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Beauty & The Beach! (018)


I call you honey
Honestly its a boring episode. The giant pokemon and terrorist tentacruel were just waaay more interesting

I gotta agree that for such a hyped up episode nothing really happened. Peeps only remember this episode because of the notoriety of it being skipped over.


ᎠᎬȺᎢḤ said:
This censored lost episode always confused me since it was shown during the Orange Islands arc but took place in Kanto. I wish we had seen Gary do more like him battling Ash.

Shigeru's role here irked me since he was just there to mock Satoshi as usual and nothing more, so I would've liked to have seen Satoshi snap and challenge him here.
I don't remember much regarding this episode other than Ash's mom and Oak showing up out of the blue. I liked seeing Team Rocket's new Gyarados submarine however which we'll see again many times in Kanto. I can definitely understand why James' boob scene was cut. It sounded gross.
So this is the infamous banned episode? I saw it online yesterday for the first time and I thought it was okay but nothing special. I liked seeing Professor Oak, Delia and Gary again although they hardly did anything. The tropical beach theme of this episode was fun too because we hardly get to watch Ash and the others enjoy themselves like this. The beauty contest part was my favorite before it got interrupted by Team Rocket's Gyarados submarine. 6/10


Eddie Miller said:
And by airing the "lost episode" in America, that flashback from "Hypno's Naptime" finally made sense. We finally knew where that came from.

You mean the scene that showed Okido-hakase and Hanako on the beach talking to Satoshi after the beauty contest? I remember wondering where that scene came from when I first saw that episode in English [I didn't know that this episode had been skipped in the American broadcast at the time]. But if I recall correctly, the dialogue in that scene was slightly different from the same scene in this episode because this episode was dubbed over a year later, and I suppose that the person in charge of the script forgot that they had already written dialogue for that scene.