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Berry, Berry, Interesting (394)


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Maybe this episode's title fits my assessment thereof most accurately. Ash's practical Flamethrower after he ate that Tamato Berry was hilarious enough, but the Pokémon's alarm proved to be even funnier. I couldn't resist shaking my head at poor little Pikachu as it looked as if it just got poisoned, but the boxing ring bells after Grovyle fainted should explain themselves. In the end, Munchlax seemed to be quite satisfied with May's Pokéblock, leaving me quite satisfied with the course of this episode.


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Nice episode where Munchlax makes his step...i really liked this one

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I loved this episode! The plot of this episode was interesting. May captured a Munchlax (never saw that coming). The tomato berry gag was hilarious IMO.


Interesting. Another PokeBlock episode though May got to play a bigger role in this one as she cooked that special PokeBlock for Munchlax. Well at least this wasn't Filler. I'm glad they showed Munchlax and I'm glad May caught it. She needed something new after Bulbasaur's capture back about 40 episodes ago. Munchlax is pretty fun as well. 6/10.
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It was a funny episode.
especially i loved the moment when Munchlax "avoided" the attack of Combusken. it was amazing....


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It was nice to see a glimpse of a GenIV Pokemon in the episode.Munchlax was funny in this episode.The funniest part was when Ash ate the Tomato Berry.


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Quite an interesting episode, people really like blaming the Pokemon for certain things especially baby forms (Like Bonsly later on). It was nice for May to catch that Munchlax. It was funny how Nurse Joy screamed and went "What are you!" or whatever


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see a Munchlax for the 1st time. It was cool that it was the only Pokemon to like May's Pokeblock. Everyone's reactions to May's Pokeblock were hilarious. I'm glad May caught Munchlax.



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Very good capture episode, I loved the reactions of the Pokemon to May's "purple surprise" and the "battle" against Munchlax was funny.

It is strange how munchlax was caught when it swallowed the Poke ball, but when the Whiscash from an earlier episode swallowed the master ball, it failed



This was a cute episode. Munchlax isn't one of my favorite Pokemon but it doesn't bother me too much. Team Rocket didn't bother me as much either since their plan came off a little clever though they still ended up being defeated in the end.
I'm surprised Munchlax wasn't turned inside out from eating the Pokeball as it was capturing it.


I liked seeing so many varieties of Berries here as well as seeing Ash take a bite out of a Tamato Berry and suffer burned lips. I appreciated that Snorunt's incomplete Ice Beam was still worked on here and I cackled at how all the Pokemon reacted to the Pokeblock. I really liked that despite Munchlax's role, Snorunt was instrumental to TR blasting off.

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I liked the emphasis on berries here, especially how Ash's lips got burned cuz of a Tamato berry ha ha. I liked seeing May catch Munchlax also cuz it was like a teaser for Diamond and Pearl. :3


May catching Munchlax caught me off guard since I didn't think Munchlax was a good fit for her Contest team at all but Ash's inflamed lips were funny. 6.5/10