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best eeveelution?

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who is and why? my favorite is umbreon... i love its defense!!!


For me it's a tie between Espeon (amazing Sp. Atk) and Leafeon (one of my favorite designs; plus, I love Grass-types in general).


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I always have a hard time with this. I love the way Umbreon and Jolteon look the most. But Flareon always has a soft spot for me because I love fire types.


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My favorite is Vaporeon, my second favorite is Espeon (These two are also the most beautiful IMO). I think I like these two because they look so calm, wise, and peaceful. Vaporeon also has the most unique design.

I think the cutest is Flareon (who doesn't get enough attention from GF D: ) He just looks sooooo cuddly and cozy lol.

The most badass designs are Jolteon and Umbreon.

I was expecting more from an ice type eeveelution since ice is my favorite element (In pokemon my favorite element is water though) but I can't say I like Glaceon's design.
When I was younger (before 4th gen) I drew different eeveelution types and Leafeon looks almost exactly the way I drew it so that was weird.

As for competitively I think it goes to Vaporeon and Espeon ( I swear that's not the reason why I like them XD)
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Vaporeon is my favorite, but that may be biased as I like water types. Leafeon is at a close second which is surprising, as I normally don't favor grass types.

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Vaporeon cause Water types are my favorite, but I also like Unbreon as it has saved me so many times (as long as there were no strong fighting or bug).


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I think espeon, but my favourite is Jolteon, for I love elec types.


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Blaziken comes to my mind, I have a thing for fire types.


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As to answer the title of this thread: BEST Eeveelution: There isn't one. Every Eeveelution has it's strong and weak points.
As to answer the mainly asked question here: Who is your favorite?: Flareon.
Conclusion: 1) This is in the wrong section. 2) The thread title doesn't match the mainly answered question here.


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Umbreon is my favourite if it's shiny - the blue and black combo is more appealing than it's normal version.

For my favourite non-shiny eeveelution it must be Flareon


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This belongs in PokePolls. Just (super) saiyan.
Why is there always someone who shows up out of topic and post this outdated kind of comment's like, This doesn't belong here it belongs there. Know what.. this doesn't belong in the locked thread container IF thats what you mean by pokepolls. it belongs in the general forum, and i see no problem with that. If someone made a similiar thread before, that's something else'


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My favorite is Leafeon <3


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For me,its Flareon!
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