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Beauty & The Beach! (018)

lara lynx

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The episode wasn't exactly banned. Alot got cut out when it was dubbed, and then they showed it once in America and never again. Me being English, means I haven't seen the japanese version or the dub. *sigh* oh well, i guess pics will have to do. unless someone knows where i can download it.


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I still have my copy of this when it was originally aired on Kids WB. There was no way I was going to miss it.


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Well with DVD's coming maybe it will be on it, if so can't wait to see it again. Kind of reminds me of this Tenchi episode when there in space and they have to enter a contest to get money. Well I enjoyed this episode IMO, it was fun.


Probably the funniest and best episode Japan thought of. Too bad it got banned all because James got a set.
I think it was a great episode. It's one of my all-time favorite "Pokemon" episodes. By the way, as I recall one of the scenes from that episode, there was somthing I thought was unusial (besides the fake boobs that James had), ASH HAD MUSELES!!! He even looked really cool in those green swiming trunks. For a 10 year old kid, he sure knows how to exersise! After all, he wants to be the greatest Pokemon master that's out there.

King Slazo

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You lot who've seen this are lucky, it never got aired in the UK and worse still, isn't on the Indigo League Box Set I recently got. Is there any way I can view this on the web?


James makes such a convincing girl if it wasn't for his voice and the fact that he's a boy also James' inflatable Clevage makes Misty look very flat chested


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I kinda glad this was banned cuz i dont wanna c james w/ boobs:p


It's a good idea they banned the episode in the USA because it will turn kids into future sexual predators.
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I'veonly seen the butchered version but from what I've heard I don't know waether to laugh or cry at James with cleavage


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I remember seeing the butchered version of it when it first was on it was good, just as expected though Cartoon NetworK skipped this episode in their early morning broadcast, but at least I was able to find a fan sub of it on youtube. A funny Misty's reaction to when Ash said she looked like a girl was hilarious and James with inflatable bikini is very funny especially when he makes them larger and Misty's reaction was priceless. I must say James does make a good girl.


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I have seen both the original version and the dub and the thing with James really freaks me out and from this I can say it is no surprise that this particular scene got cut out of the episode when it was finally dubbed into English and aired in the US albeit only once.


i managed to see the US version of this like a year ago >.o they were right about it being severly cut in time. :\


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I can see why they banned this episode. Fake boobs are NOT attractive.


I have returned.....
That episode turns to be aired already in the English dub, but there are things worse than that. James turning to win a beauty contest????!!! *laughs* It's the wackiest and the worst kind of humor everyone knows. Have a life too, James!