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Beg, Burrow and Steal! (383)

Space Skitty

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The writers probably got the attack confused... I was wondering what attack that was too. I remember Pikachu had used Tackle before so maybe Pokemon can learn different moves on the anime. *Shrugs*

One thing I do know... Vibrava & Trapinch are too cute! And to think at first I didn't care for Trapinch when I first saw it... I'm evil! XP


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Pokemon Fan said:
He/she was referring to Fire Spin, which it used in that episode before it could get it in the games. The writer fo the post must have remembered wrong or wrote wrong.
Heh, yeah I just remembered the attack wrong. I just editted my post accordingly.


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If anyone wants to see Brock's Ludicolo in motion (and you can't understand just how hilarious it is until you do), check out this video clip I made from this episode, which I will temporarily be hosting. You may have to right-click and save first to get it to work. It's 2 MB in size.



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Heracross said:
Am I the only one who thinks Vibrava (and Flygon too for that matter) should have been bug types? I mean, just look at them, they look like bugs. They should have been Bug/Ground, or better yet, Bug/Dragon, now that would have made for a really interesting type combo.
No, I totally had that idea as well...man...plus they're in the bug egg group aren't they?? Bug/Dragon would have been sooo cool...o well

I've looked at the ep. pics and Trapinch is the bomb diggity!!!!!! Soooo cool and cute. Vibrava is cool too..but the teeth is a total turn off

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Pokemon Fan said:
He/she was referring to Fire Spin, which it used in that episode before it could get it in the games. The writer fo the post must have remembered wrong or wrote wrong.

Anyway, it is most odd that Supersonic was used. Contrary to what Big Al said, it is EXTREMELY rare for the anime to have a Pokemon use an attack they can't learn at all in the games (beyond the basic Tackle of course). About the only exceptions I can recall are the Kanto Raticate's Jump Kick, and Brock's Golbat using Sonicboom in one episode.

I'm not bothered by it though, as these Pokemon rightfully should be able to learn those moves, they fit them well enough after all. ^_^
If memory serves, it was Hi Jump Kick. Big difference.


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Missingno. Master said:
If memory serves, it was Hi Jump Kick. Big difference.
Memory evidently doesn't serve. I just checked the Japanese episode, it was Jump Kick.
Not that it really matters.

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Well, been as there's no guide on the site, heres one to read, i made it:

Still on the island of Izabe, Ash and co are in a desert that is covered in holes. The desert is not listed on Max’s Poke’nav, or in the guidebook that Brock has. Ash picks up a rock and throws it down a hole. A Trapinch pops out and eats it, Ash and co are shocked. Ash checks it on his Poke’dex. Ash and co think that it must be the Trapinch that dug the holes. Ash and co look behind them and see the ranger.

The Ranger tells Ash and co that they shouldn’t be here, the holes are dangerous. Brock starts to flirt with the Ranger. After seeing this, the Ranger introduces herself as Achiko. Brock is still flirting, so Max pulls him away again by the ear. May asks why the holes are there, and Ash gets really close to one, and falls down it! Achiko throws her rope and Ash catches it. Ash climbs up to the top and thanks Achiko.

Achiko tells Ash that if he fell down the hole, he may end up under the ground, because the holes are very dangerous. Ash and co wants to get out of the dessert, so Achiko gives them a ride. Max sees lots of Poke'mon during the trip, including a Phanphy and a Girafarig.

Achiko can see a man, and he is screaming because he is being chased by Donphan. Achiko releases a Meganium and tells it to attack the Donphan. Max stares at the Meganium, thinking it’s his lucky day! May looks in her Poke’dex. Meganium uses sweet scent, and Donphan runs off in fright!

Achiko tells Meganium to return to it’s pokeball, and as it does, Ash and co get out of the car. Achiko greets the man, she knows him as Achiro. Achiro is a professor from the Izabe academy.

