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Best Robot Anime series?

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by Haxaurus, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Haxaurus

    Haxaurus Well-Known Member

    I say Neon Genesis Evangelion!
  2. Charizard Champion#06

    Charizard Champion#06 Spiral Warrior

    Um, isn't the point of it that...

    That they aren't actually robots?

    I say Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann without a doubt in my mind.
  3. Glaucous

    Glaucous The Sunken Gladitor

    Zoids and G Gundamn are my favorites.
  4. ParaChomp

    ParaChomp be your own guru

    Gurren Lagann because of how much variety it has.
  5. Haxaurus

    Haxaurus Well-Known Member

    Well they look like robots, they're just controllled in a robot way.
  6. Wired

    Wired ... In America!

    Gundam Seed, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Infiniti Stratos
  7. Haxaurus

    Haxaurus Well-Known Member

    I have seen gundam seed and the anime is really good, i just like the voices of the characters, and they have weird names, something to do with church.
  8. Dragard

    Dragard I wasn't even there.

    The Big O. It's a classic.
  9. Haxaurus

    Haxaurus Well-Known Member

    Idk that one. Chobits is really good too.
  10. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    Too bad NGE is more about mind****ing and less about "robots."

    As for my thoughts on robot anime series': G Gundam, Macross/Robotech and Gurren Lagann.
  11. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    While it's not much of a robot Anime, I like Megazone 23.

    But the best one would have to be Robotech and Macross. Oh yeah, I like both versions. Shocked much?
  12. RLinksoul

    RLinksoul Well-Known Member

    Cyborg 009. Yea I know it's not a mech anime but they're still technically robots.
  13. scizor64

    scizor64 "sciz"

    Macross series and zoids. They both take me way back.
  14. Charizard Champion#06

    Charizard Champion#06 Spiral Warrior

    Infinite Stratos only really has 7 episodes right now. It actually feels like my first venture into harem anime more than anything else, the IS fights feel pretty uninteresting. Plus Ichika is a total idiot beyond imagination.

    Oh Lord I remember that show.
  15. Glaucous

    Glaucous The Sunken Gladitor

    Cyborg 009 had some of the best opening and closing songs I ever heard in anime. I completely forget about that series.
  16. ForeverFlame

    ForeverFlame WATER TRUMPETS

    TTGL and NGE. That was an easy one.
  17. Haxaurus

    Haxaurus Well-Known Member

    How Asuka died was terrible.
  18. Charizard Champion#06

    Charizard Champion#06 Spiral Warrior

  19. Haxaurus

    Haxaurus Well-Known Member

    Hahahaha, yeah. Poor girl. All her insides and her evangelion's were all torn out by the eva series, like they were ravens. tsk tsk tsk.
  20. Angry Ancestor

    Angry Ancestor Well-Known Member

    Wasn't Megaman an anime?

    I also like Gundam.

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