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Best "cute" legendary?

Which one?

  • Mew

    Votes: 11 36.7%
  • Celebi

    Votes: 1 3.3%
  • Jirachi

    Votes: 8 26.7%
  • Manaphy

    Votes: 1 3.3%
  • Victini

    Votes: 9 30.0%

  • Total voters
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kaiser soze

Reading ADWD
The "cute" legendaries are what some call the event legendaries with all base 100 stats: mew;151;, celebi;251;, jirachi;385;, manaphy;490;, and victini:494:. most are psychics, all have had the last spot in the pokedex (except victini, which was first) so whos the best?

- learns every move possible through TM, tutor
- can transform
- the original event pokemon

- can be a good cleric
- lots of weaknesses, lots of resistances

- very good typing
- serene grace = fincharchi
- wish

- water type (not psychic)
- tail glow = SA gets 3 boosts
- hydration

- gets some awesome moves like v-create
- good ability for multipoke battles
- all it does is win

OK so I didnt include shaymin ;492; at first because at first glance I dont really think it truly belongs in this group because it has an alternative, skymin. ;492-s; after a few reminders that it too has a base stats of 100 (at least in normal forme) I decided to add it to the discussion. sorry but I cannot edit the poll to reflect this, so if shaymin is your fav post it
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Emerald Mew
Mew. As you addressed, it can learn practically anything, so it can play any role on a team.

Plus, it's just plain awesome. It plays around on a pink bubble, completely ignoring what was the most powerful Pokemon at the time, shoot back its attack as though nothing happened, and then later reveal (through Meowth's translations) that it heard every word Mewtwo boasted the whole time and was just choosing to ignore it! Yeah, Mew is awesome.

Mew can counter any of the others due to its nearly infinite movepool, too:
Mew vs. Celebi: Mew used X-Scissor/Fire Blast/Dark Pulse.
Mew vs. Jarachi: Mew used Earthquake/Fire Blast.
Mew vs. Manaphy: Mew used Thunder.
Mew vs. Victini: Mew used Surf/Earthquake/Dark Pulse.
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Dragon Master
Personally, I'm not a Celebi fan, or a "cute" pokemon fan in general. The only ones I liked were Victini, Mew, and Jirachi. The rest I own but have never trained or ever use. And Shaymin is decent. I like Skymin more...

Also, all the V Gen smileys are with colons, :, not semicolons, ;. So, : 494 : is :494:


Because I'm Worth It
Cute isn't really my style, but I do admit I like Jirachi and Mew, especially after their respective movies.


► A ▼ x2
Aw no Shaymin? Shaymin is dang adorable. I do love Jirachi for its typing as well.


Petal Blizzard
Ewww hard choice. Victini and Manaphy are both mah babiez <3


Wut are you saying?
Victini can kill you with it's wide selection of Powerful moves... It's also a cute little rat thingy!:D


Stuck between Mew and Victini. Victini appears to work better on the physical side thanks to V-Create, while Mew can go Mix for it learns every single TM out there.

kaiser soze

Reading ADWD
After a few reminders that shaymin also has base stats of 100, I added it to the discussion. sorry but I cant edit the poll :( but go ahead and post about it.

on topic I will say jirachi. with serene grace you can flinch the heck out of anything slower (or paralyze it). and it has the best typing of all of them in terms of resistances - weaknesses.

I would rank them as:
1) jirachi (paraflinch)
2) mew (any moveset)
3) manaphy (tail glow and a water bias)
4) victini (not the best type combo but good movepool and ability)
5) shaymin
6) celebi
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Dragon Master
Is the 56 a typo or do you just REALLY hate celebi? xD And I love how my 3 favs are all a tie with seven right now. :p Also, I love Victini's typing...

kaiser soze

Reading ADWD
Is the 56 a typo or do you just REALLY hate celebi? xD And I love how my 3 favs are all a tie with seven right now. :p Also, I love Victini's typing...
lol no I was going through the list and forgot to add shaymin halfway through. got nothing against it, its just that the others are better


Dragon Master
Yeah, I agree. :p sorta. And I figured it was a typo. I don't hate Celebi, its just got nothing really going for it IMO, apart from the time travel in the movie. Also, there was much judging of it when I realized it had a X4 weakness to. . . bugs. The legendary time traveler can be killed by an insect...


gone gently
"Best" threads invariably get the same trend of responses as "Favorite" threads, so just use the Favorites Stickies.

so if shaymin is your fav post it
^ Yeah.
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