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Best Generation for Each Type

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
Which Generation do you think did most justice for all of the types if it comes to Pokemon representing it (megas/Regional forms included)?

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
Gen 5 I guess since every type that existed at the time got at least 3 lines.
Gen V was very fair from this perspective:)

My ranking:
Hoenn I guess.
We have a vast variety like Aggron, Lunatone/Solrock, Armaldo, Cradily, Rwlicanth.

Also Hoenn. Some nice combinations and heavy hitters like Swampert, Ludicolo, Milotic, Sharpedo, Wailord and much more.

Alola I think with nice combinations like A-Golem, A-Raichu, Togedomaru, Viakavolt, Tapu Koko, Zeraora


Maybe Kanto. We have Grass/Poison classics like Venusaur, we have a strong Exeggutor.

Also Kanto. We have the mentioned Venusaur but also Nidos, Venomoth, Gengar, Tentacruel, Golbat, Muk. There never were so many Poison types in one gen.

Kanto for the 3rd time.
Alakazam, Slowbro, Exeggutor, Mr. Mime, Jynx. Not to mention how OP the type was in the 1st gen

Kalos but mostly due to Megas. From standard pokemon we have some good ones like Talonflame and Volcanion. And from Megas we have 2 M-Charizards, Mega Blaziken, Mega Houndoom, M-Camerupt.

I think Sinnoh. We have Garchomp, Rhyperior, Gliscor, Hippowdon and Gastrodon.

Kalos. Talonflame, Hawlucha, Noivern and some solid Megas: Pidgeot, Pinsir, Aerodactyl, Salamance.

Unova. Volcanrona, Scolipede, Crustle, Galvantula, Genesect and some more.

I think Kanto. Snorlax, Tauros, Kangaskhan, Chandry, Clefable.

Alola.D Mimikyu, A-Marowak, Pallosand, Marshadow.

Kalos with Hawlucha, Pangoro and Megas: Lucario, Blaziken, Gallade, Heracross, Luponny.

Once again Kalos: Aegislash, Klefki and some Megas: Lucario, Mawile, Aggron, Metagross, Scizor, Steelix

Sinnoh with some nice type combinations: Mamoswine, Weavile, Abomasnow, Frosslass, Frost Rotom.

Kalos. Goodra, Tyrantrum, Noivern, Dragalga are all solid. Add Mega Altaria, Salamance, Lati@s and top with Rayquaza.

I believe that Unova. Hydreigon, Zoroark, Bisharp, Scrafty, Mandibuzz and Krookodile.

Kalos. Not counting re-types we still have some solid Players like Florges, Sylveon, Klefki,Xerneas, Diance. And some good Mega: Garderovoir, Altaria, Mawile and Diance once again.

Total per Region:
Kanto: 4
Johto (my favorite Region:-(): 0
Hoenn: 2
Sinnoh: 2
Unova: 2
Kalos: 6
Alola: 2

It looks like Kalos (Gen VI) had it easy with Mega Evolutions.


Try to understand.
I will cover a couple.

Steel would go with Gen 3. Aggron and Metagross are the best Steel types.

Dark would go with Gen 7. Greninja and Malimar really make it.

wolf jani

The 6th member to reach 20 000 posts
Oh sorry. Looks like I misunderstood this thread.

So it's actually by quality of pokemon of the type

Fire Gen 1
Water gen 1
Ghost gen 7
Electric gen 4
Fightning gen 4
Bug gen 5
Flying gen 3
Rock Gen 7
Dark gen 2
Steel Gen 4
Ground gen 3
Grass gen 4
Fairy gen 7
Dragon gen 4
Poison Gen 1
Ice Gen 4
Normal gen 3
Psychic gen 3


Try to understand.
More complete list.

Bug: Gen 5 (Galvantula, Accelgor, Volcanrona)
Dark: Gen 6 (Greninja, Malamar)
Dragon: Gen 3 (Altaria, Salamance, Rayquaza)
Electric: Gen 2 (Ampharos, Lanturn, Raikou)
Fairy: Gen 7 (Primarina, Shiontic, Alolan Ninetales)*
Fighting: Gen 4 (Lucario, Toxicroak)
Fire: Gen 1 (Charizard, Ninetales)
Flying: Gen 3 (Tropius, Pelliper, Rayquaza)
Ghost: Gen 4 (Dusclops, Spiritomb, Giratina)
Grass: Gen 3 (Sceptile, Tropius, Roselia)
Ground: Gen 3 (Claydol, Flygon)
Ice: Gen 3 (Regice, Walrein, Glalie)
Normal: Gen 4 (Regigigas, Porygon-Z, Purugly)
Poison: Gen 1 (Vileplume, Weezing, Venomoth)
Psychic: Gen 3 (Gardevoir, Lunatone, Metagross)
Rock: Gen 3 (Cradily, Aggron, Lunatone)
Steel: Gen 3 (Aggron, Metagross)
Water: Gen 2 (Politoed, Corsola, Slowking)

*After careful consideration, I decided to count Alolan Ninetales as Gen 7 since that is its debut series, and also Gen 7 doesn't have much Pokemon.


Gen 1: 2
Gen 2: 2
Gen 3: 8
Gen 4: 3
Gen 5: 1
Gen 6: 1
Gen 7: 1

No wonder I love Gen 3.


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Gen 1: Psychic
Gen 1: Psychic
Gen 1: Psychic
Gen 1: Psychic!