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Best System, In your opinion?

zonic the hedgehog


Does anyone have a favorite system? Post your fav system here, and why.

The SNES gave me old-time memories of simplicty, and boy, DID IT ROXORZ MY BOXORZ (despite that I don't wear boxers XP).

Ah... now let me have some nostalgia in here...

I got an SNES years ago, on my 5th birthday (which also happens to be my first system that I actually had to myself). I sucked at first, but gradually got better.
Ever since I saw my friend play games, I've wanted to play them too, and I borrowed one of his games, Zoop, and played the utter crap out of it. Thus, begins my gaming addiction...

I was soon obsessed with Super Mario RPG, and playing that nonstop, almost.
It seems odd that nowadays everyone is going ga-ga over Grand Theft Auto after looking at ads for it in a catologue or in a magazine.

I remember reading an OLD EGM magazine and reallly wanting to buy Super Mario All-Stars for my SNES. I BEGGED my dad to buy it, and I eventually got it for Xmas.
Nobody at the time except for kids and older fans played games, so people thought you were weird for playing them. o_O

BTW, Super Mario All-Stars - BEST. COMPILATION. EVER.
Nothing Nintendo makes (maybe cept' the Revolution, but this would still beat it considering it'd be worth about 10 dollars now, and having so much quality packed into one cartridge, it's not even funny) could ever trump this collection of Mario games. NEVER, EVER.

It had Super Mario World, (in my version, at least), Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros - The lost levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 (remastered version), and Super Mario Bros. 3 (remastered version).
It even had release date info, as well as the funny intro the compilation game has (everyone is talking in the background, as if they were on a stage XD).

The SNES also had some well-thought classics that should not be missed.
DKC 1,2, and 3, Super Mario All-Stars, Kirby Superstar, Kirby's Avalanche, Super Mario RPG, Yoshi's Island, and oh so much more.

So that's why the SNES IS my favorite system EVAR. I still own it, in fact. A little dusty, but it still works.

If none of you have ever experienced the beauty that is this system, go buy as used one. NOW. You will not be dissapointed.


<Soto the Quilava!
NINTENDO GAMECUBE!!!Fun games,several good games are only for that system,and I also like almost anything by Nintendo.


Well-Known Member
The PC. From the very beginning, it has survived the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth generations of rival systems and is still going strong. :D


I'd say Xbox for now, not meaning the 360. I don't have a 360 yet, so I can't say anything. Xbox is my choice because of the establishment of Xbox Live, which has allowed gamers to take even more advantage of the already great library it has. It's good to play together.

Of course, if I ever do get to the point of enjoying Nintendo DS WiFi, that might take over as the top spot.
definatly the Sega Dreamcast, it was such an excellent system, had so many solid great titles but too bad it had to die


I ain't witty, so no
Definatley my old N64. I have dad it since I was 5. It has many great games, including Super Mario 64 and Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2. The times I had playing SM64 when I was between 5 and 10 were just great. And, as an added bonus, all Nintendo consoles are virtually indestructable. Seriously, mine has fallen more than a meter at least 4 times.*coughmothernotholdingitproperlycough*

The Battousai

Probably PS2, it has the biggest game selection so I can just pick and choose the games I really want, variety is the spice of life of course :). Runner up is probably dreamcast (so underrated, it had jet grind radio, sonic adventure, PSO, soul calibur ahhh the list goes on) or the gameboy pocket (my first rpg was pokemon red, it was ultimate, remember I'm only 13 so I was like 7 when I got it. I'm still a proud player of pokemon no matter how much I get laughed at). I don't want to end up bashing consoles so i won't mention my least favorite(s).


Irate Pirate
Amiga 1200, what a beast. A massive state-of-the-art 1 gb hard drive. I grew up on it, Sensible Soccer, Cool Spot, Zool, Settlers, Body Blows, Terry's Big adventure, Knights of the Sky, Wizkid, all classy games and then the shareware. Which was equally as amazing.

Thinking about it, I probably couldn't complete any of those games now. Today's games are far too soft and easy, ye olde games were a memory test rather than anything else, I started to learn off by heart the password combination wheel on Zool 2. Games don't come with Chubba Chucks in the packaging anymore. I looked forward to Zool 2 just because of that Strawberry and cream...


*Insert Usertitle*
I'm a big fan for old school SNES and my N64. N64 I was OBSSESED with, that was a system I had some GREAT games for. SNES was also amazing. Games like Super Mario World, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Conquest, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Triple Trouble, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars... I would go on but the list is too big. =P

The Assassin

Striking secretly
Lets see, I have a tie, so I will just post both.

First Favorite system: Sony PS2.

