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Best Champion?


Pokemon Master
I think Red was the best champion, since his pokemon were high levels.

Pkmn Breeder Jack

Static owns you.
Well, Red technically was a retired champion, but I guess you could count him. Just don't compare him to the other's based on his pokemon's levels.


Ravenclaw Pride
I actually had some difficulty with Lance, but that's probably because I didn't really know what I was doing (first game was Gold). Wallace was WAAAY to easy. I just swept through with my Sceptile and Plusle.

Pkmn Breeder Jack

Static owns you.
Yeah, wallace was pretty easy, but you know why they made him champion. With steven, a blaziken can knock out the first, third, and champion by itself, so they had to give sceptile a type advantage on a E4 person.


Cascade Trainer
Blue no doubt. BLUE!! His pokémon were the strongest, even compared to Red's who were weak ones (except for snorlax which was a pain, but Alakazam was a pain as well when one didn't have a good psychic counter back then). I mean, Red had a sucky Pikachu that my low leveled Golem took out easily...


Pokemon Expert
Definitely Lance! He was the coolest human character from Pokemon ever!


Well-Known Member
Red, for his super strong pokemon.


Well-Known Member
Blue Red and Cynthia are my three favs as their teams were diverse and hard to beat. They pose more of a threat than a one type champion.

Brockness Monster

Yipes Stripes!
the R/B Blue or Cynthia
Why, might I ask, are people saying Red was hardest anyways? His team was completely easy to counter, a solid Pokemon like T-Tar could take down at least 3 of his Pokemon on its own, as well as the fact that it gave you the whole rest of the game to train your Pokemon to that level, as opposed to the E4 giving you only Johto to train in.

But imo, Cynthia was hardest (And thus best). Her team was the only Champion team I actually thought of as hard.


noob slayer
I don't think that any of the champions were hard. All you need is one good pokemon of a certain type to sweep. I actually beat Pearl in 3 days because I turned of the battle animations. I beat Cynthia with all my pokemon lower than lv. 50, and some of you are saying she's the hardest?

The toughest would have to go to blue. He had high levels and good diversity for a team. Plus it was cool that you battled your rival at the end


Swampert Trainer
lance was awesome, even though he was pretty easy
Wallece does not have a balanced team, so i too wonder how he became