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best final evolution of starters

favourite starter evolution

  • ;002; Ivysaur

    Votes: 12 4.0%
  • ;003; Venasaur

    Votes: 32 10.6%
  • ;005; charmeleon

    Votes: 10 3.3%
  • ;006; charzard

    Votes: 150 49.5%
  • ;008; wartortle

    Votes: 16 5.3%
  • ;009; blastoise

    Votes: 83 27.4%

  • Total voters
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Piplup Master
Charizard rocks! his fire moves can burn anything!

darkness blade

big cuppa... EvIl!
blastoise rules! my first pokemon on my red. its now lvl 100 with fissure earthquake ice beam and hydro pump =)
I like Blastoise the most. I like water pokémon (altough my favorite pokémon is rock/bug).


My Emo Friend
blastoise was the gratest, the fella had some awsome attacks. also good agianst drake in the E4 if it know ice moves


Don't die, ketchup!
I like Wartortle. I know it's not as strong as a Blastoise, but I've always liked Wartortles for some reason.


Has Not Changed.
Blastiose...I guess, Ironic how Charizard clearly wins the voting, but Wartortle is first in the second eveloutions not Charmeleon...
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Jacol Beyros

Shiny Hunter
cahrizard is a little overrated, venusaur is plain ugly, and blastoise is the bomb.


Ice Type Master
Charizard is ther best, and Blastoise is 2nd.

Tri hawk

Say no to Poké-drugs
I always though Ivysaur was cool, especially compared to Venusaur. But Charizard is more than likely the crowd favourite.

Pinata Panda

I Am Crazy ^_^
I would have said empoleon but you stuck to FR so its blastoise because hes water type my fav but i also like torterra (spl)


I eat you. c:
You can't get any better than Charizard, statically. Basic: Train Charmander until evolution, kill Brock and the gym after that and you got yourself a winning streak. Charizard is a breeze the the E4, gaining Dragon Claw is the end of Lance. So I choose... Charizard. :3
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