Why you may ask? Simply because It is a good system. It has great games ( RE4 originally on GC, God of war, Genji, and many others), nice graphics, and, every 2 seconds your game disc is not freezing.

Second Favorite: Nintendo Gamecube.

Why you may ask? Well, one great reason the gamecube is awesome is because of the magnificent work of one game: Resident Evil 4! But RE4 is not the only game that the system is proud of! All of the mario games are Exclusive to the Gamecube, though I'm not sure for Mario Strikers.


Old Coot
The lack of Dreamcast votes makes me cry on the inside. Especially when people are mostly saying the current gen consoles are "the best systems." :(
SNES. 'Nuff said.

It has the absolutely best games of the most honed and recognized franchises in the gaming industry. And they have never been surpassed so far... and probably never will. Proof that graphics are just an add-on, and that the REALLY good games are those that magistrally combine concept and gameplay.

Super Mario World 1 and 2; Mario All-Stars; The first 3 Mega Man X; Final Fantasy IV, V and VI; Super Metroid; Chrono Trigger; Donkey Kong Country 1, 2 and 3; Killer Instinct; Street Fighter; Zelda: A Link to the Past; Mario RPG... the list goes on.

Plus, it's probably the system with the most extensive games library... a few bad, a few good. However, the sheer amount of gems in it is just overwhelming.

No System will ever emulate SNES' success unless they stop focusing in graphics and look at the simple, yet superb formula the SNES games used to be so awesomely good. So far, NO sequel of those franchises released in the most recent systems have even "lived up" to the awesome show of creativity in their SNES releases. About the only one would be Ocarina of Time, but I beg to differ (Whoo! Most of my "new plot" is A Link to the Past's in disguise!). Besides that, most sequels just end up good, but not as good (Metroid Prime.) or just end up killing the once-superb Franchise (All PSX Final Fantasies and on, except the unappreciated gem that is Final Fantasy IX...).

Good thing the GBA decided to give those awesome SNES classics another chance to shine. Still... companies should look back and realize how they're making it all so stale and not as good as it once was. It should be improved, not downgraded...

For this and many more reasons, the SNES remains as the absolutely best System ever made... at least in my book.


Well-Known Member
Sega Genesis, they were so many great games for it, along that it was when Sega was at it's prime. Considering that it was my first video game system, I choose it because of it's nostalgic and the fact that it was damn awesome console.


*Insert Usertitle*
Edward Elric said:
The lack of Dreamcast votes makes me cry on the inside. Especially when people are mostly saying the current gen consoles are "the best systems." :(

Hmmm now that you bring it up EE, Dreamcast was a great system. I loved that as well, the thing is I don't think I ever got too much into it because I had it for such a short time. I had a bunch of racing games, Sonic Adventure, and a few other things if I can remember. That system was a true beauty. I remember I got mad at my friends when they refused to except it because Sega systems fail. >> But I had the last laugh when they all wanted to play my Dreamcast after they saw how fun the games were I was playing. =P

The Battousai

The lack of Dreamcast votes makes me cry on the inside. Especially when people are mostly saying the current gen consoles are "the best systems."

Umm dreamcast is a current generation console that became obsolete in 2001.I loved that console and I wish it would have stuck around for the competititon (I gave it a runner up prize :)) but it sadly didn't due to multiple flaws such as GD-ROM discs lacking enough storage for future development, hardware graphical output was only better than current gen platforms such as n64's, Playstation's or saturn's while failing to deliver the graphics PS2 did, and console's limited availability around launch caused angry customers to wait for PS2. The sad thing is I see 360 repeating it's fate as almost all the above flaws apply to it. Hopefully 360 has the blockbuster quality games dreamcast had allowing gamers to look back and see greatness.


Old Coot
Console's limited availability? o_O The Dreamcast completely sold out on launch day. It had nothing to do with limited amounts of consoles released but to the fact that fans completely bought out the Dreamcast consoles on launch date.

The Battousai

limited availability?

"console's limited availability around launch "-quote by me

Just like xbox 360 it was sold out every where due to limited supply to meet the launch demand. The thing is I got one at launch due to early pre-order, it was my 4th console/handheld all together (following gameboy pocket, playstation and N64). Many of my older friends (since I was 7 (13 now) and few people my age played videogames, they rather color in coloring books or play with transformers) were complaining about the shortage and decided to wait for PS2. This hurt it (not as much as the other reasons) because of loss of potential customers due to supply and demand.
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Meteor Trainer
No NES votes? Wow, just wow. The NES is undoubtedly the best console ever created. I only have about 8 games for it, but it introduced most of Nintendo's franchises, like Metroid, Zelda, Mario, and Earthbound. Earthbound has been absent for two generations, but that doesn't mean it doesn't count!

NES is the best ever!