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best place to chain


6 different pokemon
Staff member
where is the best place to chain: a big peace of grass
I think the best place is a grass in a form of a square: 11X11

but the best place that i could find is in route 230


Piplup Master
I like Valley Windworks or the Trophy Garden, even though ive never even found a shiny on D/P yet....


6 different pokemon
Staff member
a 10x10 will do fine.

for example:


O= you
X= moving grass for on the 4th row
x= normal grass

now your moving grass is on a border


I was chaining in Eterna where there was a big patch of grass and I thought it was quite good.
Although I only got 37 [chaining Slakoth] and a Buneary broke it >.<
Never liked that Pokemon haha.
Valley Windworks is good though :)