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best and worst dressed

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Thank you my prince!
name a game character that is best dressed and one not so good

best dressed Zelda (brawl)

why she got a dress that made her look Royal

not so good Julius (harvest moon ToT)

why he looks like a she

long purple hair green and gold high lights

earings (womans)

like that
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little punks!
You seem like a typical conformist to me, who thinks genders need to have roles. Ts'why I grew my hair to my back, aside from sheer laziness and stinginess. Besides, it looks schweet.


Worst Dressed: Simon from Castlevania Judgement. All the characters in the game look terrible, but I think Simon wins (or loses, whatever you call it). He looks like a stripper and has a big *** cross on his back. What have they done to you Simon :(. Not that Ayami's design was all that great either, classic Simon looked the coolest.

Best: There are a ton of game characters that look awesome, but what the hey, I'll refrain from my typical Metroid vote and pick Proto Man, cause he is just awesome.
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Best- Space Michael (Jackson) from Space Channel 5, Miror B. from Pokemon XD, and the New Age Retro Hippie from Earthbound.

Worst- Organization XIII/XIV
Worst dressed: Almost every female combatant in fighting games (and to a lesser extent, RPG's). How the hell do you fight in such skimpy outfits?

Best dressed: I can't think of many right now, but I do like Edea from Final Fantasy VIII's outfit.


little punks!
Worst dressed: Almost every female combatant in fighting games (and to a lesser extent, RPG's). How the hell do you fight in such skimpy outfits?
Somehow, I live with that :)


Worst Dressed: Tidus, FFX. What is all that extra stuff on him? That buckle does not connect to anything what's wrong with your shorts waist armor god I hate you

Best: Felicia. It's like, fur. Cute.


Worst: I would have to say the girls from DOA, I'm getting sick and tired of people falling for them wearing almost revealing clothes.

Best: Captain Falcon, not only does his tight clothes make him look manly, but it also makes him look as funny as Luigi (to me).


little punks!
Says the guy with the May stripper avatar.

Girls + skimpy = win.

Really, games don't have to make sense. They are GAMES. Peach & Chun Li fight in unfitting clothes while Mega Man and Samus blow up things with an arm cannon.


It's a mystery.
Best Dressed: Both Link and Zelda...in Twilight Princess and Brawl, that is ;] Both of their clothing look better compared to past games.

Worst Dressed: I'll take this outside of Nintendo categoy...Ivy Valentine from SC2, SC3, and recently SC4. Although I main her in the Soul Calibur series, her costumes are just too revealing -.-;;

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Best: Luke from Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility, Zelda from Brawl, and Pit from Brawl. Pit kinda looks like a girl in my opinion, but I still like him.

Worst: Gill from Harvest Moon tree of tranquility, everyone from High School Musical Sing It, and that little space dude from Pickmen. I'm not a big fan of space suits.


Vintage much?
Best: Anna Williams or maybe Lee (Tuxedo is legendary)

Worst: Toad (Yes Toad). even Donkey Kong is better dressed
Crash Bandicoot knows where it's at for dress sense.

Worst dressed is any supreme villain in a Final Fantasy game that apparentley has male genitalia.


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PHOENIX WRIGHT ANYONE? Anyone who can pull off a suit 24/7 is pro in my books.

Worst dressed.... I'm not to sure, I generally like how video game characters dress.


My Bloody
Best: Lloyd Irving, from Talse of Symphonia. I just wonder how he got that much red leather.

Worst: Toad(I hate that he wears a vest without a shirt), The boy from XD, and Diamond. They both have major fasion problems.


Worst dressed: Charlotte Aulin (CV: PoR)
May I ask why? She's supposed to look like a witch wannabe and she does, in my opinion.

Best dressed: Sho Minamimoto and Megumi Kitaniji from The World Ends With You.
Oh and Zoe Castillo from Dreamfall.

JoshYEAH said:
Worst dressed is any supreme villain in a Final Fantasy game that apparentley has male genitalia.
^ that and Lotta from PW.


The God Of Fighters
best dressed guy: scorpion from mortal kombat deception that armor just screams epic win

worst dressed guy: L form death note come on just some jeans and a long sleeve white shirt

best dressed girl: samus aran from metroid she can shoot me anytime

worst dressed girl: ino from naruto shippuden come on she looks skanky come on i like her but she need more clothes
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