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Best Champion?


little punks!
Out of all the handheld games, who was your favorite champion?

Blue, Lance, Red, Steven, Wallace, or Cynthia.
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Ho-oh Master

Well-Known Member
Cynthia or Lance.
Red. His pokemon are way too high leveled to match with the others..

Metal Force

Steven, if you still haven't figured out why, he has steel types and the highest is Meatgross, but if you mean best as in the hardest to beat, Cynthia, good variation of pokemon types, good pokemon, not to mention two big threats; Lucario and Garhcomp, also packed up with Milotic which is a wall, and Reoserade a great grass special sweeper, and Spritomb who has above average defences and no weakness "well except foresight + fight attack and that ability that hits ghost with fight moves, forgot it's name tho".


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Blue/Red were the most challenging champions I have fought. (Haven't played D/P, so don't know hard Cynthia will be).
I'd say Blue, or Cynthia.
They have really high leveled pokemon, awesome battle music, and the latter took me 30 minutes to beat...barely.


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I would say Cynthia.
She has a well balanced and powerful team.


aka Arbok
Who I LIKED the most?

Well, Red and Blue aren't very original.

I also don't like Wallace.

I didn't really liked Steven's Pokémon, so it's either Lance or Cynthia. Both awesome appearance and Pokémon.


Shikamaru Fan!
Cynthia has a good high team and was actually a little harder to beat then anyone I have ever battles so I ll go with her


aka Arbok
Cynthia has a good high team and was actually a little harder to beat then anyone I have ever battles so I ll go with her

Actually, Cynthia was very easy to beat. Only the Lucario was giving me problems. I guess Lance was much harder.


I like Steven and Blue. But I think Steven's pokemon were cooler. I like Blue because it was cool to fight against your rival at the end and music was awsome.

How did Wallace become a champion?