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Best Electric non-legendary pokemon?

Your recommendation on Electric pokemon

  • Raichu

    Votes: 22 7.3%
  • Electrode

    Votes: 7 2.3%
  • Jolteon

    Votes: 49 16.3%
  • Lanturn

    Votes: 16 5.3%
  • Ampharos

    Votes: 32 10.7%
  • Manectric

    Votes: 16 5.3%
  • Plusle / Minun / Pachirisu

    Votes: 6 2.0%
  • Luxray

    Votes: 57 19.0%
  • Magnezone

    Votes: 33 11.0%
  • Electivire

    Votes: 62 20.7%

  • Total voters
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Well-Known Member
I voted for Electivire. It is such a cool looking Pokémon and learns some really great moves, such as the Elemental Punches, Brick Break & Earthquake. I really like it.

Luxray, Ampharos & Manectric are also big favorites of mine.


Sinnoh Champ
Luxray or jolteon for the win.


Crobat Master
Raichu! I almost always have one on my team. They are reliable and learn thunder if you wait to evolve until Pikachu learns it


Well-Known Member
Magnezone is awesome. It can take a (non-ground) hit AND it has outrageous Sp. Attack. Also its design is super fly.
And it mixes up the field by not being blazingly fast. If I wanted that though, I'd probably go Jolteon. I'm a sucker for Double Kick.


Leafeon Lover
Although Jolteon is without any doubt at all my favourite, Electivire has to take the prize for the best. His combination of Electric and Ground makes him so super strong!


Mother Monster
Although Jolteon is without any doubt at all my favourite, Electivire has to take the prize for the best. His combination of Electric and Ground makes him so super strong!

I agree on Jolteon! :D

But Electivire does not have a secondary type it's a pure Electric Type Pokemon. Unless if you were talking about moves and it being able to learn Earthquake than I'd agree with you there. ^_^


Well-Known Member
I've used luxray and magnezone in game. They're both great. I raised the battle revolution electivire to level 100 and he was very strong too.


Novice Shiny Hunter
I've only ever used Luxray, so I chose Luxray. Minun and Plusle are cute though!


For in-game play, Ampharos for sure! It has good special attack, Static, and can learn Discharge, Signal Beam, Power Gem, and Thunder all through level-up. It's versatile, and always a staple on my SS team.


Bug Mentalist
I would say Jolteon is my absolute Favorite. Especially my Shin Jolteon. And then I'd say Ampharos comes in close second :D


Terrakion Lord
Luxray and Electivire are amazing, but I always choose Ampharos over any other electric type. I've used it ever since Jasmine helped Ampharos in Gold/Silver and it will remain a strong staple on my team.


Non non non!
Electrivire, Ampharos and Lanturn are all amazing stuff !

Lanturn is awesome, gets Volt Absorb-DW Water Absorb. So it can switch into these attacks with easeeeeee! Its bulky (HP wise) and with the right investment of EV and IV this fish may be more threatening than it seems (oh well illuminates useless)

I have an Ampharos on my HG team before I restarted. The problems not with Ampharos, rather cause I don't like feraligatar. Anyways, Ampharos learns Discharge, Signal Beam, etc and has high sp. Atk. He is awesome.

Electrivire is in my Pt. lemme just sat, this thing is awesome! Thunderbolt pew pew, totally toasted my friend and my brother in battle


New Member
My first post! Well, although I chose Magnezone(my second choice), I MUST have Luxray. But no Luxray here. :(


Jolteon's been my favorite Eeveelution since Red and Blue, but Manectric is also cool. Not just because he was on my team that beat Ruby the first time, but he's underrated competitively for one reason primarily- Flamethrower.


Dragon Master
The non-legendary electric types I prefer.

Well I would have to say that my favourite electric types include Galavantula because he/she is a fast Pokemon who has a cool added type of bug and can learn nice moves like thunderbolt, bug buzz and X-Scissor.

Ampharos is another electric type I like very much because he/she has a cool design I mean it's an electric sheep what's not to love about that also I like how Ampharos learns thunderpunch which is one of my favourite moves also he's quite bulky and has a high Sp.Atk stat.

My third and final favourite has to be Jolteon because he/she is extremely fast and has huge Sp.Atk also Jolteon has a cool design.

Other electric types I like include Raichu,Luxray and Pachirisu.

Oh almost forgot I voted for Ampharos!

I'm happy to contribute to this thread thanks :)
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Loves Eeveelutions
I voted Jolteon, too bad the Mareep evo-line isn't an option, they may not be the best but I quite enjoyed having them in my team :p
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