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Best GBA title to compliment D/P?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Jkun, Oct 3, 2006.


What GBA title best compliments D/P?

  1. Emerald

  2. Fire Red

  3. Leaf Green

  1. Jkun

    Jkun Easy to wear!

    Since it might be awhile before D/P hit the American shores, I figured I'd pick up one of the GBA games and get a head start. Based on what pokemon we know are available in D/P, what GBA game do you think would best compliment them when it's time to transfer?

    Personally, I think it seems as if Emerald is the superior game, but the 1st gen remakes seem to have a lot more pokemon I prefer (Eevee, fossils, starters, etc). I'm also kind of drawn to the prospect of a smaller, simpler game, if only because I'm just tiding myself over until 4th gen.

    What do you folks think?
  2. Kukem

    Kukem Well-Known Member

    Personally, I'm a fan of the 1st Gen remakes, only because I tooprefer most of the Kanto Pokemon. Though, that's not to say the other games don't have their share of awesome pokemon, I just prefer the older ones.

    That being said, if you want the full options, like the contests and the control over breeding and the such, Emerald might be a better choice. I think what makes the games enjoyable is picking a version and meeting and trading with other people. Guess that's part of the charm of the Pokemon community.

    Not sure if that helped, but it'll give you an idea on how to make your decision.Whatever you choose, you won't be disappointed.
  3. Turtloopa

    Turtloopa Nintendo!

    Emerald is huge. I had a great time with my playthru throught it as I didn't know the traits and types and such of the most new pokes. It has slightly better graphics too, IMO.

    LGFR is excellent, too! You should read reviews for more in depth info. If you get the 1st gen remakes get Leaf Green because it has better pokemon in my opinion :)
  4. Seth_X_of_Fortree

    Seth_X_of_Fortree Torterra Firma

    Where's Sapphire? Thats my vote.
  5. gligirl

    gligirl kugutsu no jutsu

    i cant deciede between emerald & leaf green.

    i love them both but i like the graphics on lg more aswell as the improved elite four but emerald has the cloning glitch and the battle frontier.

    i'll say leaf green, just because of lorelei :p
  6. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh zzzz

    My vote goes to FR. It's pretty big, and the replay value is fairly high.
  7. Rhymes

    Rhymes i GOT em!

    id have 2 say emrald 4 numerous reasons.. cloning.. and most importantly breeding! if u could.. id suggest gettin u 1 of teh 1st gen remakes aswell
  8. Black Widow

    Black Widow Well-Known Member

    Either way you're going to get an exceptionally good game. I had an equal amount of fun playing through each game, but if I had to whittle it down to one, I'd go with FireRed. Red Version was the first game I ever bought, ever. Not just the first Pokemon game. So FireRed really brought back some memories for me.

    I would actually recomend getting either Fr/Lg and a copy of Emerald.
  9. Shadow_Latios

    Shadow_Latios Boulder Trainer

    I'd reccomend getting emerald, I was immensly dissapointed with fire red when I beat it easily, emerald has the battle fronteir an actually challenge and I think hoenn is better anyway. what does fire red have ooh the sevii islands they sound interesting ah crap there not, nothing here.
  10. Staf

    Staf Pokémon Master

    I like Fire Red the best. I just like how it plays more than R/S/E. I can't explain it. It just works like that.
  11. ~Bent~

    ~Bent~ awhups

    Emerald (and even Sapphire) > FireRed. The overall replayability, plus the clock and the ability to do contest stats (allowing you to get multiple Milotics/Espeons/Umbreons, something you can't do in FR/LG) make it better. Plus it's easier to get berries.

    You should still get one of each, though, if you're trying for D/P. Just remember that the cloning glitch is useful.
  12. Ard

    Ard Well-Known Member

    i think its better to have an emerald and one of the 1st gen games (leaf green would be my suggestion) if you have the money to spare. if not, then just stick with emerald since its very extensive in terms of gameplay value.
  13. Rhymes

    Rhymes i GOT em!

    yup.. Emerald first and foremost! but as said before if possible u should also get yourself a 1st gen remake as well
  14. Jkun

    Jkun Easy to wear!

    If I'm not terribly interested in growing berries, the battle frontier, and I'm against the idea of cloning, would anyone still recommend me Emerald? How severely different is the breeding between R/S/E and FR/LG?
  15. Fish

    Fish Thunder Trainer

    I played Emerald, but didn't really like the R/S/E series. I dunno, it seemed like they were stretching it on some of the Pokemon (Plusle/Minun looked awfully familiar). More because I played the first gen when I was younger, and am in love with that series. The additions they made to the R/B games (FR/LG) were great, too. I'd suggest either one of those two.
  16. Ard

    Ard Well-Known Member

    then probably you shouldnt because those are the main reasons that make the game worthwile apart from the new johto pokemon that are available in the new safari zone area, which opens once you beat the e4.

    about breeding, its still pretty much the same but there are new factors that can affect the breeding such as a female or ditto holding an everstone to possibly give its offspring the same nature. another one is when you have a pokemon in your party with the magma armor or flame body while youre hatching the egg, the number of steps required to hatch it is halved.
  17. Walking Contradiction

    Walking Contradiction Feed Us a Fetus

    You don't need to grow berries if you don't like to. You don't even have to visit Battle Frontier. Cloning is stupid. But, Emerald still wins the fight just by having Pokemon Contests, Secret Bases and Johto Pokemon Safari Zone. Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen are all great, but Emerald has more of "everything":, more Pokemon, longer and more interesting adventure and overall better gameplay (IMO).
  18. Yertle

    Yertle Well-Known Member

    I do like my Emerald verision, but overall I would have to recommend Fire Red. The 1st gen remakes are nice especially now that they have player's choice releases for only $20 versus Emerald's $35. I had a blast playing through my remake since it really took me back to my old blue version. Fire Red will also allow you to catch wild Elekids in D/P, which are the only way to get Elekibble due to the electrobooster.
  19. Bulbasaur trainer James

    Bulbasaur trainer James #1 Bulbasaur Fan!

    I would recommend Emerald, but if your not into the BF then probably LeafGreen, because you like the Pokemon in it.
    I, personally, had more fun with Emerald then my Ruby and LeafGreen because the Battle Frontier takes a long-long time to do so it doesn't get boring and you have to restart.
  20. BattlePikeKing140

    BattlePikeKing140 Alea iacta est.

    I own Emerald, and I love it, great compliment to D/P. However you are right, the 1st gen remakes are good. I think you should get all 3. Maybe not all at once, but gradually. Emerald first, of course.

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