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Because i can


Shiny Hunter
Great Page NL, It'll be difficult to come close to your level. :)

Many luck wished with your UNI


Metroid Hunter
omg azul is right your banners and avatars are amazing you must help me with your secrets XD i love them all...keep up the good work northern...i had you on my friends list for the longest time and never realized your digital arts thread...your banners are extremely crisp clear, and get to the focus of the banner...i thought you only made badges but i was wrong...your work is the best i seen here on serebii...

Northern Lights

Wow, it's been ages since I actually did any Graphics stuff or even posted here, but I guess I can keep this thread going. I'm surprised people still know of me tbh.

I haven't done much, but I did design a new Album colour for Light The Archangel


A couple of new Backgrounds for my Tumblr (shoosh) ... I really need to do some more stuff, I miss it, I've mostly been drawing out of the wahzoo. I did watch Pokemon First Movie again for the first time in a long while at Anime Club (of which i am treasurer so guess who made the suggestion) and we had the biggest turn out all term.
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