a wild Zebstrika in the fields of Unova. Unfortunately, a wildfire drove his herd into a dangerous place and he wasn’t able to make it out with his family. Others also got caught in the blaze and Unovan Pokemon Rangers were where to help. Some of them were transferred to the Sinnoh base for healing, including Vic and Lozen. When Camilla was looking for electric types, her sister Vanessa mentioned the Zebstrika and Emolga that were brought to them with no real way to return them safely to their habitat. Camilla swooped in to adopt them and began training them for her team.


Species: Electrivire
Name: Lionheart
Gender: Male

Appearance: Lionheart keeps his dual, black tails pointed down and out rather than up, but otherwise looks like any other of his species. His face fur is always a tad more disheveled than usual.

Personality: Though Lionheart looks large and intimidating, he is the kindest player on the team. He is warm, welcoming, and accepting of everyone he meets. He can be a bit dense and doesn’t get more complex humor or deep, existential topics, but he stays happy regardless. ‘Ignorance is bliss’ would most likely be his life motto. One of his favorite things to do is wrestle and while he’s the champion wrestler on the team, some of the others on the E5 are able to go toe to toe with him.

History: Lionheart was hatched as an Elekid from Camilla’s ranch and returned to the young trainer who owned his parents. A few years later, he returned and said the Elekid wouldn’t evolve and wasn’t a good battler, that he was lazy. He became a bit of a mascot around the ranch, but still never evolved. When Camilla began her Johto Gym run, she picked up Lionheart and worked her magic. In almost no time, he was evolved and a strong player on her team. She often swapped him out with Leo to keep a balanced team, but he didn’t mind spending time with one of her siblings or staying at the ranch when he wasn’t needed. Now he’s a permanent member and does his best to be a fierce challenge for the E5.


Species: Jolteon
Name: Spartacus
Gender: Male

Appearance: Spartacus has darkened spots on his fur all across his hind legs and back. They are birthmarks that most people refer to as freckles since that’s what they look most like.

Personality: Spartacus is the youth and life of the team. He behaves like a child, at times like a toddler. Clumsy at times, he seems to have an endless vault of energy in his little body. He can’t sit still and enjoys finding larger Pokemon to tease and be chased by. Once he gets a hold of his favorite toy, he’ll settle down, or unless he runs himself into a stupor. He’s quick on his feet and thinks just as quickly. He gets himself in trouble often and he’s far too smart for his own good. Also a big cuddler like Leo and uses his powers of cuteness to help others feel better.

History: At one point, the ranch Camilla worked at had a number of Eevee eggs donated. They were salvaged from an illegal breeding circle and their people were trusted with taking care of the young new Eevees. Once they hatched, Camilla was about to start her Pokemon Journey so she took one of the runts with her that was covered in birthmarks. They were sure no one would adopt him. After they spent time in Kanto, Camilla came upon a Thunder Stone. Even though she already had Leo for a strong electric type, Spartacus was insistent on evolving into Jolteon to be like his “older sister” Leo. Camilla acquiesced and kept him as a member for a long time. He stayed with Vanessa often though, being a substitute Ranger Pokemon during busy seasons of natural disasters. Once Camilla started scouting for electric types she knew Spartacus would be part of her team.


Species: Emolga
Name: Lozen
Gender: Female

Appearance: Lozen has a part of the tip of her tail missing due to a wildfire. There’s no fur grown there, but it healed nicely and doesn’t look terrible.

Personality: Lozen is a bit of a primadana. She thoroughly enjoys all sort of drama. High maintenance and demanding, she can be quite the handful in one of her moods. On a regular day though she’s all kinds of sweet and innocent. It’s just like a switch in her brain where she goes from sugar to spice. Though not the brightest bulb in the drawer, she can be manipulative and is always a fan of a good prank.

History: Lozen was a free-spirited wild Emolga in Unova. She enjoyed following random herds of other Pokemon and would steal their food and tease them. It was fun. Unfortunately, one year she was harassing a herd of Blitzle and Zebstrika when there was a wildfire. She couldn’t fly straight through the smoke and got caught with her tail on fire. Pokemon Rangers in the area helped save her, but she needed to be sent to Sinnoh Rangers with more supplies to treat her along with a handful of others. She was adopted by Camilla with Vic and was happy to have new Pokemon to annoy and a trainer to take care of her.
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