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Best Bond


I was going to make this topic "Best Bond Film", but everyone knows that From Russia With Love is the best one, and any other answer is sheer madness.

This topic is self-explanatory, really. I'm going to let you people argue it out, since I'm torn between Sean Connery and Roger Moore.
Psssh. Roger Moore all the way.


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Connery. Anyone who disagrees is a Communist.


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The latest Bond seems to be the meanest one.

I would've said Brosnan, had I not seen the other older movies.

Connery is by far my most favorite.


Nothing to be done
Connery's a tough act to follow.

As for the series, I really like the direction the Casino Royale reboot is taking, but it could use a bit more of that 60's era camp. It needs a touch more of the super-villain aspect, methinks. And a slightly smoother Bond.


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Brosnan was awful, "saved by the bell" ugh!
Connery was the best.


Rolling Fish
Stuck between Connery, Brosnan and Craig but basically any bond movies with them in it I like, however any with roger moore (besides live and let die) and whatever the other guys name is ( Ithink it was timothy dalton or something like that) are weird to me but I still like them just because of the fact that they're james bond movies.
Brosnan was awful, "saved by the bell" ugh!
Connery was the best.
Brosnan was brilliant, what are you talking about?

My personal fave is a generic one; Sean Connery. He really set the mold for the role of Bond.

I have to say though, they all did a great job; even the much maligned George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton; all brought something new to the role.