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Best Shinies

Mega Ampharos the Dragon

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I'm wondering what are some favorite shines of Pokemon you can catch in USUM. I need new ideas on what new Pokemon to shiny hunt for. You can also mention any shines you've caught here. Right now, I'm shiny hunting a Paras and shinies I've caught before are a Magikarp/Gyarados, Yungoos, some Ultra Wormhole shinies, and a Roggenrolla/Boldore/Gigalith that my friend is refusing to give back unless I give him a Sableye.


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If we're talking about the best shinies introduced in this generation? Here are the 3 best you can catch, as far as I consider it
  • Raichu: Technically not a Gen VII Pokemon, but the new form and its shiny is Gen VII. And it really works because of the super-tan coloration, quite an improvement over regular shiny Raichu
  • Vikavolt: Charjabug has a decent shiny, but this really sells. Its unique from its previous evolutions, looks pretty slick
  • Minior: Probably my favorite shiny in the franchise so far. Its not just cool black, but also has a rainbow pattern on it


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Staff member
Snorlax, Feebas and Caterpie. Their colors stand out and the first two were hatched shinies and the third one was an unexpected one.


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I think good shinies are always subjective. We all like different thing. But a few of my favourites that are catchable in USUM (i.e. not egg hatches) are:

The Pikipek line - I love the pink on Pikipek, and the multi-coloured beak improves with each evolution
Zorua/Zoroark - Blue is my favourite colour, and it looks so good as the accent colour on Zorua. This changes to purple on Zoroark, which also looks great.
Braviary - The changes are a bit more subtle, but I think the colour scheme looks better than the original
Oricorio (Red) - The inversion of the red and black looks great. And you have an added bonus of being able to change the formes using nectars.
Ribombee and Liligant - I am a sucker for pink shinies, and the addition of pink works really well on these ones.
Dewpider, Lurantis, Stufful - I just really like these ones
Phantump - I think the grey scheme makes it look more like a ghost, and really suits it.

There are also some awesome shiny legendaries you can hunt in the wormholes - Ho-Oh, Lugia, Latios, Latias, Kyogre, Mewtwo, Xernea, Rayquaza... are all amazing, and worth the effort of soft resetting.


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Spritzee has a really nice Shiny coloration! I love the deep blue and the yellow eyes. Honestly, I’m more pressed to find Shiny colorations I like because I find most of them to be pretty ugly.


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Zorua and Zoroark have nice shiny sprites. I no longer collect shinies since I lost interest in that, but if I did I'd have shiny versions of those two fox Pokemon as part of my collection.