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best video game bad guys


Eh, ragazzo!
Non spoiler villains:
Dr. Eggman (I just like him)

Obligatory MGS villains:
Psycho Mantis
The Pain

Spoiler Villains:
Hades- Kid Icarus Uprising
Deathborn- F-Zero GX
The Societea- Pokemon Ranger: GS
End Spoiler Villains

Pseudo Villains:
King Dedede

I'm too lazy to think of all of them.


You got this, Sonic!
Here are some of my fave video game villans:

Dr. Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog).
Bowser (Super Mario).
M. Bison and Gill (Street Fighter).
Shao Kahn (Mortal Kombat).
Shake King (Wario Land:Shake It).
Cyrus and Ghetsis (Pokemon).
Nightmare Wizard (Kirby).
Wizeman (NiGHTS Into Dreams).


Elite Trainer

Fawful (Mario and Luigi Series)

Ghetsis (Pokemon)

King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)

I can't think of many. I'll probably think again and post later.


Eh, ragazzo!

Fawful (Mario and Luigi Series)

Ghetsis (Pokemon)

King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)

I can't think of many. I'll probably think again and post later.
How in the world did I forget Fawful and King Boo? Add Petey Piranha to that as well.


One Truth Prevails
Master Xehanort (kingdom hearts series)
Descole (professor layton series)
Ganondorf (Zelda series)
GlaDOs (portal)
Definitely Joshua. His condescending attitude totally made him. Well, maybe he wasn't condescending. He was superior to everyone else except Mr. Hanekoma

.........really, nuff said.
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Hades from Kid Icarus: Uprising. He made the game for me for a few reasons.

1. He had a cool theme song.
2. His personality was the best.
3. Voice actor went perfectly with his personality.
4. Design was nice.

fango pango

You're My Man Of War
Vaas Montenegro...just...ok...Farcry 3 is an amazing game, and this guy had absolutely amazing design, dialogue, and development. What a character...yes...indeeeed...what a character

Abstinence Pistols

Gangrel from Fire Emblem was a fantastic villain. He had a great personality and it was kind of interesting how he became the very thing he despised to get back at the Ylisseans.

Metal Gear Solid has some incredible villains too, like Psycho Mantis.


No Need to Worry!
Doctor Robotnik(not eggman): Sonic the Hedghog
Master Xehanort: Kingdom Hearts
Galactic Boss Cyrus: Pokemon Team Galactic
Liquid Snake: Metal Gear Solid
Mundus: Devil May Cry(Original)
Albert Wesker: Resident Evil


I know it's difficult to narrow down MGS's great cast of antagonists, but Ocelot is really the defining character of the series (well, besides Snake obviously). Of course, since it's Metal Gear there's always the "is he or isn't he a villian?" question. Volgin was probably the most straight "evil" villain of the series.


be your own guru
This thread keeps deviating away from good villains to best villainous comic foil.

Mysterious and fuelled by rage to rid the world of human scum.

I don't know, I like the mysterious types that wish to craft a world in their image.

It's actually been out for 2 years nor should it matter and beside I have a social life which means I don't get the chance to sit down to play the for a long period of hours, which I mean that I am pretty much in the dark about the game story and would like to keep it that way until I am finished with the game. Beside it isn't hard to add a spoiler tag.
Am I too late?

The Admiral

solid state survivor
It has to be Bowser imo.
The original 'Villain' of Video Games and arguably the most popular Video Game Villain- Bowser.
Nuff said.

What actually makes him a good villain, though? Because he captures a princess over and over? What makes him interesting?

Does Sandra in Legend of Mana count, given how she's
a mass murderer, but she's apparently doing it for the greater good of her species?


Lover of underrated characters
Bowser and Dimentio
Metal Sonic
Ray(The one that is involved in the diamond missions)
Saints Row-

Princess Raspberyl

~Shining One~
Albedo from Xenosaga for me. Dood is batshit crazy, hilarious, yet oddly very sympathetic and likable to me. =O I also really like Margulis from the same series, dood is a total badass and he's a great rival to Jin. I love both but I love Albedo a lot more. =P


A new beginning! <3
Kaos from the video game franchise Skylanders, just because he is so dumb but lovable (in a weird way) at the same time! XD

Another is Malefor from the Legend of Spyro trilogy, just because he is so darn EVIL! Have you even SEEN all the evil stuff he had done in the games? I am not even going to go into it... XD

As you can see, I am a big Spyro the Dragon fan! XP