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Beg, Burrow and Steal! (383)


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Shadow246 said:
Why the heck does TC always gets it wrong?
Was it? I remember it being right. Besides, ever since Advanced Battle started, not only have TC's been creative, but they've also been right everytime.

This was an okay episode. Pretty funny, and seeing the Trapinch was cool.

TR was joking all over:

Meowth (paraphrased): Say something new for once! At least we change the motto a little sometimes!

Lol. And that one Trapinch with the tracker attached to it was cool. 7/10.


....after rewatching my recorded episode, I give this episode a 9/10.

Because they had Vibrava use Supersonic when it doesn't learn that attack at all.

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Flygon Prince said:
....after rewatching my recorded episode, I give this episode a 9/10.

Because they had Vibrava use Supersonic when it doesn't learn that attack at all.
The same mistake was made in the Japanese version so actually its the dub being accurate to the original! Weird...

Although logically, Vibrava should really be able to learn Supersonic, it gets Screech and is supposed to be a pokemon that uses lots of sounds.


The plot of this episode was very blah, but I was surprised by how much the dialogue made up for it. Making fun of the repetitiveness (and other lines) was great and made the episode much more enjoyable than it otherwise would have been.


As for the TC, can it be said it was really wrong? My following argument is based on the wording of the question and will be ruined if the Pokemon I can't remember (one of the three choices) is weak against Psychic. Geez... I can't even remember what the Psychic Pokemon was...

Anyway the question was worded as "which Pokemon will this last longest against?" Logically since Poochyena was a Darkl type it wouldn't last long and would beat the Psychic type. Teddiursa on the other hand is Normal and neutral to Psychic.


maybe they were going by the card game?
This episode was alright but so far it ties "The Relicanth Really Can" as the worst episode of Advanced Battle. Trapinch and Vibrava were ok, but Ludicolo and Max's dance and TR's lines were the only thing that made this episode worth watching.

Oh and I think this is the first time this season that the TC was wrong. It was bound to happen.


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I liked this episode. It was kind of cool how the Trapinch all evolve at the same time and that Ash and friends got to be carried out by the Vibrava


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CoolTrainerTerry said:
James: Geronimo!
Meowth: Geroni-who?
James: Mo!
~*Commander Blizzard*~ said:
Best Quote:


XD Wobbuffet's tone and pose just made that scene.​
I loved those quotes. Best ones in a while. :D Although the second one you really have to actually hear to understand what's funny about it. I even made a sound clip of it. I love when Wobby does some random humor like this, and like back in the Spinda episode when it was flipping around on that door inside TR's mecha.

Someone mentioned Trapinch's dub voice...I'm surprised nobody mentioned that it had both a dub and a Japanese voice in this ep. When Ash and Alisa first landed down in the labyrinth, and Trapinch wandered off towards the camera, you could clearly hear it going "Nuk...nuk...nuk..."
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hahaha this episode was hilarious

Meowth: "hahaa our machine is based on a diglett so its weak against water"

James: "wrong answer!"

haha 9/10


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A good episode, Trapinch is one of my favorite Pokemon since it's based off of one of my favorite insects the antlion. It's interesting that they combined the burrowing traits of ants and termites with the antlion pit trait. Seeing them evolve was spectacular and with that transmitter that Hal had attached to that Trapinch he can now track where the Vibrava go once they've evolved.

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What I find interesting is that in the DP games Vibrava now CAN learn Supersonic, which adds to the number of times when the anime has had a pokemon perform a move that it couldn't do in the games until a later release, the others including:

1. Tentacool using what seem to be Aurora Beams in "Tentacool and Tentacruel," a move they got in the second generation of games.

2. Gary's Arcanine using Fire Spin in Giovanni's gym in the first series, a move it didn't get in the games until the second generation.

I wonder if any of this is planned, or is just a simple coincidence?


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Yay Vibrava and trapinch in an episode! Hooray! :D
Also good that a meganium showed up!
Ohh and don't vibrava vibrate and not fly?


The animation was bad, but the episode was great...

I really liked how they found the place of the Vibrava. it was amazing.