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best pkmn game


New Member
what do u think is the best pkmn game?;munchlax;


Diamond, I guess, for its fourth gen features, but if they made a GSC remake with those features I would probably prefer it (as long as it still had a battle tower)

darkydude o doom

Crystal and Diamond. Crystal had the best stroyline and Diamond keeps you playing for the wifi.


Red/Blue/Yellow or Diamond/Pearl.

The former for the memories and the latter for Wi-Fi and all the features.

acer blaze

Well-Known Member
Emerald !

Every single person on this thread will obviously praise GSC for being " perfect " in every single way..... which is annoying because many people simply just forget the new generations like RSE , FRLG , and DPP. But I do not hate GSC. I for one thought GSC was good as RSE. GSC remakes are awesome too, but Emerald I prefer due to the Pokemon..... which are very creative!


Queen of Ice
I listed my favorites from each system because its don't seem right to compare games from one system to another they had their good points with what they had to work with at the time

Blue (Green) (Game Boy)
Crystal version (Game Boy Color)
Emerald (GBA)
Diamond version (DS) (So far)
Stadium 2 (N64)
XD: Gale of Darkness (Game Cube)
Revolution (Wii) (So far)


New Member
i pick crystal


Well-Known Member
GSC, not because they're necessarily better than the others, but because those games were my first Pokemon games, and they pretty much were my childhood.

Of course, they weren't perfect, none of the games have been, but there's something special about them for me. I won't vilify anyone who says they weren't the best, or even says they didn't like them, like others probably will, it's all personal opinion.


dancing queen
I love Crystal the most. The first animations, the Johto and Kanto regions in one, awesome Pokémon, etc. Emerald is almost tied, though. I love the battle frontier, graphics, and the game in general.