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Beauty & The Beach! (018)


Don't die, ketchup!
The first time I saw this episode, I was having the jibblies for hours. Ugh... I just can't get it out of my mind! There is definitely something wrong with James.


May Fanboy
James with boobs... Priceless!


yes this episode is master:D
i loved the bikini contest where james weared a womensuit, i mean how crazy can a person be.


Manaphy Lover
Here was the script for the banned scenes:

(Jessie and James bump Misty out of the way as the crowd is cheering for her.)
Misty: James, aren't you a boy?
James: What does it matter when I'm this beautiful? And look, I can make my chest even bigger!
(He adjusts nozzle, his knockers inflate)
James: Perfect! (Misty looks horrified)

Brock: Suddenly, two mistresses appeared. But will the judges think their appearance is rude?

(Crowd goes wild. Misty cries.)

James: Wait until you're older and have these! (waving breasts in Misty's face).


kiss my greens
Long ago, in the 1990's, I think I might have actually seen this episode dubbed.

I think that James, with those basketball-sized things he calls boobs, might've completely wiped it from my memory and warped my fragile little mind.

Thankfully I've seen enough to know this was a great episode :D

Banned or not, this is definitely a classic episode. Maybe not the most famous banned episode (read: Electric Soldier Porygon), but by far the most memorable, at least to me.


Well-Known Member
The only fanservice in this episode that I liked was Misty appearing in a red bikini almost identical to the one she wore in her R/B sprite. Personally, I am glad that I did not see the original version first as it would have scared me for life and saw the dub. There was fanservice in this episode not only for Misty fans but also for Brock fans and Ash fans as well. I am not sure whether I would call the thing with James fanservice or just plain disturbing.


Coming Ta Town
"Wait until you're older and you have these", as James waves the boobs in Misty's face made me lol, out loud.

Even without the cleavage, it was an OK filler.


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No, Ash's mother won the contest and had the trophy engraved as "Ash number one in our hearts" instead of with her name.


In my nightmares
I prefer the fake breast one but I only watched the dub. Pretty nice episode though. It didn't really have much to do with Pokemon but it was enjoyable.
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Watching this episode in a simple cut version really confused by many, supposedly so. The japanese gave James... you know, so he can look like a real women. I've never experienced such thing at all as I thought the series meant battles, not showing off your... you know. At least it was cut off for the english version.


Your Big Buff Bro
This episode was pretty interesting to watch in the dub, though I never had watched it in the raw. I enjoyed every minute of this Lost episode. Pretty cool, but too bad I havent watched it since like 2007. But still, a great episode.
Aww I feel so bad for the people who've never seen the uncut version...

I have the fansub. I wish I could upload it for you guys...


Anyway, this is definitely one of my favorite episodes ever.
And what are you all saying?
James isn't weird.
He's hot! (sarcasm)
The scene when he was playing with them in front of Misty's face....

Oh yeah Ash and Gary were hot too. I love their shorts. And the beginning when Ash takes off his shirt. And when they zoomed in on his ***.
Delia and Gary's fangirls are hot too (except this one that looked like a dead fish).
There were a few frames at the end showing Delia's butt. Priceless.


Bahaha, James' BOOBS in this episode were hilarious. I watched the Japanese episode, and didn't understand a word of it, but I still laughed so hard when I saw James' cleavage.
Definitely one of the funniest moments of the Anime. Too bad it was banned & the English version pretty much sucks :/

I give this episode a:


I didn't see this episode, but it was a strange ep.

i loved to see Gary again, great.



Let's go to the beach, each.
It's odd. Most episode are ok, then we get these with fake breasts all of a sudden.

I didn't like the dubbed version, too many cuts. The original version at least had comedy. James was really funny, too bad he lost his charm later on.

Dubbed version was bad, 3.5/10, original version was ok, 7/10.