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Best Grass type move

Best grass type move

  • Energy Ball

    Votes: 51 20.6%
  • Power Whip

    Votes: 12 4.8%
  • Leaf Storm

    Votes: 28 11.3%
  • Frenzy Plant

    Votes: 20 8.1%
  • Leaf Blade

    Votes: 75 30.2%
  • Synthesis

    Votes: 7 2.8%
  • Wood Hammer

    Votes: 19 7.7%
  • Giga Drain

    Votes: 36 14.5%

  • Total voters


♥Heart of Ice♥
Leaf blade <3 i've loved that move since the first time it was introduced xD


Lover of underrated characters
The best move is Synthesis. It comes in handy when your about to faint


it depends on what you have
leaf storm is the best for mixed and special attackers
leaf blade or wood hameer for physical attackers
synthesis for a wall of some sort
overall i would say leafstorm is the best


Because I'm Worth It
I personally like leaf blade the best because there are no negative consequences to it (i.e. frenzy plant makes you recharge, wood hammer does recoil) and it has a high critical hit ratio (right?). Energy ball is pretty good too. Giga drain would be my favorite if it has just a little stronger.
Leaf Blade, hands down.

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
Leaf Blade was an evident choice...


Well-Known Member
I rarely use the Grass-Type moves.
but when I do, Leech Seed ALWAYS comes first.
Screw Leaf blade, Wood hammer and sh*t,
leech seed is the ultimate Grass-Type move <3

But seeing that Leech seed isn't here (h8ers!!)
I have to choose Giga Drain.


Dragon Trainer
It,s got to be frenzy Plant.. Does the most damage, looks the coolest, and its apparantly the ultimate move.

Mr. Reloaded

All encompassing
If you have high attack power you go with leaf blade if you have high special attack power you go with energy ball which is actually better than leaf blade.


Well-Known Member
Energy Ball's my favourite, due to its BP and its ability to be learnt by many Pokémon. I'm also a fan of Leaf Blade, although that's just due to the win that is the Treecko line.