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Best Secret Bases

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by willieboy16, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. h0tsh0tz

    h0tsh0tz Well-Known Member

    best use one near shoal cave.
  2. frontier champion

    frontier champion Well-Known Member

    My secret base is located on route 115 near the old man. i recomend to make a base there because there is alot of room there
  3. h0tsh0tz

    h0tsh0tz Well-Known Member

    other one is one near fallabor town, a island with tree by the bridge
  4. Brocko18

    Brocko18 Training telekinetic

    does anybody here realize that the secret base locations change when you restart a game? I've restarted mine a lot, and tried to go back to my fav. one in the water below cyclinbg road, and it had moved to the tree on route 114 (next to the waterfall.)
  5. Pokefan John

    Pokefan John Well-Known Member

    The one Northeast of Rustboro, underneath that cave will all the Whismurs.

    I can't wait to find out what Secret bases are like in D/P.
  6. ElQuinn

    ElQuinn <--high sloths rule

    mine is the second hill under meteor falls, by the route to rustboro. I barely put anything in there anyway so i don't really use it often.
  7. Watermaniac

    Watermaniac My 1st shiny ever

    the one you find after surfing right of mauville city is the best, it's like my 2nd home sniff, sniff..
  8. Praetor

    Praetor Psephophthalmus artu

    my favorites are those you will find out in the middle fo the ocean that's where mine is, i don't call it a secret base for nothin lol
    but anyways does anyone have a map of all the secret base locations?
  9. pikachu65

    pikachu65 Well-Known Member

    They all suck IMO. a)too small b)only 16 items can be used.
  10. The Mighty Wurmple

    The Mighty Wurmple Well-Known Member

    There is no "Best Base". Ther are big ones and there are small bases. It's just up to personal preference. I like one of the ones to the left of Fortree where you need the Scro Bike to access it. Except my friend made a base and I mixed records with him :(
  11. big_al405

    big_al405 New Member

    actually, it doesn't matter where it is. it is totally random, like when you stand infront of a tree and use secret power, it will be small, and you don't approve of it, use secret power again and it will be big and so on.
  12. Raden Surya

    Raden Surya Abdidalem of Erika

    Huh? Secret base's shape is constant. It won't change. About the tree, actually a tree has 2 rooms. Maybe you use Secret Power in the second room so it being different.

    BTW Mine is in the rocky part of route 115. It has a lot of room and unique shape.
  13. mewfan1

    mewfan1 Well-Known Member

    I have the same one, and it is my favorite. It has plenty of room, and it is on my own little island. It even has that little sign!

    -mewfan ;151;

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