Achiro uses radar to find a Trapinch. Team Rocket are behind them and they want to catch Pikachu as well as a Trapinch. A Trapinch is now with Ash and the gang, and it is wearing something on it’ back. Achiro says it is a radar to detect water. Achiro says that when he was a kid, he fell down a hole, lost consciousness and when he gained consciousness he was next to a beautiful lake full of Trapinch. The Trapinch evolved into Vibrava and then the lake disappeared. It was an illusion.

Ash looks up at Vibrava in the poke’dex. Achiko doesn’t believe Achiro because he thinks it was a dream. May looks to her side and notices that Trapinch has gone! Trapinch is going down a hole and Achiro smiles, but not for long, as an earthquake starts. It’s Team Rocket, they have a Diglett robot. They steal Pikachu with their metal arm. Thunderbolt doesn’t work, as Pikachu tries it.

Brock sends out Ludicolo, and it uses water gun. The Diglett robot starts to fall down a hole! In the hole, they all see bunches of Trapinch eating up the robot. Achiro suspects that they might be the one that can lead them to the Lake of Illusion! Team Rocket and Pikachu are sinking in the mud, so Ash, Achiro’s Trapinch and Achiko jump down to save Pikachu. There are two passage ways, left and right, Ash, Achiko and Trapinch go right while Team Rocket and Pikachu go left! Achiro jumps down the hole and starts to search for Trapinch. Max is worried! Ash and Achiko follow Trapinch, as Trapinch looks for Pikachu.

Team Rocket see a Trapinch, and want to catch it. Meowth thinks that Trapinch will be an excellent Nut Cracker for the boss! Team Rocket think that they will get a promotion. They are so long talking, Trapinch disappears. Achiro passes, and Team Rocket follow him.

Max gets to close to the hole and falls down. May tries to save him, but she falls down, then Brock tries to save them, but he falls down! They fall down in front of Ash and Achiko.

Achiko asks Brock where Achiro is, but Brock says that he fell down the hole. Trapinch looks worried, and starts to dig a hole in the wall. Ash and co wonder why, but then they see a huge water flow coming towards them. They are washed away!

Ash and co are washed up near a lake, along with Achiko. Max thinks that this is the place! Pikachu is there, and they finnaly find him. They also see Trapinch. Then Achiro apprears, followed by Team Rocket. Achiko apologises to Achiro for not believing his story. IT IS REAL! On the other side of the lake is a group of Trapinch, and they evolve into Vibrava. Team Rocket get more excited and want to steal them.

Team Rocket catch the Vibrava in a net. Brock sends out Ludicolo and Achiko sends out Meganium. They slice the net. James sends out Cacnea and Jessie sends out Dustox, they attack Ash and co, but Vibrava uses reflect and the attack hits Team Rocket. Pikachu uses thunder and Team Rocket go blasting off again. Vibrava takes the gang up to the surface.

Ash and co say bye to Achiro and Achiko. Brock is heartbroken and Ash, May and Max laugh. That is how the episode ends.


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OK, just so you know-
The archaelogoists are now named Elisa and Hal and have VERY generic voices
Ludicolo maintains that voice... SO glad he gets shafted! If anything, this episode sets us up for a big screw you when Ludicolo hardly ever appears
Trapinch and Vibrava are pronouunced differently fromn how I'd thought. Trapinch has an emphasis of the "pinch" part and the "Vib" in Vibrava rhymes with "bib", not like "vibration", which is what I'd have thought. Their dub voices are nothing special, and deeper than I would have thought.

Mediocre filler, characters and pokemon... not very impressive.


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Hey, I have a question. Since this episode is coming up in America, is anyone going to write the full episode guide for the site? Just wondering

V Faction

James: Geronimo!
Meowth: Geroni-WHO?
James: Mo!

Meowth: Hahahaha! Our Diglett Supreme is a Ground type, so it's weak against Water attacks!


