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Best OU TEAM EVER MADE See for yourself

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by cosbykid, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. cosbykid

    cosbykid <--- CLAIMED

    Alright this team is original exept paraflinch togekiss. I was having trouble with blisseys and paraflinch togekiss so i made a team of physical pokemon. This my first team with a stradegy so be veey very picky think of common OU pokemon that i will struggle against or a certain type i will strugle against. I read the rules so please dont say I didnt *cough* Blue Harvest *cough*

    Machamp@Fist plate
    Ability: No guard
    EVs: 252 att 252 speed
    Nature: Adamant { +att -sp att }
    Stone edge
    Dynamic punch
    Bullet punch

    This a lead machamp i came up with after watching many OU battles on youtube. This machamp can basicly cause living hell to any lead you can think of. I personaly know that many people struggle against machamps in battles. Another reason i have machamp is because machamp can take a hit like a champion. With no guard and d-punch auto matic confusiom hax. I beileve that stealth rocks are a waste of time so my team does not carry rocks.Machamp is mainly gonna stay in until he dies because thats what he does if he gets burn hax ill use him as fader or a scout.

    Dragonite@Dragon fang
    Ability: inner focus
    EVs:252 att 252 speed
    Nature: adamant { + att - sp at}
    Thunder wave

    Dragonite is a mid game sweeper. First she paralyzes her opponent then spams ddance and finishes with outrage. When health is low because dragonite will always go first she will use roost. Yea so basicly this set is kinda unoriginal but i did put twave in to cripple a team with paralysis .

    Gyardos@life orb
    Evs: 252 att 252 spe
    Nature: Adamant { +att -sp att }
    Ice fang

    Gyardos is also a mid game sweeper with max att he can cause havoc. He works really well with nite because if nite fainted gyardos can come in for the revenge kill.

    Ability: Motor drive
    EVs: 252 att 252 speed
    Nature: Jolly

    Ice punch
    Fire punch
    Thunder punch

    Electivire is a late game sweeper able to OHKO most things with a STAB and magnet boosted t punch. I am going to switch him in whenever i predict an electric move and sweep with that speed boost LOL. A maxspeed electivire is hell to any late gam sweeper like scizor.

    Ability: Serene grace
    Evs: 252 spd 252 def

    Air slash

    Yea.. basicly a paraflinch togekiss with some changes i made like wish and protect to support my team lol. Her basic job is to piss people off by flinching them and getting the para hax. Credit to Smogon

    Gengar@ life orb
    Ability: Levitate
    Evs: 252 Sp att 252 Speed
    Nature: Timid { + spe - att }

    Shadow ball
    Focus blast
    Destiny bond

    One of my friends had an epic Sub gengar and swept my team because of wicked speed and sp att so I decided to make one. Basicly you can outspeed most thing w/out a scarf you sub and cause havoc. When your about to die just use destiny bond. Gengar is a free ko every time because of destiny bond

    Closing words: I made this team very original. I watched a lot of OU videos and saw what pokemon are good and which ones are bad OUs
  2. OK, this is the third time you've posted this team, and it doesn't look much different. That just makes my job easier! :)

    First off, your item choices are very, uh, strange. And quick tip about EVs: You have 508 to spend, with a max of 252 in each stat. And EV spreads don't always have to be 252/252/4.

    Now onto the team:

    Machamp: I actually think that you should go with Ice Punch over Stone Edge. Also, go with a 240HP/248Atk/16SpD/4Spe EV spread. And a Lum Berry is the item of choice for this set, as it helps you to beat sleep leads with ease.

    Dragonite: Run Life Orb and Earthquake over Thunder Wave. Also, try a 252HP/52Atk/204Spe EV spread.

    Gyarados: Pretty good. Just go with Stone Edge or Bounce over Ice Fang and put the other 4 EVs in Def.

    Electivire: Wall bait. You could still use him as a decent wall breaker, which your team could really use. Try this out.

    Electivire@Expert Belt
    Motor Drive
    EVs: 40 Atk, 252 SpA, 216 Spe
    -HP Grass
    -Cross Chop

    Togekiss: Seems to be a little out of place on this team. You lack a Rock resist right now, which you really need. For a Wish support replacement, I recommend Jirachi.

    Serene Grace
    EVs: 252 HP, 224 Def, 32 Spe
    -Calm Mind
    -Flash Cannon

    Gengar: Decent set. Just go with Pain Split over Destiny Bond, and throw your remaining 4 EVs in Def.

    Good luck and all that!
    PokePlatinum14 likes this.
  3. calmman123

    calmman123 New Member

    This team is really good and im using it and im 40-5 with it
  4. BrownBear1590

    BrownBear1590 New Member

    This is a good team but however you should kings rock on togekiss it makes the flinch rate 10% plus the air slash makes the flinch rate which is 30% makes it a 40% flinch rate which is I think the best way to go with that togekiss.
  5. McDanger

    McDanger Well-Known Member

    closed for bumping
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