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Best Opening


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I recently heard the song "Shine" by L'arc En Ciel. It's like my new favorite song.



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Lucky star, FMA 1 opening 1, bleach opening 1 and 2, samurai champloo.


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Hyper Drive, the English dub opening for Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's. It's probably one of the most decent dubbed anime openings 4Kids have ever done.

And suffice to say, I love it. Brilliant lyrics and decent tune.


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I don't think this has been posted yet. Eden of the East's op. The song's actually done by a British band called Oasis. "Falling Down" if you're interested. The OP animation itself is pretty cool too.


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umm... i dont have a link but im sure you could just search it on youtube, anyway my fav opening is...

Black Cat-Japenese opening :D it is sooo good! I love the series too.


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well for pokemon it'd have to be the 2nd and 6th