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Best evolution level in Pokemon S&S

Hi Everyone,

I have a question about when I should evolve my pokemons to get the strongest pokemon.

1. Do they get stronger when you wait with evolving your Pokemons or vice versa; evolving them when that is possible.

2. Why would you wait with evolving your Pokemon? So that you can get a particular move earlier? Or are there more reasons why I should wait?

3. What else can I do to make my Pokemon stronger besides letting them grow in levels?

4. How do I get the strongers Pokemon if waiting with evolving doesn't help?

I hope that someone is able to give me some advice. It information which I can't find on the internet.

Greetings, Joost


Well-Known Member
The only reason to not evolve them is to let them learn a cool move earlier. Since this is a case by case basis, it's best to look up the move learn information of the pokémon in question in the pokédex to make a good decision. As for bringing out their full potential, well that is what EV training is for :)


Delaying for moves isn't really a thing anymore, because you get a free move reminder thats always up, and a lot of the major moves you want are also hidden as a starter move