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Best Water Pokemon

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I love Sealeo!
Kingdra or Feraligatr.


dancing queen
Kingdra. I don't think it's weak to electric or grass attacks.


Destiny Calls
Definately Kingdra. It's only weakness is pretty much its second type (Dragon)


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Kingdra pretty easily. Only one weakness and doesn't have bad stat alignment like Feraligatr.


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There's alot of good water pokemon out.Starmie,Slowbro,Cloyster,Kingdra,Lanturn,Lapras,Slowking,and Tentacruel are all great water pokemon to use.A few of these are actually some of my favorite water pokemon too.

Starmie:A great special sweeper.Starmie has high special attack and speed stat to sweep most pokemon.Starmie has a great movepool to as it is able to learn such move as Surf,Ice Beam,Thunderbolt,Psychic and Recover effectively.

Slowbro:A great bulky water pokemon with great defense stat.Slowbro can also learn Thunder Wave to paralyze the opposing pokemon along with other great move such as Psychic,Ice Beam,Fire Blast,Rest,Thunder Wave,etc.

Cloyster:The best water Spiker in G/S/C era with great defense stat too.

Kingdra:Kingdra makes a great all around tank pokemon.A unique trait combo of water/dragon make it the only dragon pokemon that is not weak to ice attack in G/S/C.Kingdra is only weak to dragon moves such as Dragonbreath or Outrage.

Lanturn:Lanturn makes a great annoyer pokemon with it's unique traits of water/electric.Being able to learn Parafusion(Confuse Ray+Thunder Wave)makes it a good candidate for a annoyer type of pokemon.Also,Lanturn is one of the very few water pokemon that can't be effected much by the most common weakness of electric types.

Lapras:Lapras makes a great tank pokemon.Lapras has high HP and Special Defense stat that makes it tank effectively.

Slowking:A pretty good special defense pokemon for a water type.Pretty much similar to Slowbro,but the defense and special defense stats are switched around.

Tentacruel:Tentacruel can make a good special wall pokemon that can also attack away effectively too.A pretty cool trait combo of water/poison makes it not very effected by grass weakness.
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Lapras: real powerful water/ice pokemon which can take care of the last gym and the champion.

Kingdra: water/dragon pokemon. the only problem is that you have to trade to get it (which i dont have)

Starmie: good water pokemon and learns a good variety of attacks. The only problem is getting a water stone.

Feraligator: strong starter pokemon that can learn ice punch to defeat Maganium and surf to defeat Typhlosion.


Training since 1998
Kingdra is awesome in terms of type but if you have gold or silver (I have both) and no crystal (which I don't have) then you have to trade the seadra to RBY to teach it the TM for ice beam before you evolve it which is annoying.

Feraligatr is awesome, I use it on my silver and Kingdra on gold.

Starmie is awesome aswell but I can't say I've ever used one. I've got a Kingler on Fr and it rocks but it knows moves that don't exist in 2nd gen.

I know it isn't a water poke but Dragonite with surf works well.


Blastoise and Kingdra


Starmie [as said before] and Lapras [as not said before]. Those are good and Lapras is my favorite out of those to use. It can Boltbeam and Surf and Body slam. Starmie can boltbeam too and can psychic too. Along with some moves like Recover and Surf it is hard to make a choice with these exelent pokemon. The choice is yours.


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i like lanturn what a combination of water/electric only x2 to grass and x2 to ground who can easily be defeated
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