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Best bird starter pokemon

best bird pokemon starter

  • pidgey

    Votes: 24 28.9%
  • taillow

    Votes: 11 13.3%
  • starivia

    Votes: 48 57.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Well-Known Member
I'd never use any of these in battle, so I'm going to go by looks and say that Pidgey is my favourite. Pidgeot looks so much cooler than all the others.

Exactly, he looks much more cooler in the games.
I hate it's look in colosseum stadium and battle revolution, they put him like he's strugglin to fly 2 ft above ground I mean c'mon why don't you put him calm and collected like everyone else, take a look at noctowl, swellow, staraptor? None of them are strugglin to fly...also they put him a little too small for his actual size.


Blast Evolution!
Ehhh, for some reason I find your sig a little offensive. It's just so obscene...

I choose Staraptor hands down, my competitive level Staraptor is one of my main power houses. He also works well with my Infernape or Heracross. How could you leave out Noctowl though? He has the highest special attack of the Bird Pokemon and he has Insomnia for an ability. He would have been a worth while addition.


Eye of the Storm
pidgey is the best hands down


Even though i can not vote: Taillow 4 eva!!! :D I love that little bird... and it has a good shiny form too. :)


From Zero To Hero
Shouldn't it be Pidgey/Tailow/Starly or Pidgeot/Swellow/Staraptor?

Where is Fearow or Noctowl?

For me, its easily Staraptor, just because he actually has a chance against Rock/Steel types, and doesn't need Steel Wing, and I also love Intimidate.


I Submit to No One
Swellow can hit very hard with a combination of Guts and Choice Band. The only problem is that Rock and in particular Steel Types endlessly wall it even with the boosts.


I you bet
staravia without any doubt.
in the other games, you could very well opt not to go for pidgey/taillow. however in the fourth game, if you want an easy time, you WILL get staraptor. it's one of the best pokemon to play with ingame, apart from chimchar


Platinum Trainer
Starly, no contest.

Has better stats, movepool, ability, and it looks cooler to me than pidgeot.