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Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige! (759)


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I don't really like the "-chan to -ette" localization. Would've been better if the Pokemon were given girlish name.


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Loved the episode.. it had a first season kanto vibe to it! It was awesome! it kinda reminded me when ash dressed like a girl to get into the Celadon Gym :p

I loved that pikachu had like cardboard or whatever taped to his tailto show the female difference. I got a good laugh from that.. also in the beggining when ash had that sandwich stuck in his mouth talking.

The intro to Adventures in unova is alright.. but I'm sure it will grow on me the more I see it, they usually do. was hoping they would have mixed in some of the N opening with it since the trailer showed scenes from episode N episodes...,..but ahhh well.


While I actually got a few chuckles out of this episode (Including Ash in the same girl costume from Season 1), I was real disappointed in the opening. At first, i was thinking they were gonna badly alter the N-style opening but they didn't use it at all!!

I wish I can be on the PUSA dubbed-writing/voicing/editing team. I'd be a triple threat cuz I have skills in those departments from Film Production in college


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Who knows though; they might rebrand the Adventures in Unova opening with the N version when that saga starts.


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While I actually got a few chuckles out of this episode (Including Ash in the same girl costume from Season 1), I was real disappointed in the opening. At first, i was thinking they were gonna badly alter the N-style opening but they didn't use it at all!!

I wish I can be on the PUSA dubbed-writing/voicing/editing team. I'd be a triple threat cuz I have skills in those departments from Film Production in college
actually it was not the same as season one.. it's close but not the same.


yeah it's possible,..but not likely.. thoguh they did for galactic battles

another thing i enjoyed is how thye just ran away at the end... not seen so much fun like that in an episode in a longtime. thoguh I was hoping they would have showed them they were who they were,..but i guess beating them at their game was just enoguh for the trio lol


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Oh my god, what I wouldn't haven given to have Ash run out at the end in his dress, have Paul walking by and see him, and he just shakes his head and walks away.

Got a few laughs out of this one.
I loved this episode. Besides the fact that TRio didn't appear, this really felt like a Kanto filler.
Felt like the Sabrina Gym one in terms of "Ashley," but more like a Kanto filler in terms of plot. I like how the Unova anime has some subtle correlations with the Kanto anime. It feels nice.
I didn't know how to convey how much I enjoyed this episode an any better way than Sushi did, so I borrowed a few things from her review. :>

Anyway, let's get to work on this review.

This episode was a wicked, I really thought it was something awesome.

Dialogue was amazing! I did not expect the dub dialogue to be so good, the use of words and phrases in the script came off as so well done. No awkward phrases, wording, or unrealistic speak at all. All the cliche, "Yay Friends!", "Yay Pokemon!", "Yay League!" stuff was dealt with at the beginning of the episode and that allowed for a ridiculously colorful pallet of words and phrases that were so refreshing to the ears. TPCi gets props on their job on not making the dialogue too repetitive too, no "Without batting an eyelash!" or "This is no time for them to be fighting!"-type phrases at all. The only redundant word in the script was the constant use of "unattractive" but that's perfectly fine since it's very much relevant to Moira's uppercrust nature. Otherwise we got use of very vivid and non-commonly-used words and I loved it.

Pignite roasting Oshawott during their little spat was amusing, how ironic is it the pig is the slowest eater? Liked seeing Cinccino, it has a nice design and is a rodent as well as two uncommonly seen Pokemon in Roserade and Lilligant. Moira thinking Snivy was Iris's Pokemon at the beginning of the episode was just so choice, I know I'm probably making a mountain out of a molehill but that seems like a real life occurrence that could happen. I just love how Iris was so nonchalant toward anything girly, especially when you consider how Dawn and Misty both valued their looks heavily. Though May did to an extent it wasn't emphasized as nearly as much with the former two.

Ash's female voice was too convincing! Sarah Natochenny is pretty good when she's doing a feminine voice like that, too bad she doesn't voice a female recurring character because I really liked her voice. Why wasn't she that good when she voiced Solidad? I've become so used to hearing the same set of 4kids, FUNI, Viz, VAs that circulate throughout the American Dub industry that hearing something different was really nice. This is why younger and talented VAs should be hired for anime dubbing more often. Speaking of which, Moira and her gang just had such flawless voices. Jason Griffith's female voice, that guy did a good job I have to admit. Dub music that played when Emolga gained the upper hand against Roserade was good, probably one of my favorite pieces of dub music, it also played when Elesa's Emolga battled Ash's Palpitoad and it really is a nice piece of quality music imo. Like some effort was put into it.

Pikachu and Pansage crossdressed was funny, Iris's hair was amazing. Didn't have a probably with the use of "ette" as everyone else did, I actually thought the overly femininity of it coupled with the fact that Moira and her clique had very stuck-up demeanor made it very fitting compared to something like "Miss." Cilan's small snark at Ash about him never looking in the mirror was amusing and I liked his costume.

