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Beg, Burrow and Steal! (383)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Advanced Battle' started by Serebii, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. asia_catdog_blue

    asia_catdog_blue Fog Trainer

    I can't believe Trainer's Choice got it wrong.

    And the Boss Fantasy was stupid. Why would Giovanni use a Tranpinch as a nut cracker when he could buy one? Can somebody tell me?
  2. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    Team Rocket was pretty funny in this episode

    Meowth: How did they get a lake down here?
    James: We'll Pond-er that one later...

    and the constant references to how predictable their interactions with Ash and Co. are...
  3. Thi seppy was kinda good, but then again ._.
  4. Prelude

    Prelude Prelude

    They said the word "predictable" too much. And why does TR have to wreck every episode?
  5. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Okay...This is my least favorite episode of this season (so far). Although some of the lines from Team Rocket were funny, this episode was a complete snooze fest!
  6. Samayowa

    Samayowa you amaze me.

    For me this episode was really pointless, but that's why they call them fillers. Over all I give it a 3.5/10..
  7. Prelude

    Prelude Prelude

    Why does there have to be a long, 5-episode wait for every battle? Can't it just be 1 or 2 episodes?
  8. WaterDragon trainer

    WaterDragon trainer Freak Like Me

    This episode was pretty cool. Vibrava was awesome. Everyone will call me crazy, but IMO, Trapinch(the one with the transmiter on its back) was kinda cute. TC was ridiculously wrong. Teddiursa!? It should be Poochyena since psychic attacks won't even affect it! I think it would be cool if Vibrava and FLoygon were bug/dragon types(nice combo type). I thought it was funny when Ludicolo used water gun on Robot Diglett and Meowth said that ground types are weakened by water. Ha! *lol*
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2005
  9. Addydo

    Addydo X-Men/Pokemon Fan!

    Yeah, the Trainer Choice was ridiculously wrong. When they chose Teddiursa, I was like "No, it's Poochyena. :)
  10. ghost master

    ghost master the kawaiist thing

    Well its better than when they labeled nuzleaf as jolteon.
  11. Kabuto

    Kabuto little punks!

    Or Arbok evolving into Seviper

    Anyway poor review. Its the same generic filler. Some random pokemon appears everyone is fascinated by it. No character development no captures. Team Rocket appears tries stealing them as they say their repetitive motto. They fail miserably. And everyone is happy. " Well meet again soon" Pfft Yeah right.
  12. ghost master

    ghost master the kawaiist thing

    well there were some funny scenes in it. Just a few though.
  13. asia_catdog_blue

    asia_catdog_blue Fog Trainer

  14. Andromache

    Andromache Cat and Snake lover

    The fact that this ep follows right after 'Mawile' just makes it all the worse. The minor characters were blah and their romance was sickeningly sweet. There were some funny lines, all of which have already been mentioned, and the Rockets teasing Ash was great fun. As someone mentioned already, there was no character development and no new additions to anyone's team. Even the plot was stock and dull. The funny parts were not enough to make this ep worth having in one's archive.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2006
  15. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    This episode was pretty interesting, though there wasn't anything especially memorable about it. I think I would have liked it better if they'd played up the sparks between the two guest stars a little bit more. Romance or at least interest between guest stars have really made for good episodes in the past, like "Hi Ho Silver Away", "Love at First Flight", and "Mewtwo Returns". Otherwise, the episode dragged quite a bit. Also, I don't like trapinch very much (I do like vibrava and flygon, though).

    6/10 for me.
  16. ~*Myuu the Ryuu*~

    ~*Myuu the Ryuu*~ The epitome of grace

    are you talking about the japanese episode or the U.S. episode? because i have been watching them and they never show regirock or any other legendaries outside of the episode.
  17. Puffs

    Puffs ...NINE-THOUSAND!!!!

    okay, I may be a bit biased but...

    I GIVE THIS EPISODE A 10/10!!! YAY!!!!
  18. Geodude

    Geodude Well-Known Member

    Obviously, the Japanese episode. Look at the post date. -_-
  19. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    It appears Trapinch are part prarie dog.

    I'm a closet fan of Trapinch (mainly because I think Arena Trap is the best dang ability ever made). However, I didn't like the dub voice. I was either expecting higher pitched voice or it only to making chomping sounds.

    I want to kill Ludicolo, they had interrupt the E4 music for it to show hiom dancing.

    Ho hum filler despite starring one of my favorite Pokemon. Though Trapinch tracking was amusing.
  20. Shadow246

    Shadow246 FOR BRAWL!

    Why the heck does TC always gets it wrong? They are complete dodos at doing that stuff. Anyway, I didn't like teh too much. My favorite parts are TR's quotes, Ludicolo, and the Trapinch evolving.

    I'll give it a 5.1/10.


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