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Best move and why?


I'm going with Thunderbolt. 100% accuracy, and a lot of special sweepers have it.


YiC got a good one too. I also like Shadow Ball, just thought of that one.


< He is the bestest!
I like aura sphere, good damage, animation, PP, accuracy and type coverage.

Chansey hunter

Expert Photoshopist
I like dark void + dream eater + bad dreams ability + poison/leech seed
Sholdn't Dusknoir learn dark void? It is the "gripper" pokemon after all, and is described as having the ability to drag people into other dimensions.

Also: Endure/Focus Sash + Endeavor + Tackle


gone gently
It's probably Ice Beam, objectively. Good coverage, good power, good PP, widely accessible. It even often has a nice animation, too.

Yup, Ice Beam.


Ohnoez!! OMG HELP!!!
ThunderSphere/Aura Bolt.. It would be so good coverage.. just toooo good.


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Definitely Aura Sphere. There are many good moves however, buts thats the one I think is the best.

Hive Mind

Is not a GIRL
Recover or any healing move similar to it, but Recover has 20 PP. When you get hit and you have high defenses, then just Recover and then your opponent has to hit you again and again and again.


< He is the bestest!
I thought recover only had 10 PP? or has it changed in 4th Gen?


Vintage much?
The coolest move is Meterome

You never know what you get


Assist does that too, but it's just for the pokemon in your party's moves. I like Assist better, because if your party pokemon have good moves, then you're all set. But still, I find it fun and amusing to do Meterome.


Diligent Shipper
Flamethrower, Dragon Dance, Surf or Slash.

Probably because those are the moves that most of my pokemon have, especially my ultimate pokemon (Seadra, who is soon to be a Kingdra, FTW ;117;)


dont deny darkrai
i would say flamethrower it has 15 pp and 90 damage and is alaways my knockout move with infernape and charizard