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My notes:

Here's my review of 'Beg Burrow, and Steal!" (just got done watching it):

--Here goes!
--Oh, I'm unbeatable!
--Alisa's a nice name....
--LOL at Crazy Brock!
--I can see why Max is impressed...
--The story of the Lake of Illusion...
--Zip through the Team Rocket motto...
--Ash is so brave going down the Trapinch hole...
--I'm beginning to get annoyed by all this calling for Pikachu...
--Meowth's dream sequence...
--Sneaky Rockets!
--Now it's the other's turn to head down the hole...
--They found the Lake of Illusion!
--Pikachu's all right!
--but Team Rocket had to spoil a touching moment!
--LOL at Ludicolo!
--Of course James has to get glomped...
--Yay! the gang won!
--::gives Brock a Kleenex::
--The End!

V Faction

The Narrator's little "Wonderful World of Pokemon" speeches are getting a little tiring at the end of every episode. C'mon, where's the funny stuff?


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Why is it that the group has no idea where they are, the place has a whole bunch of random wild Pokemon, some Ranger comes up, tells them they are trespassing in a protected are, they become friends, the Ranger takes them on a ride or shows them around, they end up seeing a Pokemon that hasn't been seen in a while, they help the Ranger in this problem, and the Ranger forgets all about the trespassing deal.

That thing with Ash never changing what he says and Meowth says at least they change up their motto sometimes.

The Diglett Supreme Mecha was cool.

James: Geronimo!
Meowth: Geroni-who?
James: Mo!

The Trapinch Labyrinth idea was different.

Brock calling out Ludicolo and it starts dancing with Max, twice!

The Ranger, Elissa (sp?), having a Meganium.

Trapinch being the bosses nutcracker idea.

Jessie: Silently.
James: Stealthily.
Meowth: Meowthily.
Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet.

Jessie and James's faces whenever Trapinch evolves into Vibrava.

Max: I told you I would dance with you later, Ludicolo!

I wanna fly on a Vibrava now.


I hated the episode, it was really boring and Vibrava and Trapinch barely had a dub voice. Alicia was kind of hot, but that's the only good part of the episode. I also liked how TR told the gang to try something new, even they switch around their motto. And, how would Teddiursa be most immune to a psychic attack when there was a Poochyena, which is IMMUNE to them?

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XD Max and Ludicolo are strange dance partners. Shame Ludicolo doesn't do that more often ._.

Best Quote:


XD Wobbuffet's tone and pose just made that scene.

Hm, Donphans and Phanpies. Foreshadowing, anyone?

Vibrava look a lot cooler in the animé than in the game.

Amazing that no one gets eaten after countless falls into the Trapinch pits. Sure, it's Evolution Season, but there could still be some hungry stragglers ¬_¬ Oh well, the writers wouldn't ever let a main character be eaten...

I actually liked Hal's voice, for some reason. His childhood one, though....That one was horrible.

Elisa, on the other hand, is a generic character with a generic design and a generic voice. Wow, talk about predictable[/badpun].

Overall rating:
8.8 out of 10
I liked this filler, for some reason. Flygon's the only one of the Trapinch line that ever gets any attention, so it's nice to see the little ones actually get a starring role.

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I think the Safety Ranger must have had a lot of experience with her job... She wanted to save everyone:p! But, if you consider this to be a filler, it was one of the best in Advance Battle yet. But I'm also almost positive the Diglett Supreme Mecha was used a long time ago in the Kanto Region.
"Beg, Burrow, and Steal" was strictly average fair, it paled in comparison to the last few weeks. The gang sure are spending a lot of time on Izabe Island, considering this place isn't even from the games.

Surprised it took them all the way till late Hoenn to put Trapinch and Vibrava in an episode. This place seemed to be based off the desert in R/S where you find wild Trapinch. Anyone else stumped as to how TR magically got up into their balloon when they were stuck down in the caves like the rest of them?

Meganium had it's Japanese voice, which was strange because previous Meganium had dub voices. Nice to see Brock use Ludicolo and not let him rot in it's ball. Other than that it was an average episode and not much to write home about.