I thought when Moira and Minana whispered they at least knew that Iris was indeed the girl they had insulted earlier. Ashley and Cilanoir XD

The balance beam matches were magnificent, again the art of walking on a balance beam is pretty feminine itself due to the fact it takes grace and finesse. It fell right in perfectly with the whole ladylike motif of the episode. Snivy pulling a judo throw and tossing Cinccino into the mud like that was pretty cool. For some reason I really liked how the Pokedex info was actually relevant and helpful this episode. It reminds me so much of Pokemon Adventures in which the Pokedex is treated like a very rare and very useful item that could decide the fate of the battle, the fact it told the gang about Cinccino's fur's special oil and Iris playing on that later on with Leaf Storm to wipe it away was anything short of innovative and was nice to see.

Battle-wise the battles didn't have much strategy, unless you count Emolga's use of gliding and Snivy's Leaf Storm-wiping strategy.(I do but your YYMV.) That doesn't matter since the battles were more about entertaining and revenge and not the central end-all be-all of the episode like a Gym Battle episode. Here's another point I have, I've noticed that recently in Pokemon the ability to fly is treated as very prestigious, like it's something very useful in battle now in recent series. Emolga's gliding apparently made all the difference in her battles. I dunno, Zoey said Togekiss's ability to fly made it an extremely tough opponent
and Dragonite's ability of flight might have given Iris the edge to beat Drayden but Dragonite was against that.

Felt kinda bad for Pansage, thing looked like he was about to kill himself due to being dressed as a female which is kinda weird because he had no problem dressing up as Elesa's Emolga, guess the whole situation difference made it more stressful. Snivy and Emolga both got much-needed wins.

Kinda disappointed Moira didn't call Iris a beast like she did in the Japanese version :p The noblewoman's laughs were much better in Japanese as well, at least Emolga's got retained due to her sticking to her Japanese voice. "EmomomomomomoEeeeemomomo!"

Anyway wrapping up this huge tl;dr review, this is why I have an obsession like Iris so much. She was a true beast this episode, she found herself a cause, clung to it like a ****ing maniac, and only was happy and felt accomplished when a punishment she deemed satisfactory was delivered and puts up with no one talking **** about her Pokemon, her friends' Pokemon, or bullying others.(Tepig/Shamus situation comes to mind.) Cilan, Ash, Brock, Max, Misty, or Dawn would have probably let it go easily but not Iris, Dawn wasn't even that bothered by Marilyn's comments about Piplup, she dropped it fast. There's just a certain "aggressiveness" or "meanness"(In a good way! :p) in her character that makes her so convincing and realistic. Ash and Cilan wanting to get the hell outta there when it was all said and done was great :3 This is definitely an episode that reminds you Pokemon is a kids' show and makes you feel good due to the sheer amount of entertainment value, I'll probably watch this again often and the best BW comedic filler since the Litwick episode.

Oh, Pokemon Anime, you slay me. XD
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Snivy taking the cake immediately makes this a goof EP for me...loved it when it first came out, love it in the dub...it just shows how great Snivy is...the only problem was that Cilan had to be the butt monkey (no pun intended) throughout the whole episode...even Ash trolled him in the end...

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This episode. I did like the new theme, but the first half of this episode was so uninteresting, I almost forgot I was actually watching Pokemon. My attention grew more during the battle and I'm very glad that those annoying snobby girls got destroyed in the pokemon battle.


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So I rewatched this episode, got major ~LOBELIA~ vibes, got O.e over Iris's cattiness like Ash and Dento did. XD I felt bad for them but I think I felt worse for poor Yanappu. XD He fell in the mud twice and was all "WTF why can't you use Stunfisk?". Actually now that I think about it Stunny with a little pink bow would be hilarious, and s/he'd go flop in the mud just for giggles and shock those girls. >:3

What else? Frederick-sama...Er I mean chan....ette?

It's gotta be those costumes. ._.;


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Jason Griffith did a hilarious girl voice for Cilan. I enjoyed that.
Jason Griffith is my favourite current voice actor in the anime. I think Cilan's voice in Japan is too feminine but Griffith has the perfect cross of masculinity and eccentricity.

The new opening was okay. I'm glad that they found Be An Arrow. Opening themes always get better when the full song is released though, but at least this one is catchy from the start. I saw a comment on Youtube quoting one of the lyrics as "We f*cked so hard to get where we are" and I died.


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I thought Lilligant-ette made no sense most of all. They're all female. Snivy-ette does make sense, though.


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Wow! I had nothin against this one i loved it it was funny, the Attitude of ash iris and cilan were great, and the new slang they use hahah its good when they dont use awkward phrases like they did in the past, also funny how they didnt reviel themselves to the girls to show them who they are hahahaha


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This episode was great, I'm glad it opened the new season. It begins with Ash finally discovering that the Unova League will be in Vertress (sp?) City and we are going to the Village of Dragons on the way there :D.

The main bulk of the episode revolves around three snobbish girls who think that Beauty is everything, Iris is not best pleased and goes after them. After discovering that it is only girls allowed, Iris does some 'redesigning' of the gang and I loved it when they changed Pikachu's tail to match the female version of Pikachu. After making it back to the three snobbish Girls, they are put to the test which ends in the battle. I liked Iris battling with Snivy because I was expecting Ash (Sorry Ashley) to battle with Snivy and then whip off his costume half way through to prove a point. This brings me nicely onto the ending because I liked how the gang ran off before the Snobbish Girls discovered their identities.

Anyway, onto the next one :D.