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Berry, Berry, Interesting (394)


Team Awesome
I LOVED this episode. They've had a nice streak of good episodes going on. :) My comments:

-- I loved the continuity references between this episode and the Morrison episode. I'd completely forgotten about Natalie and the berry instructions she gave to Brock in "The Lotad Lowdown". It's nice when they make continuity references I have to think about for a minute (like "The Garden of Eatin'" in the Morrison episode).
-- Has anyone else noticed that May has now been called by name by Team Rocket FOUR times (twice by Meowth in "A Double Dilemma", and here and "That's Just Swellow" by James)? Ash has only been called by name THREE times!
-- Kudos to Veronica Taylor (Ash) and Eric Stuart (James) on their great voice work in this episode with the swollen lips. It's been a while since I wondered "How did they do that?" with voice work. And as someone who's been transcribing every single Team Rocket motto in the history of the show on her computer, this episode's motto is going to be fun to write (sarcasm). Ash, though, was hilarious. :D
-- Why don't more people like Munchlax? I think he's hilarious. :)
-- Maybe I've listened to the Pokemon 2000 soundtrack one too many times, but I loved hearing the bellossom dance music when Munchlax gobbled down the pokeblock.
-- The end of round boxing bell sound when Grovyle went down for the count from the pokeblock is one of the funniest parts of the episode.
-- I loved the way Wobbuffet snuck into the room with Meowth. :D

Overall, 10 out of 10, two episodes in a row. :D

Shiny Raichu

Bug/Electric Pokemon Trainer
Pretty Good

Capture episodes tend to be my favorites, sometimes even more than gym battles. I really enjoyed the battle between Combusken and Munchlax where Combusken kept nailing its head on the tree branch. Also, James with swollen lips was pretty hilarious. I agree on the good streak over the past few weeks. Keep em coming!


Fog Trainer
About that episode... is Jessie human?!
May must have put in poison by mistake. (K.O. Grovyle)
Also that milk in Brock's Fantasy... the idiots at 4kids Entertainment edited it from wine, did they?
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This was a very good episode, Although a big mistake due to how Munchlax was captured


Izit cuz I is black?
Shouldn't it have been turned inside out by the pokeball? That would end a problem before it could start...

No, that's unfair, I like Munchlax for some reason.


I liked this episode a lot. Munchlax is cooler then he was in Destiny Deoxys!! I enjoyed seeing Ash and James have the burned mouth from Tamoto Berries, I think Veronica and Eric did good on those parts with their voices. May's pink surprise, it seems, well, interesting to me. Let's put it that way.


Ashy Boy

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Good Points:
The Pokemon reacting to May's "Purple Surprise"
James going balistic when he ate a Tamato berry

Bad Points:
Jessie liking May's "Purple Surprise"

C.J. Ray

I wanted Shaymin! :(
By the way, am I the only one who was WTFing when Brock and James recognized Munchlax when IT HAD NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE IN HOENN?!? This is just like Brock recognizing Lugia from the Silver Island episodes!
It was funny! "Go PokeBall!" "Munchlax!" "You ate the PokeBall?"
This episode was hilarious..and I liked it a lot in fact.

The beginning was great when Ash took a bite of that Tomato berry and then his lips we're huge and the way he talked while training Corphish....GRREEAT! xD
May's puple surprised was funny too, the way her Pokemon reacted to it. Aaand Munchlax loving it.
I loved when James ate the Tomato berry too and got the big lips and when they had to say their motto, Jame's voice was hilarious.
The whole Munchlax eating May's Pokeball and then her capturing it, that was pretty weird, but I guess it works though....they make a good team though. Munchlax and May are both pretty hungry people xD
Anyways, GREAT episode


Team Awesome
By the way, am I the only one who was WTFing when Brock and James recognized Munchlax when IT HAD NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE IN HOENN?!? This is just like Brock recognizing Lugia from the Silver Island episodes!

Well, I believe both James and Brock saw Munchlax in "Destiny Deoxys". I know Brock specifically did, and didn't Munchlax steal food before Team Rocket could get it?


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The first 4th gen Pokemon to go in the show, and it did great. It's good May got one, but now we have to until the next season for someone to get another DP Pokemon. Maybe it's because Munchlax was in Dash....


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What a good and funny episode coming off of May's contest win, I really got into this episode. Funny watching Ash eat a Tamato Berry and then Nurse Joy reacting to him. May's Purple Surprise was definitely a surprise for many of the Pokemon, interesting that only Munchlax and Jessie liked the Pokeblock well every one else reacted horribly to it. It was funny to watch May and Combustken try to battle Munchlax and keep failing, I felt for Combustken when it hit its head twice on the tree branch. I really enjoyed the Pac-Man reference they included in the episode when the Pokeblock fell out of the bag and Munchlax jumped up in to the air and followed it right up to the bag. Nice to see May finally caught the Munchlax even if it did eat the Pokeball which was funny to.
I love Munchlax so much, it was the only Pokemon that could take May's pokeblocks. It was a funny episode overall, it was a good way to debut Munchlax


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Funny episode. Munchlax seems like a fun pokemon to see in the anime. And may's reaction when it ate her pokeball. Also I don't think I would ever try something that may cooked.


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Lol, this was a funny episode. I really liked the moment that Jessie liked the Purple Surprise. Lmao. :p


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This is one of my favourite episodes. Mainly 'cos it was hilarious and I like Munchlax. A hilarious debut for the 4th generation. But I think May should've used him more often. And the way she caught Munchlax was both funny and weird. :D